Monday, November 15, 2010

Its been so long since i have posted anything here.

I have been computer less. Well... Laptop less, we have two computers at home and i have a computer at work, so not really computer less.

I have kinda enjoyed being computerless. I mean, I do miss it a little, but its nice to come home and not jump straight on the laptop and be on it all night long. The husband and i have one of those relationships where we would both be on laptops and have the tv on, every night. I didn't hate it, but i would hate if we went back to that. He still has his, (which is what im on now), but its different.

I do miss blogging though. I need somewhere to put my thoughts and even though im not much of a writer, i would prefer it out then in. But actually writing with a pen and paper bores me. I could never be a proper writer.

Life is still the same. Wake up, work, come home, sleep. Most weekends we are too broke to do much, but spend time with each other, which is good, but i would like a time where we can do something 'fun' not just 'free'.

I am thinking about applying for a new job. With the same company, on pretty much the same salary, but its a more respected role, so we'll see how that goes. I'll probably bomb out in the interview,as usual. :)

I have come up with so much to write here while i have been able to, but now, while i have a chance to actually write, i find that i have nothing to say. Not nothing, but nothing of substance, nothing that someone will read and think that girl is a smart girl, an exciting girl, a girl i want to be. I dont mind so much. Lifes like that.

I think i have done a few more things on my list of 101 in 1001. Which is good.

Today is such a dreary nothing day. The weather the last week or so, has been such summer days, which i honestly, have had enough of. 30+ degrees on a daily basis get old, thats celecius people. BUt today, its a bit like a crappy winter day. Its been raining and it looks just like movie weather. Its even getting cold, which is great, it means i can actually use my washer and dryer and have clean clothes.

Thats all i really have. I have a few little letters to write up, but i might get some more togethor.

Sorry for such a crappy post. Honestly though, i do miss this.