Sunday, October 2, 2011

I don't 'get' Art.

....I also am terrible at taking selfies.

Yesterday the husband wanted to go to the Art Museum, cause there was some portrait exhibition on.

As it turned out we didn't know exactly where to go in the museum at first so started wandering.

This is when i discovered, i don't get art.

Here is an example of what we saw:

My first thought was, maybe they just got it and haven't had it put up on the wall yet.
I was wrong.
That was the piece.
I don't get art.

Then i saw this and thought pretty!! was in the kids section. You know where they sit and draw while the adults look at "proper" art. Yep.

Moving on....

The husband and I slowly decided to wander through the park on the walk back home, but we were so tired from walking to the museum and then around the museum, and from having to figure out what was actual art and not actual art, {I'll give you a hint, it was mostly all actual art, even the triangle within the square that was drawn DRAWN onto the wall}.
So we decided to rest on the grass for a little bit.

This is where I discovered that not only do I not "get" art, but i also can't take selfies.

Here are some examples of attempts from both myself AND the husband.

...Ignore the squinty eyes and the wrinkles, i was looking directly into the sun. Smart, i know.

Im gonna end with my two favourites though.

So now you have seen my skills as a photographer.

#Please note, we were just using our phones, so Im gonna totally blame them. :)