Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little little letters

Dear Work,
I generally love you.
But for the past 16 days, and the next 6 days, having only two {separate} days off, is just not enough.
Someone please remind me to never do this again.

Dear Little Sisters EX BF,
I hate you.
I hate you for making her cry.
I hate you for lying to her.
I hate you for blaming her for you lying to her.
I hate you for not being a man.
I hope that you realise that you lost a delightful delightful young Lady.

Dear Kelly Cutrone,
I fell a little bit in love with you from this show.
Then i saw you on this show.
Now, I'm watching you on this show...
I love you.
Ps. Don't judge my terrible tv watching habits... trust me, its worse. :)

Dear GREAT Coconut and Lime hand soap,
Thanks for being so delightfully good smelling.
Sorry mum, that you gave it to me for a Christmas present and i forgot about it til now.
{I did try and find a link or a picture but couldn't :( }

I love you.
I've probably said that before, but i don't care.

Dear Not Always Right,
You make me feel better about talking to stupid people at my job. :)

Dear {slutty} girls whose profile picture on FB is in a bikini,
You don't look good.
And if you did look good, you wouldn't need a picture of yourself in a bikini as your profile picture.

Dear Dad,
Happy 50Th for next weekend.
I hope you have a fantastic time.
I hope that I have made the last 25 years of your life better rather then worse.
I hope you like your present.
Love you.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day!!

So its Jan 26 today, (well, for me right now, anyway) which means it Australia Day for us. YAY!

I love Australia Day. I love Australia, so its a given that I LOVE Australia Day. (Greatest place on earth - just saying)

I had to work today, (SUCKS), so i didn't get to go celebrate out on the streets or anything fun like that, but living in the city - where people come to celebrate cause there is big festivities - i saw everyone coming in when i was leaving and hanging around when i came back in after work.

On my way to work it was great, loads of different people of different nationality's (is that what it is, if they are all Australian? Or is Cultures the right thing? They weren't all white Australians is all) all wearing the Australian flag, either as tattoos, shirts, hats or had flags.
It was a great feeling.

Then off to work....

Now my work has a dress code. No thongs. So sadly, even though they are iconic Aussie footwear, i didn't wear any. :(

I did wear Jean shorts and a Bonds (wifebeater) singlet.
Iconic Australian Wear, i must say.
Sadly, i didn't wear a flag at all though. :(

Ive mentioned my work a few times here, basics are i work in a call centre, part of my job is to take calls from the offshore reps when they need help.
These are people in an Asian (i guess you would call it that?) country,that are trained to speak with an American accent to help Australian customers. Makes sense right?
Anyway, i no longer really notice the account, but today when they were wishing me a Happy Australia Day, and saying GoodDay (or i guess trying to say G'day) i noticed and it made me feel so much pride.
They aren't even in the country and the euthesium in their voices when they were saying it, was great. Just great.

Fast forward 6 hours or so......

I finish work and get home to find the husband has bought PRAWNS (NOT Shrimp) for tea. Yum!

....the only other acceptable thing to eat today is Lamb. Cooked on a barbeque, after being encouraged by these... Seriously watch them. I'll wait.

I managed to watch part of the fireworks in the reflection of buildings from my balcony.


HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to you whereever you are. I hope your day is/was/will be fabulous.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

People Suck

So this article came out on the front page of the paper today.

Here is just a little bit:

HE'S a battler from Sydney's west, a factory worker whose dream is to win a share in Lotto and take his wife on her first overseas holiday.

But Ghazi Adra could also be the state's most honest man - finding $50,000 cash on a train seat, then handing it straight to police.

The money - a large bundle of $US100 notes stashed inside a cooler bag - would have been enough for Mr Adra to retire immediately and whisk his wife away on her dream trip.

But the 68-year-old insisted the cash had to be returned to its rightful owner. All he wants is a thank you.

Now, that's not the part where people suck.

This is where people suck:

Lets ignore the poor use of the English language, and look at these peoples attitude.
Who cares?
I would keep it?
I'm not gonna get caught, so its ok?
She must be stupid?

Come on now.

People suck.

For the record, in that picture, I'm R. The only one saying that they would hand it in.
In the article, there was a poll, and last i saw, it was 55% hand it back. ONLY 55%.

The world is going down the crapper and right here is your reason why. SMH.

And while we are talking about sucking.
I just called (one of) my banks, BankWest.
I have a loan with them. I set up my loan to come out on my payday.
It was fine until about 2 months ago. Then it started coming out randomly and overdrawing my account.
So i called them.
Lets just say, after working in a call centre and having customer service, i was not impressed.
When a customer has to make a suggestion, because the Rep is telling me to go to my actual bank - who can't help me anyway - to fix the problem, even though it was fine til 2 months ago, that ain't great.
Then when i make the suggestion, and the Rep is a right C* word, ain't good either.
If you happen to be in Australia and read this, go with someone else.
If you are already with them, change. Fast.

Ten Days - Day Ten

Day Ten: One confession.

Some days i wish my whole life was different. That i had different parents, or the same ones that stayed together. That i had different siblings, or the same ones with different parents. That i had a different upbringing. That i went to a different school. That i had different opportunities. That i had a different job. That I had a different husband. Or no husband. That i didn't have to grow up. That i could still be young and not an old 25. That i had different experiences. That my whole life was different.

And then i think.
I like me.
And its ok.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ten Days - Day Nine.

Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.

I dont really 'do' smileys, so instead im gonna do this:



Friday, January 21, 2011

Ten Days - Day Eight

Day Eight: Three turn ons.

1. Manners - I'm just an old fashion gal, and i like manners.
2. Entertainment/Laughter - I get bored SUPER easy, so if you keep me entertained AND make me laugh. BING BING BING, we have a winner!
3. Massages - Who doesn't love them?

I know that these were probably supposed to be "other" type of turn ons, but im a private lady. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ten Days - Day Seven.

Day Seven: Four turn offs.

1. Stupidity - not only that, but non willingness to learn
2. Non Family love - if you have no love for your family, then i got no love for you
3. DisRESPECT - but doesn't everyone just want a little...?
4. Rudeness - If you have no manners, you have no me.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Ten Days - Day Six.

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)

1. The husband
2. The family - (I have 2 sisters, a brother, a mother, a father and a stepmother - more then 5 right there ;) )
3. The husbands family (even more then mine)
4. Danielle and her 3 kidlets
5. Balamino - An amazing girl who also has a blog

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ten Days - Day Five.

Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.

1. I wish i had paid off my loan when i had the $$ and not splurged on crap.
2. I wish i had never gotten anything using credit cards.
3. I wish i hadn't rebounded when i was young.
4. I wish i hadn't ended things badly with an ex's family.
5. I wish i hadn't given up my studies.
6. I wish i hadn't just let pass friends go.


Before I start my Ramblings, I need to make you aware of what's going on in good old Oz.
I don't know whether y'all get news about what is going on here, or if you even watch the news, but it's big.
At the moment, we are having HUGE floods. HUGE.
Think about it this way, at first, an area the size of Texas was flooded in Queensland.
This got bigger. Still in Queensland.

This is an old map I found, but its gotten worse since this was made.

Peoples houses, cars, boats have been destroyed.
Peoples lives have been lost.
At the moment, the death toll stands at 16.
But there are many, many people missing, that were swept away, so they expect that number to rise, unfortunately.
They are also saying that some bodies may never be found.
My heart breaks for those people.

Not much notice was given to people.
In one report I read, the water rose 3m (approximate 10 feet) in 10 mins.
Imagine that.

And now, Victoria is flooding.
And South Australia.
And small parts of New South Wales.

We might even sink soon. I hope not, cause i love it here.

You can learn more here.

But we do need help.

You can help by donating here.

Now, i know what you may be thinking.
Australia isn't a third world country.
Australia wasn't that affected by the GFC, they must be able to help themselves.

The third world country bit is true.
So is the GFC thing.

But we do need help.

Imagine your home, being flooded to the very top of its roof and having to scramble to the roof to be safe.
Imagine seeing your house ripped apart from the force of the water.
Imagine seeing your neighbours house float by - possibly with them still in it.
Not knowing.
Not knowing where your friends are.
Not knowing where your family may be.
Not knowing when your personal belongings are. Your photos, your memories.
Not knowing where you are going to sleep tonight. Tomorrow. The next week. Month. Possibly year.

And ask yourself.
Would i want people to help me?
Would i help my neighbour?
Would i ask for help for my family?

And help.

If you still aren't sure, read this story. And this one. And this one may bring tears.

And help. Please.

This is the only photo that has made me smile in this whole situation.

More photos can be found here.
Thats where i have gotten these.

Thank you.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ten Days - Day Four.

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

1. Where's my phone?
2. Why do people use the stupid Check in Feature on FB?
3. Why is no one doing any work at work?
4. I wonder how much I'm gonna get paid this week? ~I get paid different every week~
5. I wish someone would come and clean my house.
6. I hope my dress is appropriate for the wedding.
7. What am i gonna eat for tea?

Seriously, these are the things that cross my mind the most. At least lately.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten Days - Day Three.

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

So... I can't really think of eight ways to win my heart, so instead I'm gonna list.....
Eight places i want to visit.

1. Great Wall of China - I wanna walk some of it, i don't think i could do it all.
2. Venice - although boats freak me out now, so i don't know if i could enjoy it totally.
3. Rome - Cause its totally beautiful.
4. New Orleans - Cause its crazy.
5. Vegas - For obvious reasons.
6. Machu Picchu - My friend is from Peru, plus AMAZING.
7. Angkor Wat in Cambodia - i LOVE old religious places
8. Disneyland/World - either will do, I just wanna be a little kid again. :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ten Days - Day Two

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

1. Im a very old 25
2. I NEED noise.
3. I hate being lazy, but i like feeling lazy.
4. I wish i could do more for others.
5. I hate ringtones. Any and ALL.
6. I might be a little in love with terrible reality tv.
7. My favourite song of ALL TIME is here.
8. I LOVE 90% of the people i work with, and i think its super strange that people aren't normally as close as i am with people they work with.
9. I wish i was more brave.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ten Days - Day One

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

1. "You make me laugh so much, but how can you be SO Stupid?"
2. "I DO not know you, I may speak to you every day for work, but i have not met you IRL, so i do not know you."
3. "I wish you would understand."
4. "I don't want to see TRON. Ever"
5. "I wish we knew each other better"
6. "Don't Fret, it will work out"
7. "I want to see your ring and your ring right now please"
8. "I quit"
9. "Thank you for being you - I hope you are or get to be ok"
10 "Can i have a foot massage please? But dont touch my feet"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas, 2010, and all the rest

Part 3.

So on Boxing day we have a family get together with my Dads family, at my Grandmas.
For as long as i can remember, we would always go there, see my Grandma, Pop, Aunts, Uncles, and all my cousins.
My grandma and Pop lived in the same house they bought my Dad, Uncles and Aunt up in, so its great.

I have missed these for the last few years. Either through having to work, or being down with the Husbands family. While i didn't really mind it, I missed my Grandma. A lot.

My Pop passed away a few years ago, so my grandma has moved houses and its different now.

We tried going to Aunts/Uncles houses instead of my Grandmas but it wasn't the same, so we always came back to her house. (Also there is a bit of infighting within the family -what family doesn't have that?- so if it was at this persons house, this person wasn't going to show etc etc).

This year, my little sister had to work, so she didn't come, and my older sister was hanging out with my Mum, so she didn't come either. Just Dad, Kez, my Brother and Me.

Now, keep in mind, the last time i saw all the family, it was a few years ago.

So, We show up and yeah...

Throughout the day, some of my cousins showed up.
One of my cousins is 19.
(18 is the drinking age here, keep that in mind).
My cousin was bragging all about how she goes out and drinks all weekend. OK, i thought... 19 yr olds do that...
Then she started talking about how she has plans for the future..
Her plans, you may ask?
She aspires to be one of the following:
~ Playmate of the year 2012.
~ A Jim Beam Party Girl
~ A Jager girl

Now, i know what you re thinking.
Surely, she can't be serious.
Oh, but she is.
My gosh.

Next up, she was talking about how she couldn't eat lunch, as then she would have to have ONE WHOLE EXTRA DRINK in order to get drunk that night.
Indeed she did vocalise this to everyone who was eating.

Well then.

The rest of the day was great.
Got to spend some great time with family i haven't seen in ages and it was good.

Sisters Birthday.

So for my sisters birthday, we were to have lunch with my Dad, Kez, other Sister and Brother, and then have Dinner with my Mum.

We ended up doing those things, and had a couple of drinks on the way too.
Apart from spending time with ALL my family that day, there wasn't really anything majorly major happen. Apart from the birthday and cake eaten of course.
But a good day was had.

OH! Almost forgot. Got her the most amazing card ever.

Awesome no?

Christmas, 2010, and all the rest

Part 2

My awesome dad woke me and my sister up. Early. Not on purpose. But it was early. Like before 8am.
None of us are "children children" anymore. My youngest sister is 15, brother is 17 and my older sister is 27 (or was on the 27th of December). So none of us have that, wake up really early , has Santa arrived yet, excitement. Its generally about spending the day together for us - or at least for me anyway.
Plus we usually have to wait for my older sister to arrive to do the presents thing together anyway, and she is ALWAYS late.

This time, we didn't wait. And it was good.

Just a little background...

My Dad and Step mum (Kez) have been together since i can even remember. Whenever i have a memory of my dad, i have a memory of Kez also being there. I'm 25. That's how long they have been together. But they have only been engaged. Never married. Could never really afford it. (To be honest, Kez kept saying on Christmas day how long they have actually been together, but i have forgotten).

So, My dad is usually the one who plays "Santa". He usually hands out the presents, but no Santa suit.
This year, he said someone else to do it, My brother volunteered*.
While i don't have any pictures of the tree, we usually have presents underneath and IN the tree, Dad had bought Kez something from the jewelery store and put it IN the tree, in its original jewelery bag.
So of course, my brother gave that one out first, cause we all wanted to see what was in it. :)

My dad wrote a cute hand made Christmas card saying something like, "I love you, This is the year, pick a date" (I don't remember exactly, but it was super sweet AND he is super known for not showing emotions). That set Kez off on the tears. Happy tears, of course.
Then she opened the present and in it was two wedding rings.
Crying. Crying. Crying.

We were all happy, and it was great.

Then she opened the present that me and the husband got her.

Only with our initials. My two sisters, brothers and dads.
It can be found here if you want your own, i would recommend it!
This caused more tears!
While my older sister and i may never have realised it, she loved it so much, cause I had put our initials on it, (my younger sister and brother are her blood), she was so happy, cause we had 'accepted' her.

THEN!! (YES, it does get EVEN better!) My little Sister, who just got her first job this year, decided she wanted to get everyone their own present from her, with her own money - BLESS!- and she got my Dad and Kez a calender with photos of our whole family on each of the months, and a picture of each of us on all our birthdays. It was the sweetest thing ever.


The rest of the day was spent eating and drinking (tequila shots are always fun.) and just spending time together.


Part 3 continues onto Boxing day, and the 27Th which is my sisters birthday.

*He volunteered, as i found out later, as knew that he was getting clothes for Christmas and had gone out the weekend before... Needing clothes to go out, he opened one of his presents early, worn the clothes, washed them, wrapped them back up and stuck them back under the tree. Sneaky one, my brother.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas, 2010, and all the rest

Part 1.

So i haven't posted in a wee while, and that was mainly 'cos i had no computer, but i thought i would come back. :)

Christmas was amazing. I don't think that i have heard anyone say they had a bad Christmas- wait, i had one friend who got sick on Christmas, apart from that. It seems it was great for everyone.

Ok. Christmas.
This was the first Christmas that i have spent away from the husband, since we have been together. He left to see his family in another state the morning of Christmas eve. I had to go to work that day and then i was off to see my family.
We usually do the whole, spend Christmas eve and Christmas morning/lunch with one family then on Christmas day, fly down/up to the other family and spend Christmas night and boxing day with the other family.
Loads of travelling.
I'm usually back at work on the 27th, (which is also my older sisters birthday-the 28th is our nieces too), so I'm spending almost every second of my 'holidays' travelling. Full on.

But this year, we were separated. It was hard. At first.
Then i got distracted by work and travelling to see my family and distracted by them, and it was OK, cause we had sms, and phone calls, and it was hard, but OK.

So anyway, onto the good of Christmas.
Christmas Eve.
While i had bought the husband a present (even though we both said no presents), and sent it down to his families as a surprise, we have raffles at work for random things. Iphones, ipads, xbox kinnects, etc etc. No one (in my department) ever knows who wins, so we all think its a rort, but it doesn't stop me from buying a ticket.
So Christmas eve, work was quiet and one of my guy friends at work desperately wanted to win this raffle -he spent $40 on tickets. I was bored and had spare cash in my wallet, so i bought 3 tickets ($10).

I was supposed to finish work, but was bumming around, cause i was a little afraid of lugging my heavy bag chocked full of presents to the train -I do not know how Santa does it ;)- turns out while i was bumming around, my manager was looking for me, cause i had won the raffle.
What did i win, you may ask?

I'm not even certain what it does, can do, and i think its like an ipad, but meh.

But it made the husbands Christmas a little more surprising. I felt so so so bad for my friend who really wanted to win, and didn't though.

Then i travelled up to my family, saw my cousin and her little baby and it was a fantastic Christmas eve.

Christmas day will be continued in another post.
I was going to do it all in one post, but this was like 15 pages long.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


There are a few things that have made me happy the past little while, and i thought that that would be a good starting point back here.

Lets start with me thinking of 10 things, and if i end up with more, hurrah!

1. Christmas. Was amazing. Will post about it later.
2. One of my credit cards is paid off - well, some of it was transferred to another card, (at a cheaper interest rate) but same same. 3 to go!
3. I'm mostly loving work at the moment. Plus....
4. I applied for a new job, and while it was scary to apply and now wait, its a good thing and it makes me happy.
5. The husband got me a new computer for Christmas, and i just spend some hours catching up on blogs. Happy.
6. I have my sister in laws wedding next week, and while i have a dress and shoes, i gotta get a whole bunch more stuff but I'm not stressed about it.
7. Started to watch HIMYM season something ( i can't remember which) and its all episodes i haven't seen yet.
8. Now, don't judge me here..... but Jersey Shore. I have Foxtel, (cable i guess) and recently discovered MTV was added to my package, and i watched Jersey Shore for the first time. So terrible i couldn't turn it off.
9. The Husband arranging and booking our next holiday. Bali. Yes, i may seem like a Bogan Orstrayan, but I'm not.
10. WEDDINGS. I have a bunch either this year, or in the coming years. And I'm super excited.
11. Out of the blue compliments. I don't usually like compliments, but it did make me feel good.
12. Clean Laundry. Esp fresh from the dryer.
13. Not loving the heat right now, but the storm we just had, and the thunder rumblings. Beautiful.
14. Sleeping through (almost) New Years. Had no plans, fell asleep on the couch, woke with 5 mins for the fireworks (which are actually just down the street from our house - but we be lazy), and hearing them outside and seeing them on the TV, and then going to bed right away.
15. The husband cooking me dinner. It took him awhile to get it started, but it will be delicious to eat.
16. Happy friends. I haven't (that i remember) have any get sad or cross or cranky since Christmas.
17. Lie to Me. When we finish HIMYM we got Lie to Me to watch and they are just both awesome.
18. Before I die, I want to... Even though some of these are so sad -the hospice ones especially- but they make me happy about life.

I am loving this year sick.
And i could probably continue this list, but my dinner and HIMYM is waiting for me.