Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have noticed more and more that shop keepers are getting ruder and ruder. 


This morning, i went to the usual shop that i go to every morning to buy some juice to go with my breakfast. This is a supermarket, and i get that they are semi busy, (but not really at that time of the morning) . So back to the example.... I have headphones in my ears, but make sure to turn off the music when i am in the queue to pay and esp when i am getting served, cause otherwise that's just rude.  The lady that served me this morning, did not greet me, did not acknowledge me, DID NOT TELL ME THE PRICE OF MY ITEM (i knew the price cause i buy the same thing, but still!!), and continued to talk to her work mate the whole time!!! 

PS. I always have a habit of saying have a good day, from my days of being a shop keeper, so i said it, but it was not repeated to me!!

Now, i don't think that i ask too much from the shop keepers when all i want is to greet me at the very least. That's all, really. The rest of the junk would be great, but not likely considering the way the world is now,but gosh. 

Now compare that to the other shop i go to, to actually purchase my breakfast, (yes, i spend way too much money on food that i could eat at home). 

The *super nice* lady remembers what i buy (yes, again i buy the same thing every day, i like routine, alright?) and asks me whether i still want that. She smiles when she greets me. She offers me extra stuff if what i am buying is on the small size, (not i know that's pushing it, but still!!). She thanks me and she says, 'have a good day/weekend' (dependent on the day obviously). 

Now I know the second example is way too much to expect, but still I just can't get over the rudeness that is going on with the shop keepers these days. Back in my day, ('cos I'm like 50 now) , you actually cared what people thought of your business... I guess there is either too much choice or not enough these days, so it doesn't matter anymore.

Ps. I get that people like to have fun and social lives in their workplace, and that's what shop keeper A was doing, but still...

Pps. Is shopkeeper even the right word to use??

Friday, May 29, 2009

Children these days...

Remember when if your parents asked you for help you actually helped? 
WITHOUT complaints? WITHOUT saying I don't wanna, but just doing?
Remember when your name was said once to get your attention and not 6 or 7 times?
Remember pardon or excuse me instead of WHAT..?!?!? or burping or farting with laughter?
Remember the days where if your mum or dad said no or stop it, it meant whatever you were doing, 
no matter what it was, it was dropped and didn't matter how much you wanted to do it, 
you didn't cause you couldn't?
Remember when if your parents said give it to me, you handed it over without a word of complaint?
Remember when you were told to go to bed meant you went straight to bed whether you were tired or not 
and if your were thirsty or wanted anything you had to ask nice and politely to get out of bed to get it?
Remember when if you saw something in the shop and you asked for it 
and they said no, you were sad but didn't complain or whinge.
Remember when you wouldn't even dare tell your parents to shut up even under your breath?
Remember when PLEASE and THANK YOU were commonly used in almost every sentence?!?!?
Remember when excuse me mum/dad was used 
instead of repeating and repeating louder and louder when mum/dad are already talking?

Apparently parents these days don't remember this.
Apparently parents these days give into their kids every whinge and complaint just to 'shut them up'.
Apparently, if mum or dad asks for help, it means I can maybe get to it,
by the time I finish doing all my stuff, 
and hopefully, by that time, mum/dad will have done it anyway.
Apparently, kids these days have VERY selective hearing, 
and can only recognize their name after the 7th time it has been said.
Apparently, pardon me, or excuse me, is for adults only, and is not needed. 
Its better to just laugh about all of the rudeness.
Apparently, kids don't need much sleep these days, going to bed when mum or dad do, 
and then getting up for school is enough. 
No matter what the studies say about kids needing more sleep. 
And if I don't feel like going to sleep even if mum says I have to, it doesn't really mean I have to... 
It just means I have to be quiet enough for her not to notice I'm not in bed.
Apparently, if mum says no, that now means that not really and I can keep going til she really yells.
Apparently, no in the shops mean that I can whinge and sulk til I get it... And I will get it eventually.
Apparently, shut up mum/dad is common and even swearing at the parents is nothing anymore...
Apparently, I WANT is used more then please, and I don't even know what thank you means...
Apparently, mum and dad respond to loudness more then politeness...

And that ladies and gentlemen is why I firstly, don't wanna pop out any babies 
anytime soon, and why I am scared about what the world is coming to.

I don't know about anyone else's childhood, but I don't think I had it 
any harder or softer then anyone else..
I just don't like what I see now.

Oh, I get that not all children are like 
this, HOWEVER from what I
have seen, it is becoming more and 
more common.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I pay you to work, SO WORK!!

So i love the Internet. Sometimes more then life itself. Honestly. 
I love nothing more then coming home from work and sitting on my couch, getting my warm winter blanket (in winter), and then grabbing the laptop, and then Internet world here i come!!

Ps. How awesome is the picture? Very pretty and cool and i likey!!

However, there is one thing that i do not enjoy. And that is Internet dropouts. 

So right now, i work for a company that sells mobile services and broadband services, and i am one of the lucky ones that gets to 'test' our new Internet product. Now there are upsides and downsides to this. 

Upside: Free Internet ~ well free second Internet, since i can't really cancel my current Internet for the few months that i have to test this. 
Downside: Its the company i work for, so i kinda now know what our customers are going through ~ which can be an upside as well, but i don't really do the Internet junk, so downside for now. 
Upside: I can download as much as i want, and don't need to worry about going over my limit
Downside: The downloadingness, is slow. So can't really use peer to peer (is that what its even called?)
Upside: I got no more. 
Downside: IT DROPS OUT ALL THE TIME!!!!!  

Do i want to use the Internet after 11Pm? Nope, 70% of the time, drop out 
Do i want to use the Internet at about 7pm? Nope, that's when everyone else is on the Internet,so its slow or, that's right, drops out. 
Do i want to use the Internet when i come home from work sick and there is only crap on TV and i am too lazy to put a DVD on? NOPE!! That's when school kids are using it, so once again, slow and dropping out!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello..... hello..... hello..... etc etc

I have a thing that bugs me at work and i don't know if its just me, or does everyone get it too? 

I work in a semi large office, and my company is over a few floors, so you see people on your level, as well as out the front of the building and in the lifts, plus on the trains, and walking to and from the office to the station etc etc. 

The thing that irritates me is having to say hello and having that same awkward 'chat' with every person i pass. You know the one that goes like this: 

Them: Hey/Good morning/ etc. etc. 
Me: hey
Them: how are you?
Me: Meh, I'm at work. You?
Them: Good, story about their life i don't care about.
Me: Well, i have to go do work now. 
Them: Ok *but doesn't make the attempt to leave the conversation*
Me: *awkwardness*

Now, times that conversation by about 100. That's the amount of people i see face to face. That doesn't include the people that i answer on the phone. 

I hate it. I really really hate it. 

I don't love a lot of people at my work. Honestly, there are only a few that i really enjoy the company of. Those people i wouldn't mind having the above conversation with, although it would be a better conversation then that. However most people, if i didn't talk to that day or even week, except for work related issues, i could live with that. 

Is that so wrong? 

Excuse me, do you have a spare one dollar?

This morning on the way to work, i was on the train and a guy was going around with some coins and saying, 'excuse me, do you have a spare one dollar' to almost every person he saw. (He didn't come to me, probably 'cos i had headphones in, but he was loud enough so i could hear him). 

Anyway, as i was looking around the carriage, not one person gave him any money, and some didn't even acknowledge him at all!! 

Now i live in an area populated by a lot of homeless people, and my old house was right next door to a homeless drop in centre, so loads of people like this: 

But this guy on the train this morning was not like that. He seemed better dressed then that, and he didn't have that usual homeless person smell. 

But i noticed several people give each other that look like he was nothing more then nothing, and he didn't even deserve to be near them. 

It got me thinking. In this time, when the Economic Issues ares the biggest news story, (as long as there isn't another sports sex scandal, if you are in Australia), it could have be those people looking at each other who are next weeks beggars. (I know probably exaggeration, but still!!)

I get that people may not like to give money to 'homeless' people and they may not even have the money to spare, i get all that. What i dont get is, the holier then thou looks that people give homeless people. 

I admit, i dont give money to every homeless person i pass ( i couldn't otherwise i would end up next to them.), and i admit some of the ones out near me probably have drug/alcohol issues, but this guy just seemed different to that. 

Maybe i am just used to the worser *is that even a word??* type of homeless people, but i dont know. It just made me sad for the world, that someone can just be ignored, just cause they are different. 

  • Homelessness is the condition and social category of people who lack housing, because they cannot afford (pay for), or are otherwise unable (or uninterested) to maintain, regular, safe, and adequate shelter.
  • The term homelessness may also include people whose primary nighttime residence is in a homeless shelter, in an institution that provides a temporary residence for individuals intended to be institutionalized, or in a public or private place not designed for use as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings.
  • An estimated 100 million people worldwide are homeless

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I wanna go LEFT!!!!

So I use a laptop, (as opposed to one of those normal computers that sit on a desk.. ). 
And i have a rather old laptop, (its my husbands and he has had it longer then he has known me, ( which to be honest, isn't heaps long, but that's not the point.)

ANYWAY, back to the laptop and the reason for this post. 

Said laptop has one of those mouses that is in the middle of the keyboard like this: (in fact almost exactly like that) 

But also has the arrow buttons on the right hand side, cause sometimes buttons are needed, obviously. 

SO my issue is with the buttons, the left button is starting to be not friendly, and is bugging me. I don't know if it is sticking or what, i just know i need to basically bang it to get it to go back ONE SPACE!!! 

I use these buttons a lot, cause the mouse thing also decides not to play nice with me and it shits me too. 

But i can't get a new one, cause the hubby just got a new one on finance, and its just too too much on something i don't really really need. *another post altogether* 
Previous to him getting one, we both shared this one, AND downloaded junk from this one too, so Internet was not as easy. 

Anyway, i just needed to complain about that, cause it was getting to me. 

Have a fab weekend!!

Oh, and sorry for all the noncomputerness words, I'm not so much with the 'geekness'.

This is not the subject line...

I have a problem and it annoys me every time I see, yet people continue to do it and I want them to be banned from using outlook when they do.


My issue is people who can't tell the difference between the 'subject line' and the body of an email.


Let me clarify:

This is not good enough for me. 



I accept people who don't use the subject line. I am guilty of that myself.


But I can not stand it, when people put the full email in the subject. Its called the 'SUBJECT' line, not the 'full email, lets try and fit as many words in as possible' line.


Seriously people!!!


I don’t care how short your email is going to be, it will never be too short to not use the email body.


Oh, also, I hate it when someone sends me an email and the VITAL info is ONLY in the subject line. I hate it so so so so (times a lot) much. It means I have to open the physical email to copy that information, and with the *awesome* computer that I use at work, it means that EVERYTHING freezes. (so not a lie, trust me, if you worked where I did, you would know).

Ps. I have no idea who's email address that is, so you all should totally email it and find out!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lying doesn't help me or you!!

Ok, so i work in a call centre. 
No, not one of those ones that call you constantly and try to force you to buy something. I work at one of those ones that you call when you need help. 
Only, I'm not the one of the people you speak to. My job involves those people calling me up after you have spoken to them and they don't know the answer. 

So, a little off point, but not so much. 

When people call me there are a few things that bug me.
But there are a few big ones. 

The first. 
It annoys me as much as those call centre calls annoy you. 

The second: 

While this picture is really cool, it kinda doesn't fit great, but it kinda does as well. 
I hate it when people are asking me questions, and they are questioning my answer. Seriously, you are asking me for help. Do you think that there could be a reason why I am in my job and you are in yours...?? Could it be because I have come across the same issue that you now have and know the answers of how to fix it? Just maybe?

Third is:

I hate when i have to say something 16 times, and the person I'm speaking to repeats it more!! If i tell you to do A, B and then C, it means that you gotta do A, B and then C. If you ask me, can't i do C, A and then B, the answer will be no. If you say, So i have to do A,B and then C, when i have already said it 16 times, my patience is going to be short. I don't think it is really that difficult. 

And the last one that annoys me the most!!

There is nothing worse then someone lying to me when i ask them something. I not only lose my patience with them quicker, but i lose respect for them, and know that they will more then likely not do what i advise them that they need to do. 
If i am asking whether you have done something and you either don't know what i am talking about and lie, OR don't care and lie, OR just lie just because. 
Do you think that i am asking you the things that i am asking for a reason? 
But its cool, keep lying. 

OK and now since this is post is like 16 pages long, I'm going to end it. There is so much more that i could complain about regarding my job, but these are the top 4. 

Ps. Sorry for the vagueness, the whole can't name super deep details re: the job, cause that would be not good for anyone. 

Its spelt Renee, not Renne, Renae....!!!!

A huge problem that i find super super aggravating is when someone spells my name wrong. 

I understand that my name may be difficult to some, I think that those 'some' need to compare my name to  people who have names like the following: 

  • Allisenne *Allison*
  • Breighanna *Brianna*
  • Destanee, Destyneigh *Destiny*
  • Emilee, Emmalie, Emmalee, Emileigh - * Emily*
  • Haelie - *Hayley*
  • Jennyfer, Jennipher, Jennafer *Jennifer*
  • Jessika, Jessicah, Jessycka *Jessica*
  • Maygun, Maegan, Maygen *Megan*
And i think i have enough examples right there. To find more check out this page:

Seriously, after that, Renee can't be that difficult right?!?!?!

Apparently it is. I received an email today started with 'Hello Renne'. Now, one would think if someone has to go to the trouble of selecting my name in the TO; field, they would be able to check the spelling before sending it, right? Again, apparently not. OR if they didn't know how to spell my name, and were too damn lazy to check, they wouldn't put it at all, right? Nope, wrong again. 
I understand if you don't know how to spell my name, fair enough, but when it is 2cm away from where you are typing, it ain't that hard. 
It just irks me. Its just rude and impolite and not nice at all. 

It also irks me that parents would name their children any of the names spelt the way they are above. You are just asking for a stripper child. Straight up. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ok, so I assume that this annoys 90% of people, however, I'm guessing that more then 10% of people do it, so all you who get annoyed also do it. 
So damn you people already!!

Anyway, a little of thought there. 

I catch a total of 4 trains a day. That's right 4, and i live like 30 minutes from my workplace, only that 30 minutes turns into an hour, (or sometimes a little more), if the trains don't connect up, or if they do, and stupid slow people don't get out of my friggen way!! Ps. I don't like to dawdle to or from work, i like to at least have some part of my day to me. 

I have no problem with people who can't move fast, not moving fast, so children, elderly, not 100% abled people (is that PC enough?), cool with all that, and them slow moving. 

Here are a few things that upset me in my travels: 
  • People who don't stay to the left ANYWHERE. This means, escalators, stairs and just general walking. See that space on the left who no one is standing still, that's cause people walk up on that side, which means you standing there is not only stupid, but is disturbing every other person on the escalator/stairs. So don't. Even though i have no followers *yet*, Amercian's to you, i guess this means the right. 
  • People who don't allow people to leave before they can arrive. Yes, this train is full, so in order for you to be able to get on said train, the people currently on it, need to get off, which mean you need to move. 
  • People who walk up the escalator or stairs *YAY to you doing something right* so slowly that they may as well be standing still. *BOO to you for doing that* 
  • Couples. Nuff said. 
  • People stopping at the top of escalators/stairs. You had all that time to work out where you want to go and you decide at the very top, oh, i forgot again, do i want to turn left or right, or go straight ahead. Not hard choices people. 
  • People who are slow getting off an escalator. I don't know if this is just me, or what, but the teeth at the end of the escalator freak me out like nothing else, and if i am anywhere close to them and not able to step far away from them, i start getting irked and just no. 
  • Loud talkers. Whether you are talking to another person who is next to you, or on a phone, no one cares about what you are talking about, so hush.
  • Seat hogs. So i have to admit, sometimes this is me, BUT if i can see that someone needs a seat, i would stand up rather then have to sit next to someone. I don't mind the standing, but the personal space sharing, not for me. AND if you have three people in your "group" you don't need to spread out on 2 three seaters. Really, you do not need that much room, especially in peak hour. 
  • MUSIC. I get that music is good to listen to, rather then the loud talkers or the announcements that you hear all the time, nevertheless, peoples music tastes differ. While you like not so great music, i enjoy better music. Therefore, shush. 
  • Elderly - I love the old people. Really, love them. They are back from the "better days", when people had respect etc etc.. But it really makes me cross when someone older gets on the train and no one gets up for them. I dont care where you are from or what seat you are on, its simple. They are old, you are not as old. They win. Same goes for people with babies growing inside them. They can grow their own people, you can not, (or not yet). They win. 
Now while, these are just some of the things that annoy me in my train travels, im sure more can be added to this list and i could probably add more after i go to and from work tomorrow, but all you people that do these things. Stop it please.  I thank you in advance. 

Helloooo, YES, Im talking to you!!!

A HUGE issue i have is acknowledgement. 

Now, I'm not talking, all ye bow down to me, cause I'm so great for just being alive, acknowledgement. I'm talking, i just said something to you, now its your turn to reply. I don't think that that is a hard concept to work with, but apparently in this day and age it is. 

So, i know you are probably thinking that i am like 50 years old, but I'm not, I'm barely in my 20s (and by barely, i mean almost 4 years into them).  I was just bought up to have manners and TO ACKNOWLEDGE PEOPLE!!!

I absolutely hate saying something to someone, ESPECIALLY when i have said JOHN, blah blah blah, important information, blah, blah. And then wait for a response that is never going to happen!! Even though i have gone to extra effort of including their name in the sentence to confirm that i am talking to them!!

Really its not that hard to listen to something for a total of maybe 2 minutes and then think and reply. Sometimes, i would even accept if the thinking before replying was skipped sometimes, but the replying..!?!?!? NEVER SKIP THAT PART PEOPLE!!!

And while i would love to have the all ye bow down to me part, or even a you're awesome at least once a day, then i would accept that too. But all I'm asking for is some gosh darn acknowledgment!!

The start of blogs?

I was listening to the radio at work today, and a thought occured to me. 

Just before i go into that, a little background.

We listen to no particular station at work, Sometimes its an randoms persons ipod, other times its good radio, and then there are times like today. Its the same throughout the level, so you can't listen to your own music, and listening to your music in headphones is not acceptable either. 

Someone puts it on a particular station, and good music is played, but then it gets to 'drive-time' and its what i hate. 

Talk back radio.

Is there anything worse? No, really? 

I can't stand it for the life of me, and no matter what they are talking about it doesn't matter. 

Its just someone talking about almost nothing interesting, or nothing that THEY can make interesting at least. 

However, it occured to me. 
Is talkback radio a little like blogging? 

I mean, they whole idea of it, obviously not the borin ness of it. 

You have one person, giving there thoughts on anything, and sometimes everything, and people commenting/calling up about it. 

In fact Wiki gives this descriptoin of talk back radio: 

Talk radio is a radio format containing discussion about topical issues. Most shows are regularly hosted by a single individual, and often feature interviews with a number of different guests. Talk radio typically includes an element of listener participation, usually by broadcasting live conversations between the host and listeners who "call in" (usually via telephone) to the show. 

And of Blog

A blog (a contraction of the term weblog) is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs.

So thats just my thoughts on talkback radio and blogging... 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Its spelt MY, not Miiii

There are a few things that annoy me, I'll be honest there are actually a lot, but lets just pretend that there is only a few for this blog post alone. 

One of the major things that bug me is spelling. Now i have as crappy spelling as the next person, I'm not talking good spelling, I'm talking spelling ACTUAL words. I am so so so so so so sick of things like this: 
My BaBiii MaYA"z B'day MwaHz.... =p
I understand My and B'day, but apart from that, I'm a little WTF?!?! 

What has come to the world when this is the spelling that people think is acceptable? No, seriously, what the HELL does it mean...?!?!?! 

I again, want to point out that there is a difference between spelling something incorrectly, and doing that

Please world, learn that Baby is spelt with a Y and not 16 I's. 
Learn that a Z can not be put in places where a S should belong. 
AND if your word doesn't show up in spell check, its because you are an idiot.  (unless its meh, and then spell check is the idiot.)

And i am done. 

Why does it fall to me?

So i will rant about work, I'm gonna say, probably 85% of the time, just 'cos it pisses me off the most, and i am there for about 85% of my day. 

The thing at the moment. My other team member. 
While i will not deny she is a lovely lovely person, the loveliness can get annoying sometimes, BUT my crankiness is wearing off on her, which i don't know is a good thing or not, but its entertaining to say the least... Anyway, the loveliness is not the most annoying part. 

Do you ever know people who have so much ambition, i guess is the word, and need to take the next step in their career? Well, that's her. So much so, that it feels like the job that i have been in for almost 5 years of my life, is just her stepping stone...  And while that may be great for her, put simply,  it shits me. 

Ok, so today. 
I come in, and shockingly less work then normal is there. Because someone else was in on the weekend and did it. 
But, i digress. There is a job out at the moment, which said team member did for almost 3 months, which left me to cover both mine and her work, plus train several other people to cover for her. Annoying, but meh. I so should be getting paid more, but meh. 
So today, the old person in said job started their new job today so there was no one in the advertised job, which of course meant team member had to step up and cover him, which then in turn meant i had to do more work. Super annoying. And confusing now that i have re read that. 

As soon as i saw the job advertised, i just knew that she would be gone, and i would have more work to do, and i set myself up for the leaving, but so soon.....??!?!?!?!

Anyway, I just read the title of this post and remembered what set this rant off. 

I had a helper helping me with this work today. And by helping, i mean, not doing anything more then almost nothing. 
YET, when they left, I had a need to thank them for their help.  Why i am i thanking them? They weren't helping me, they were covering HER!!! Should it not fall to her to thank them....?!?!?! What about the people that she was covering, should they also not be the thankers...?? 

And i think i am done ranting about this for today. 

Apparently, spell check doesn't think meh is a word... BUT, it doesn't pick up when an write i on its own, which one would assume i mean I, but am too lazy to press shift at the same time.....Spell check you are dead to me.