Saturday, February 27, 2010


So I'm cranky right now and to calm down I'm writing, so unless you want to hear a rant, stop reading.

So, i mentioned on a previous post that our house is getting sold, so we have to move.

So the real estate wanted to have a viewing, but because we only have one key, and we weren't going to be in the same state, (visiting family in Victoria) he was all like, OK, I'll get the building manager to let me in.
The building manager was all like, i ain't letting you in, the owner was supposed to change the locks 3 months ago, so no way!! (same reason why he wouldn't fix my door key).
So then, he was all like arranging with the husband for us to leave our ONLY key for him to be able to be let in, and we were cool with that, AS LONG AS WE GOT IT BACK WHEN WE ARRIVED. (I'm sure you all can see where this is headed).

Lets rewind to Wednesday, we had kinda cleaned up our house, but not to the point of letting people walk through it. (we ain't grubs, but we don't make a small mess in living). So the real estate man was talking with the husband about the key, and getting in and all that, and real estate man was all, I'll come over tonight to change the lock, and the husband was like sorry, we wont be there, so no. Blah blah, long story short, real estate guy was all like, OK, I'll come over on Thursday NIGHT, so our plan was to come home after work, clean and scrub and make everything sparkly clean, and then finish up on Thursday before we left (about lunch time).
Turns out, we were sleepy on Wednesday, so went to bed early, and then woke up early on Thursday to clean completely.

I got up about 8, and started semi cleaning and waited for the husband to wake up. Then about 9am, got in the shower, (wouldn't usually share that, but its important). Got out of the shower AND I HEAR OUR FRONT DOOR BEING OPEN AND PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT 'THIS MUST HAVE BEEN THE REASON WHY THEY DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE YOU THE KEY'.

The husband ended up yelling at them to get out, (only MUCH meaner words), so they left.
Wouldn't you believe, about 2 mins later, AGAIN the real estate man just opens the door and walks in AGAIN.

PS. what he did was totally ILLEGAL. While he did have permission to come when we were not there, at night, he DID NOT DID NOT DID NOT have permission to come in the morning, nor did he have permission to come in, after we told/asked/demanded he leave the 2nd time.

Even though we were super pissed off, we still cleaned the house super clean, like, so clean, that people could mistake it for a hotel room, (apart from the boxes of packed stuff).

So we went to the families, left our only key with the building manager so that the viewings could go ahead while we were away and skip to today.

Got a sms this morning, saying that the viewing was cancelled. Not so bad, cause whatever, gives us more time to find a new place.

Get home tonight, about 11pm, to look in the mailbox, (where the key SHOULD have been to find....


Speak to the concierge to find....


Today is Saturday, building manager doesn't work on the weekend.

Which means, at least one of us needs to be home to let the other in, OR we have to leave our home unlocked.

We were supposed to be seeing Wicked tomorrow with my sister and mum, but if we both go, it means we won't be able to get back in.
So the husband is saying home.
Christmas present/$100+ wasted.

So i hate jerk real estate guy so much i want to punch him in the face, or as my twitter said earlier:


Hope this at least entertained some of you for a short time...

Add to all this, i got the flu/a cold while down in Melbourne and its so not fun.
Oh and i left my phone there.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Post secret, the Olympics and moving...

Just a quick note to say a few things…

I love postsecret. It’s awesome.
However, yesterdays secrets have generated a lot of traffic to a certain blog, or at least in search of a certain blog.

Here is the pic of the secret.

Now I admit, I tried looking for this blog.
Im interested in reading it.
I couldn’t find it. :(

The Olympics, the Olympics.
Now apart from 2000 when I worked at them, and it was in my home town (kinda), I don’t really care about the Olympics, but the husband has been forcing me to watch the terrible terrible coverage of it that is on late at night. (See here for more info on the terrible coverage).
I also don’t care for the cold and snow, and seeing it all is just encouraging the husband to plan TWO snow trips in the next 12 months. Sigh.

But I have been kinda getting into it, (if anyone tells the husband, then I’ll totally deny deny deny).

I really enjoyed Dale Begg Smith and his ‘controversy’ and I really enjoyed that US won the hockey over Canada. *at the time of writing, the game is still going on, and im assuming, given the score is 3-2, and am following @shameheadboy’s twitter updates, plus I want them to win, so that totally counts).

Now, the most fun part… *total sarcasm*
We have lived with the following:
*broken dishwasher – it doesn’t always work. It will stop halfway through and just beep. Annoying.
*air con only works in one room. Our bedroom (and bathroom) is ice cold when the air con is on, but the lounge room, like 30 degrees. Sucks.
*a door card doesn’t work. So only one of us can open the door. OR we can leave our house unlocked, so we don’t have to worry about not being able to get in. (that delightful suggestion was given to us by the building manager).
*and a buzzer that has never ever worked.

We haven’t really gotten these fixed, cause the real estate is kinda crappy, and it’s a hassle to get them to get in touch with the owner to fix them.
But we got a call last week that the owner wants to sell and we gotta move.
I think I like the idea of living with all these things that are wrong then having to move.

The upside is that the crap that we have moved from the house that we lived in before this one, (and the one before that), we (or the husband) went through and got rid of a lot of the crap, so hurrah on that!?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I have A confession to make....

~ I haven't brushed my hair in about 3 weeks. (it's clean though, I
totally still wash it)

~ I haven't washed my dishes in about 2 weeks.

~ I haven't hand washed dishes in more then a year

~ I'm waiting to be discovered. Not sure by who or for what, but I'm

~ sometimes I think about suicide. Never enough to go through with it,
but just thinking.

~I haven't cooked food in about 2 weeks, hence the need for no washing of dishes.

~ I never eat all of my food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether I
cook it or not, never is all eaten.

~ I always answer my work phone (after my required greeting) with
'what's up?' but I really don't care. I can't even stop myself from
saying if anymore.

~ I have absolutely NO savings. But I do have credit cards, which is
the reason I have no savings. - Im working on this

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy list...

So its valentines day this weekend, and while i have a valentine, and we have plans to go to the movies, i didn't want to blog about valentines day, like many bloggers have. Not that its not great, but it kinda sucks. Lets be honest. The pressure is worse then a birthday or Christmas, and if you love someone, you should tell them every day,not just one day out of the year.

Anyway, so i thought i would make a list of things that make me happy, and not talk anymore about valentines day.

Happy list.

1. Children. When they are questioning and just being is amazing.

2. Rain.

3. POSTCARDS! I was having a kinda crappy day yesterday, but then i got two postcards and BING! day turned around.

(postcard wall at work)

4. Tourists. I love the tourists that come into my city. I like being able to share it with them.

5. The Cross.

6. The park and fountain next to my house.

7.Family. No matter, whenever i see them, i always am smiling.

8. Cupcakes. The lamington one is to die for!

9. Paying off debt. A bit boring i know, but knowing that the owed amount is going down rather then up, makes me happy.

10. Facebook stalking nuff said. ;)

So i think this is gonna be a ongoing thing and I'll just keep adding to it, and hopefully, it will be longer then my 'things that annoy me' list. :)

PS. Spell check, LAMINGTON is a REAL word!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

So even though I don't follow NFL at all, and didn't know til today even how many players there were in each team...
I'm kinda sad that i didn't watch the Superbowl today.

I was at work, and blah blah, but all the hype and awesomeness of what it seems like, kinda made me feel like i missed something.

Not the ads, i watched them. Liked, not loved the Betty White one.

But it made me sad.

PS. While i come across words every time i post that DON'T show in Spell check, it prompted me to capitalize Superbowl...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Little letters... I should make this a weekly thing or something..

Dear TV,
Why did you break again? The husband fixed you and you should have stayed fixed! He even unplugged you when we went away. Was that the reason? Were you sad we left you?

Dear hair,
I'm gonna shave you off one day, you are just bugging me.

Dear Credit cards,
One of you is almost there, i reckon by the end of the month and woohoo!! Although, if the husband and the TV have anything to say about, you may be used again.

Dear husband,
I really really really don't want to use the credit cards for a new TV please. But then you already know that.

Dear Humidity,
Its really all your fault. Go away already. I'd even be happier with the winter cold.

Dear golf,
i totally played you today, and although i was playing you even before the sun came up, (not really, but close), i had a lot of fun. And I'm good too, if i do say so myself.

Dear facebook,
Why oh why do you keep changing? I know you have designers to pay and all that junk, but really?!? People don't really like change, (as much as they lie and say they do). Stop it already.

Dear Dad,
I hope you had a good birthday. (sorry your not at the top, i kinda forgot....)

Dear air con,
I know its almost winter, and you should have had your annual check/fix/something, but we forgot the forms and you seem to work less then you normally did, please fix yourself? I'd appreciate that.

Dear STALKER, (cause that's what you are, really)
This will be my last mention of you. If you come round here again, you will know about it. Mark my words, you will know about it.

Dear weekend,
why oh why are you so quick?

Dear Wii,
I want you so bad. Go on a cheap cheap cheap sale already.

Dear snow happening in other countries,
can you happen here too? i would love a snow day instead of rain all the day long. But only after i have done my grocery shopping, otherwise, i might die of starvation.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do not call...

So i left my phone at home today.
Not on purpose, cause how the heck would i live without it, right?
I don't even know how i left it at home, just that i realized when i was at the station and although my house is only about a 5 min walk away, i was early and i like being early. (And I'm lazy, lets be honest.)

Anyway... i left it at home.

I have an iPhone, so i not only left my phone at home, i left my Internet and entertainment at home.
I use my phone a LOT at work. We don't have proper Internet, so all the good things, i get to use my phone for.
And after about an hour, all my work is generally done, so i play on it all of the day.

I'm kinda addicted to it. I don't know what the word is for iPhones, (like crackberry), but whatever it is, GIMME GIMME GIMME.

Today, i was reaching where i usually keep all day long. Seriously.

But i realized what i was missing out on instead.

I read my book that i have been trying to finish for a little while. I finished it.
I actually read the newspaper instead of skimming through it.
On the train to work, i actually looked around me outside and i like my city. I travel over the bridge, past the opera house and Luna park every day and never really notice them. I really like them all.

My day went longer, (or it felt longer), but i felt like i was actually there.

I know it seems strange that not having my phone can make me feel like all this, but it does.

Even though it connects me to so much, it also disconnects me more i think.

I may not leave it at home again, but i will maybe leave it in my bag, so my laziness will slow me down from using it instead of living.

Oh, ps. I still had Blogger, cause i demanded someone open it for me, but almost no one posted today. It was odd.