Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 - we hardly knew you.

I was going to try not to make it a lame post about the year past, but really, that's what it is gonna be about, so whatever.

This year has gone by so super quick, and i know everyone says that at this time of the year, but truly, this year totally has, (and i know they say that too).

This year has been a semi big year for you.

I went overseas for the first time. Japan. I liked it, the people were nice, wasn't so fond of the snow and not being able to talk Japanese, but it was nice all the same.

I applied for a job i really wanted and didn't get it. I applied for another job just recently and didn't get it. I started casually looking for a new job. (This is gonna beef up in the new year, for sure).

I turned 24, and that is old. I also spend the smallest amount of time ever at a casino.

I cried a lot.

I grew a lot too.

Here are some things that i want to change in 2010.

~ I will listen to better music more. Things like INXS (with JD and Micheal), and Jimmy, and Cat (or Yusuf), and Grinspoon and goodness like that.
~ I WILL pay off ALL my credit cards and actually save money.
~ I will keep my house (mostly) clean
~ I will get a new job.
~ I will be happier.
~ I will see my family more. Whether i go up (or down) to them, or they come to me.
~ I will turn 25, whether i like it or not.
~ I will have more FUN.
~ I will watch less DVDs and go to the movies more. (The husband will like this one).
~ I will take less holidays, but i will go on more adventures.

I hope i met them all.

And i will end on this overheard question:

"when its 2010, will you have to write '010, or just '10 when you write the date?"
They were quite perplexed.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Alone vs. Annoyance vs. TV vs. Jobs

Sometimes i think i would be better off alone.
Like not so much single, as alone.

People annoy me. Doesn't matter who.
They mostly all annoy me.
More so at Christmas time.

But i think it would suit me, most of the time.
I would get lonely of course, but then i could control it.
I think i have OCD, you see.
Totally self diagnosed, but still.

I have to know stuff. I need to be able to control the things that affect me.
Its bad. Some times its really bad.

I think i could do it.
The alone thing though.


I can't stand the people who put animals as their Facebook profile.

Sure, you will give your (correct) name, hometown, relationship status, job details and even your Date of Birth.
But a photo of you?!?
No, that can't be done.
Its not like someone can steal your identity with the rest of it, they totally need a photo of you to complete their thievery.

And the only photos you have are of your animals?
Really, you annoy me.


I started watching Chuck.
I have to be honest. Not really sucking me in.

Weeds on the other hand.
So much for this lasting the off season.
I have managed to get through 3 seasons in about a week.
And the only reason, we switched to Chuck was because we couldn't purchase anymore Weeds here. Gotta wait for it to be shipped from overseas.


I applied for 3 jobs last week.
With different companies.

I have realised that my job isn't going to get me anywhere.

3 jobs I wanted. Well, I wanted 2 of the 3; I just thought 3 was a better number to start with.

I have holidays in January, so I was only gonna start small. (Cos I really want my holidays, dammit!!)

One of the jobs doesn't start til 1 February, so that totally works.

One of the other jobs is a night job. Like earliest start is 9pm and latest finish is 7am. I don’t think I can do that one. I kinda want to try it, see what its like, but the husband doesn't think i should. Cause the whole not seeing each other, and it being further away then the other two. But that company is the one that i want. I don't know.

I have gotten 3 call backs.
One of them did a phone interview and arranged for an actual interview. That’s the good February one.

The other arranged a phone interview.

The third i haven't called back yet. I'm going to call them tomorrow. They seemed very interested though.

I didn't know that I was that much in demand.
If I had known, I would have looked around long ago. (Probably not, but lets say I would).

I have the actual interview on Tuesday.
That is scary.
Apart from the internal jobs, I haven't had an interview in over 5 years.
And before those internal interviews, it would have been at least 36 months since an interview.

I totally work well under pressure, so that’s not a problem in the interviewingness.
I don’t like talking myself up.
I don’t think what I do is extraordinary, so I don’t know how to justify saying that I am.

I hope I get one of them.
I need the change.
I don’t like change. But I really need it now.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Grief and Judgement.

I read this story today.

Now, while I can’t say that I would or wouldn't do that, I don’t want to say that she did the wrong thing, unlike some of the people who left comments on this article.

Let’s go over the facts.

She asked her older son to do something with the pool, (get a hose or something out of it).
He didn’t realise the gate didn’t shut. It happens. Not his fault.

Mum and older son were then working on something together.
She was not on the computer, or neglecting her children. Not by my standards anyway.

When she realised her son was in the pool, she called the paramedics.
She didn’t ‘tweet’ right away.

Not until the paramedics were there and working on her son, did she reach out for some help.
She asked people for PRAYER.
Just the same as if she had called her family/friends, and not used twitter, she asked for help.
What was she supposed to do?
Jump in and help the paramedics? Stop them from helping her son?

And then.
She was remembering her son when he was gone.
People write memorial posts all the time in the blog world.
People talk about their past losses.
People share with other people about them too.
This is what she was doing.

The difference is she had a limit of 160 characters. She had the thoughts of over 5000 people with her.

People grieve differently. People have fear and pain and they act differently.
Maybe she felt everything was out of control and twitter was something she had control over?

Like I said, I can’t say that I would or wouldn’t do that, I don’t want to say that she did the wrong thing.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Little letters or something...

So i remember seeing this on someone blog, but i can't really remember AND i already kinda do this, so its not really stealing, really its just the title, but anyway.

Dear Glee,
I heart you. I really do. And i usually don't like singing.
Although in the finale, where parts of the audience was standing while you all were singing, cheesy and i hated that. Don't do that anymore please.

Dear illnesses,
If you come near me one more time this year, i will be very cross. Its like 12 days, come on now. In fact, while I'm here, current illness, please go away right now.

Dear Sam Worthington,
You are so fine, that i am kinda more willing then i seem about wanting to see a stupid movie about giant blue people.

Dear How I Met your Mother,
Marshall and Lily make this show.
Although, I'm not loving how angry Lily has gotten lately.
Whats that about?

Dear Credit cards,
We can be friends in January, i promise i will really try and pay you back in time, but it was Christmas, can't you just hold off with the interest for a little while?

Dear Michael C Hall,
You are amazing.
That is all.
Wait, no its not. I have to say, its a little creepy you married your TV sister.

Dear Job i applied for,
I know i probably didn't get you, and to be honest, i don't know if i still want you. I will be a little disappointed sure, but something tells me that it wont be my loss.

Dear Dexter writers,
OMG to the finale, first.
Second, i really really liked her. Sad.

Dear Christmas parties,
You kinda sucked this year.
Big time.
I don't know if i hope I'm here next year to experience another good one.

Dear True Blood,
Will you ever come back?
I need me some Eric.

Dear PostSecret,
I like that i usually end my weekend on you.

Dear Weeds,
I have heard good things about you.
I'm just using and abusing you in the off season, but you better not disappoint.

Dear Lips,
Why do you get so dry when i drink loads of water?
Should that not not dry you out?

Dear Etsy,
I really love you.
I wish i was a gazillionaire, so i could spend all my money on you.
I totally would.

Dear Robbie Williams,
I admit it, i love you.

Dear Spellcheck,
Stop telling me my words are not real.
The more you do that, the more i will question your spelling ability.

That's all i got for now, but I'm sure that i will continue this letters business, (if i don't forget)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Santa,

I would like the following please.

One PINK Smeg fridge.

(I'll also need a bigger kitchen to put it in too, though.

One You are all I need poster for said kitchen

I like the red, but it does come in other colours too. I'll accept any, to be honest.

And if you can't get that, I'll also gladly accept the following:

(even though I'm not)

Cause who doesn't need one of them?

I also would like one of these:



And even though i may not wear it, i would like

this too:

Now Santa, i know that you have to deliver junk to all the kids, (really, do they not already have enough, with their no responsibilities and freedom? Really?!?), but come on now.

Thanks Santa.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tweet Tweet!!

I <3 Twitter.
I really really do.

Here are 10 reasons why its great.

1. Its 140 characters. Its means you gotta be blunt, and that's what i do best!
2. There are no stupid quizzes like Facebook. (or at least none that i have found yet, give it time, i guess).
3. You can follow famous people.
4. You can unfollow annoying famous people.
5. You can update it 20 times a day, and people don't judge you.
6. I twitter. That alone should be enough!
7. Look, I'm too lazy to think of 10, but i gave you 6, so that should be good enough, alright!

Here are the words i most use in my tweets:

And here are some of MY most favourite tweets:

Apparently, I'm funny....
Nope, that wasn't a self compliment. I have been told that.
Yep. Its true. By more then one person too.
I know right?
I'll be honest. They did say that my twitter was funny, but potato, potatoe.

Now, i don't try to be funny, i kinda of use my twitter for a outlet for my anger, and then a notepad thing for blogs, and my brain thoughts, and then for some more anger, and then for cool websites/links that people should look at right now.

I didn't even know how to do the photo thing til recently, and then it was by accident.

So anyway, back to me being funny, (cause its so evidential in this post).

I have tweeted more then 2000 times, and i have selected a few that i think are kinda funny, but maybe not, but then I'm not the one who thinks I'm funny, so maybe I'm not the best person to choose them...

My stupid back is still stupid hurting cause its stupid and hates me. I can totally live without a back right? Its just my lower back...
about 22 hours ago from web

Just washed my hair and got shampoo in my eyes, up my nose and in my mouth. Am i retarded?!?
about 14 hours ago from web

Why are people scared of the rain? It was like 4 billion degrees but now every ones under shelter... People need to walk in the rain more.
9:51 AM Nov 24th from Tweetie

When you are watching a tvshow on DVD, you should be able to skip the opening & end credits. Are you listening tv show DVD makers?!?
11:57 PM Nov 22nd from Tweetie

Why do my lips feel drier when i drink a lot more water then normal? Can someone explain this please?
Really, people, i wanna know this
3:38 PM Nov 19th from web

I hate people who drag their feet. If they are REALLY that heavy, lose some freaking weight, fatty.
11:19 AM Nov 19th from web

I burnt my tongue testing to see if dinner was ready, and then it didn't taste good when i was eating it for real... I think it was good...
8:53 PM Nov 18th from web

I have realised that i LOVE my parents music more then my our era's. I was born at the wrong time.
11:43 AM Nov 18th from web

Sometimes i just agree with what someone is saying cause i can't understand them or wasn't listening... but everyone does that, right?

6:18 PM Nov 17th from web

Does anyone else remember playing, 'heads down, thumbs up' at school? I can't remember (apart from that) how it went.
If you remember, can you please tell me? I still can't remember
10:58 AM Nov 17th from web

Everclear, what ever happened to you? You were so good. Anyone?
2:29 PM Nov 16th from web

Just saw the saddest thing. A dog that had been debarked was trying to bark his heart out, but nothing... So sad.
9:34 AM Nov 16th from Tweetie

Have to admit, the latest Star Trek movie IS pretty good. It could just be that hotness of Mr Quinto, though. Feel free to mock now.
Another reason why i love Heroes too.
5:57 PM Nov 15th from mobile web

I want to rip my teeth out. They hurt... I could totally pull off the toothless look, i reckon.
10:19 PM Nov 13th from web

I'm starting to love this sexy voice thing I've got going on at the moment... It does kinda hurt though... Worth it. I had laryngitis at this time
6:33 PM Nov 12th from Tweetie

David Bowie, you are amazing. He truly is.
6:13 PM Nov 11th from web

Internet, why are you being a shit? 404 is BS and you know it. I have no work to do and need to be entertained, so just WORK!!!I hate 404 error
4:14 PM Nov 11th from web

When you fax something, do you get charged per page or per completed faxing? Like if the fax was yours and not at a newsagent or something.Again, can anyone tell me this?
8:29 AM Nov 10th from web

I wish you could bank sleep. Then make withdrawals when you need more. I'll have an extra 3 hours now please. Can someone get on that?
6:02 AM Nov 10th from Tweetie

Sometimes I wish Twitter was attached to my brain so I wouldn't need to type and my thoughts would just be there.. It would be much easier.
7:05 PM Nov 9th from Tweetie

Sunshine Cleaning. Go hire it. Now.
12:25 AM Nov 9th from web

A league of their own is a great movie. Cleaning pause. I was cleaning my house with the TV on, bad idea
2:26 PM Nov 8th from web

I'd chose Harry over Tom any day.Harry Potter over Tom Cruise. I still stand by my choice.
9:03 PM Nov 6th from Tweetie

I haven't peed all day. That can't be good.
6:06 PM Nov 6th from web

So today is not gonna be good. I've got that drunk unbalanced thing going on already & I haven't left my house yet. Or been drinking.
9:37 AM Nov 6th from Tweetie

You are not butterfly man, you are evil butterfly man.Hiro from Heroes.
12:08 AM Nov 6th from Tweetie

Inside my ribs are itchy.
11:54 PM Nov 5th from Tweetie

Josh Thomas, you are great.
7:23 PM Nov 4th from web

I need a new computer. But don't want to have to buy one. Anyone wanna give me one for no monies?
1:14 PM Nov 4th from web

Big Bang Theory, i love you.
8:08 PM Nov 2nd from web

Sometimes i want to punch Rove in the face, but i can't not watch his show. I have a problem.This ended up being like his 2nd last show EVER.
9:50 PM Nov 1st from web

Um, people driving up and down out the front of my house playing 2pac, it's not 1996. Get some new music. Maybe Y those people yelled at U.For the record, i love/d Tupac. Just not when I'm trying to sleep
1:14 AM Nov 1st from Tweetie

No matter what anybody tries to tell you, Brain shots = not a good idea
10:02 PM Oct 30th from web

Wigs are not as fun as they seem at first...
12:55 PM Oct 30th from web

I wanna go to Sean Penn, Cambodia with Zev and Justin.
9:54 PM Oct 29th from web

I will not be lazy today, I will not be lazy today, I will not be lazy today, I will not be lazy today. Lets face it. I probably will.I probably totally was to be honest
10:48 AM Oct 29th from web

I have wonder woman on my ass, and she has been bothering me all day.
9:40 PM Oct 28th from web

Does anyone else walk race randoms on the street? Secretly, of course. I did just then and totally lost. It was a close call though.
7:09 PM Oct 28th from Tweetie

Just got a email that might have been insulting but not sure... Apparently i have a large persons voice?!?!
3:47 PM Oct 28th from web

I don't want to take off my socks cause it's so darn cold, but I have to have a shower. Oh the dilemma.
8:55 AM Oct 26th from Tweetie

Cake mix is purchased. Forgot the milk, eggs and butter, but almost there. And still have plenty of time.
8:16 PM Oct 25th from web

Excuse me man at maccas, just cause your a bouncer at a strip joint and you have your kid with you, doesn't mean lines don't exist for you.
8:59 PM Oct 23rd from Tweetie

Lets be honest, Tomato sauce with anything is good, right now, tomato sauce and lettuce. Yum!!
1:42 PM Oct 23rd from web

I don't know if i smell like it, or my work smells like it, but i can smell pot. And i didn't smell it before i went to lunch. hmmmm...
1:26 PM Oct 23rd from web

Tomato sauce and cheese has to be one of the best things to eat ever. (i have other things as well, not just that, I'm not a freak).
1:22 PM Oct 23rd from web

So people on the street, are you happy? I didn't wear a dress, but this jeans are making my knees itch. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED?!? Every morning i look out my window to see what the people on the street are wearing to know the type of weather
9:50 AM Oct 23rd from Tweetie

Sometimes i think if i punched someone in the face, it would do the world a favour... how i wish i could help the world.
12:14 PM Oct 22nd from web

I feel like I'm still asleep but am at work and expected to do stuff. This is hard.And i wasn't even hung over!!
11:09 AM Oct 22nd from web

I hate when people bang my desk. Do it again and i will bang your head.
11:22 AM Oct 20th from web

My coaster smells like play doh....
3:00 PM Oct 16th from Tweetie

John Mellancamp, i really really really love you. really.I really really do
1:04 PM Oct 12th from web

Do fish close their eyes when they sleep? Like, do they have eyelids? I think Spike is either ignoring me, or is sleeping...
5:06 PM Oct 8th from web

Dear God, please make it an actual Spring (or Summer) day tomorrow (or Saturday). I have a new dress I would like to wear. Thanks God. Amen.
3:55 PM Oct 8th from Tweetie

Its not a bad thing that i love proving stupid people wrong & that it may be my most favourite thing ever, right?
2:32 PM Oct 1st from web

After a while of eating Burger Rings, they kinda taste like Vegemite.. Trust me, its true. Im talking Original Vegemite, not this 2.0 crap
6:09 PM Sep 28th from web

About to see 500 days of summer. Is it bad that I didn't know what movie we were seeing til I looked at the ticket just then?
2:40 PM Sep 19th from Tweetie

Apparently people in Gosford don't eat on Sundays. Every single place that MIGHT sell food is closed....Was at Gosford for my brothers Grand final. He totally won
3:52 PM Sep 13th from Tweetie

I just found out that my brothers hair feels like wet dog hair. For real.Im glad i got the good hair in my family
9:09 PM Sep 12th from Tweetie

My train announcer sounds like he should be an amusement park ride announcer. A bit too early for that, but good try nonetheless.
9:36 AM Sep 7th from Tweetie

Do Australians really REALLY sound South African on US tv shows? REALLY?!?! I can't handle it...Really? Can someone confirm or disprove this for me please?
10:57 PM Sep 1st from web

I can NEVER go on holidays again, cos i think that people get smarter while im on holidays & get bitterly disappointed cos they didn't.
12:06 PM Aug 31st from web

One day I wanna just press any random button on the ticket machince and visit there. Just to see.Still haven't done this. One Day.
9:45 AM Aug 31st from Tweetie

Hello my bed. How I have missed you...
2:25 AM Aug 29th from Tweetie

I can't believe how many people walk around in socks and bare feet in a bus terminal... Even into the bathrooms....
4:41 PM Aug 28th from Tweetie

So apparently cause I went to bed SO early yesterday, it means God is punishing me with no sleep tonight... Awesome!!
2:22 AM Aug 18th from Tweetie

I have broken my brain. It's not gonna work again... At least, not 4 2nite... Have 2 wait & see if it likes me enough 2 come back tomorrow.
6:57 PM Aug 11th from Tweetie

To Me, stop grinding your teeth. I & U would really appreciate it. Thanks. Yourself.I write letters like this often.
2:12 PM Aug 11th from Tweetie

I have had a yawn stuck in my throat all day... I hate half yawns...
4:45 PM Aug 4th from web

Sick of people saying, U can't get Chicken Pox twice... Apparently, you CAN, cause i DID!! Its great that U care, but U are wrong.
I totally had chicken pox then.
3:54 PM Aug 3rd from web

I just woke up and my stomach hates me.
11:04 AM Jul 13th from Tweetie

I hate the weirdest dream. My nails were failling out and my dad was acting like spoiled lttle kid no matter what happened.
3:56 AM Jul 10th from Tweetie

If U dropped a coin in the bathroom stall and it bounced into someones stall would it be wrong to get it quickly?Was a little bit tippsy when i did this one, and i was at the casino.
10:25 PM Jul 4th from Tweetie

How bad is it that i dont wash with soap my mug that i use for milo? I put a LOT of boiling water in it, & thats it... It wont kill me right
5:40 PM Jul 1st from web

Oh gosh, my buildings fire alarm went off JUST as I got out of the shower...Guess i'm gonna burn, cause I ain't going out there half dressed
9:22 AM Jul 1st from Tweetie

Why does the radio only play 'Manic Monday' on not monday? I like the song, but it kinda is just a MONDAY song....
12:49 PM Jun 30th from web

Why, on a Sunday night, do I never remember that I NEED 8 hours sleep 2 function on Monday? Never ever do I remember. Some1 start reminding!
1:54 AM Jun 15th from Tweetie

WHY WOULD ANYONE CHANGE VEGEMITE...????? Sure, its gross, but people expect the grossness!!
6:20 PM Jun 14th from web

I think that my legs have really really stopped working... I can still feel them, i just can't move them. I know that they will not hold me.
3:09 PM Jun 13th from web

Some days I wish I worked at a family company where I could sleep all day and not get fired. Is that so wrong? Just SOME days...Lets be honest, MOST days.
2:56 PM Jun 11th from Tweetie

Cooked and cleaned the kitchen. I feel like a proper wife. When do i get to be a stay at home one?
11:04 PM Jun 9th from web

Oh my gosh, I just read that full house might be made into a movie!!! Exciting but kinda not as well...Can not remember where i read this, but i am still a little excited about it.
4:02 PM Jun 8th from Tweetie

Samson now jumps when you put UR finger near the tank... Sometimes. But not when Sheldon is around...Cause Samson didn't like Sheldon. But Samson died now. PS.Samson was a fish
4:23 PM Jun 4th from Tweetie

I wonder what babies are thinking when they aren't sleeping and eating but just sitting and staring... Can someone enlighten me please?Well?
4:19 PM May 24th from Tweetie

When do you stop being a 'newlywed'? Just curious, not thinking I'm a newlywed.
10:53 PM May 19th from Tweetie

I want to have steaks, chips and eggs for tea... But someone won't go get the steaks or eggs....
8:51 PM May 17th from web

I have gotten the hiccups every day without fail for like 2 weeks.... That's gotta be something bad, right?
2:28 PM May 13th from Tweetie

I do not like how 'holiday skin body lotion' smells. Not at all... Also, I dislike the word lotion too...
9:19 AM May 6th from Tweetie

So I have a question 4 U all. If ppl could get bird flu & swine flu, why did no 1 get equine flu? All these animal illnesses are confusing!
1:43 PM May 2nd from Tweetie

Why is it, no matter how awake I was already, whenever I have a blanket on the couch I get sleepy & all yawn-y??
12:10 AM May 2nd from Tweetie

I just passed a female in 3 inch heels, (a total guess, but not the point) walking with a CANE!! WTF? Really, really, WTF?
8:09 PM May 1st from web

I have come to a conclusion. Im bored, & when i get bored, i get lazy. So its UR fault & not mine when i get to a lazy stage. Entertain me!
4:42 PM Apr 13th from web

I wish i could slap every person who does not cover their mouth when they cough. Yes, i am in a mood, but it will be worse if i get sick.Its just politeness really.
1:29 PM Apr 13th from web

I was told that me putting on red nailpolish while at work was 'appropriate'. Is this someones way of calling me a whore?
7:40 PM Apr 10th from Tweetie

If trading on Good Friday is blasphemy, then is working on GF blasphemy? U get paid 2 work, so technically UR trading? Its not my fault God!
4:51 PM Apr 10th from web

I think Samson is stupid. I thought he was better, so gave him some food. Again, with the floating.... He needs 2 stop eating AIR already!!
4:17 PM Apr 10th from web

What day do U wish ppl 'happy Easter'. The day He died, or the He rose?? Cos both are good days... Curious..Still dont know.
9:54 AM Apr 10th from Tweetie

People talking on the phone in the bathroom is just gross. Even worse when they put the call on speaker.. Eww.I can not handle this.
12:52 PM Apr 7th from Tweetie

For those of you who dont twitter, notice i didn't write once about going to the bathroom,(well, not really) or my bowel movements, or any of that other crap that people who dont twitter think twitterers do.

It really bugs me that people who dont use something ASSUME such stupid things about something that is not!
So in conclusion, if you are not tweeting, (or is it twittering?) go do it now.

Monday, December 7, 2009


I have an interview today.
Im pretty calm about it.
I thought I would be more nervous.
I was going to prepare for it on the weekend, but ran out of time.
Spent too much time watching "How I met your Mother'.
I didn’t dress up a lot, but the other guy going for it, (who is an idiot, cause he isn’t me), just walked in and he is dressed up. Dammit.
Im kinda OCD about how I set up my computer and what needs to be open where.
Don’t even get me started on if a program freezes and gets out of order.
Or if I have to restart one program.
Don’t judge me.
Anyway, the reason I bought up the OCD business is a sad one.
We have a new websense system at work.
I don’t know if I have spoken about this before.
It sucks and is crappy.
It used to block sites like Facebook, (but who cares, cause I have it on my phone, right?), and I don’t know what else, cause I had other sites that were not blocked.
I had my Twitter, and my blogs and sadly, Perez.
And because I spent most of my day with no work to do, this made me day go by.
Especially on Mondays.
I could relive everyone’s weekend.
Now, I have no Twitter.
Now, I have no Blogs.
Now, I have hours and hours to fill with nothingness.
And I can’t even request that they unblock them, cause they aren’t work related and they assume that everyone works all of the day.
Cry a lot.
Tantrum, even.
I do have Twitter on my phone, but its just not the same.
And I can read blogs on my phone, but its so hard. And uses my data.
I already yelled at someone who didn’t get that I NEED these things.
Also, I am posting this from my phone, so usually there would be links and fun-ness, but nope, my stupid work is punishing you too.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sympathy or frustration?

I have a guy at my work who annoys me.
He annoys me a lot.
He also sits next to me, so that makes the annoyance even worse.

He is one of those people who will only work 9-5 (or whatever his shift is), and do the minimum amount of work that is needed to show that he actually worked.
Now, I'm not saying he should be off working overtime and through his lunch break and junk, but more then the minimum is all.

So that annoys me. Part one.

He also is one of those people who can't just sit and do what he has to do. If he is bored (even though there is work to do), then he needs to talk to someone. Or be in on a conversation that is happening. Or just be annoying.
OR, and this is the worse, (cause with the sitting next to him, he bugs me first) is looking over to what i am doing, and just randomly talks to me.

'DISCLAIMER: I don't enjoy him. Never have. Have even told him to change his nickname cause it annoys me. He didn't get that i was serious. I give him no more then one or two word answers and they are sternly worded. He still doesn't get it. 'END DISCLAIMER.

So that super annoys me. Part two.

But then i was watching him today. (Totally NOT in a stalker way)

And i think he may be doing this, cause he is lonely. Maybe.
I don't know. But maybe.

I don't know now, whether to feel Sympathy or Annoyance towards him.
He still super annoys me, but....

Ps. On a different note, even though i almost hate her, I'm really enjoying Bad Romance by GAGA.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stuff that happened.

Today is my two year wedding anniversary.
We're having pizza for tea and then watching Dexter and that's it.
Last year, we had KFC. (and i don't think Dexter was involved).
We're low key like that.

I like it.

Maybe if our anniversary fell on a weekend and not a day we both had to work, we would do something but meh, either way, I'm happy enough.

Yesterday was my works first Christmas party.
Well, really it was the social clubs party, but same thing in my mind.
It was a cruise and it was quite fun.
My feet and legs were hating on my today though.
And my head was not nice to me either.
And i would like a LOT more sleep.
But it was worth it.

I'm a little bit more excited about the next Christmas party though.

That's all i have for now, cause I'm waiting on my pizza and am getting cross.