Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pictures and winter and life

I'm writing this while watching "The Rachel Zoe Project" (only its the first ep of season 2, so before she got knocked up and i already know how its going to end... In fact as its going on, i think i may have even see this episode --yeah, i watch too much bad TV, you should know this by now--)

{North Sydney just before the bridge on the "good" side}

Moving on....

This week, I'm getting paid a bonus.
My first.
I've been working since i was 14 (and 9 months --I be legal of course--), but have never, ever, ever receive a bonus.
(FYi - for those wondering, I'm turning 26 at the beginning of July, if that helps)
While its not a lot, and most (some) of it is going to pay off part of my credit cards, its still like free money. Kinda like a tax return, which is ALSO coming up soon, so YAY!!

{This is the Ice Bear Project}


Its my baby sisters 16th birthday this month.
She is turning 16.
She was born in 1995.

Next month its my baby brothers 18th (!!) birthday.
He was born in 1993.

They were born in the 90s, people.
And they are already turning significant ages.


{This is from Vivid -- better last year in my opinion. It was spread out more and you got to see Sydney more. Might have been cause last year it wasn't raining and 1000s of people weren't there, but blah ---}

On that,
Its winter (now), and its been FREEZING!!
I've been working the late shift (11pm finish) and the early shift (7am starts), which means i get no sun on my way to/from work. I also get the coldest of the cold.
And i weigh 50 (ish) kgs {110llb?) so the wind goes RIGHT through me.
For some reason, my ears are always the coldest. No idea.
But I have kinda a small head, *shush* so most hats/beanies don't suit/fit me.
I've been wanting to get ear muffs (is there another name for them? That sounds kinda ....dirty).

So then yesterday, the husband bought some for me as a surprise!!
{and he cooked tea, so it was totally my night!}

{On the train just before 6am with my winter essentials -- FYI while they are fingerless gloves, they totally turn into mittens. Amazing --}

And while i thought i had one more thing to write about i don't.
Oh well.

Ps. That last photo is on the 'bad' (opposite side to the opera house) on the way home from work one night. Love Love LOVE Sydney. Couldn't imagine living somewhere else and being happy about it.

...All these photos are from my Instagram feed. Username renar27 if anyone is interested....