Monday, September 28, 2009


This is a reason why i am both sad and glad that i didn't continue into social work.

Thomas Sam and wife Manju jailed over daughter's death

A HOMEOPATH has been sentenced to at least six years in jail and his wife will serve at least four years for the manslaughter of their eczema-stricken daughter.

Thomas Sam, 42, and his wife Manju, 37, were convicted in June of the manslaughter of their nine-month-old baby Gloria by failing to seek proper medical treatment.

The tertiary-educated couple were accused of "gross criminal negligence" by failing to get the treatment, instead mainly relying on homeopathic remedies.

The baby was malnourished despite being properly fed, because all nutrition had gone into coping with her severe eczema.

She died in Sydney in May 2002 from an infection her body could not fight.

In handing down his sentence in the NSW Supreme Court, Justice Peter Johnson said Thomas Sam's "arrogant approach" to his preference for homeopathy above conventional medicine, and Manju Sam's deference to her husband, had led to Gloria's death.

A "very wide chasm" lay between how they had acted and how any other reasonable parent would have acted, Justice Johnson said.

"The omission of the parents to seek proper assistance for her can be characterised accurately as cruelty," he said.

"Gloria was totally dependent on her parents complying with their clear duty of care for her and each offender fell profoundly short of their parental obligations to their daughter."

Despite recommendations as early as October 2001, the Sams had refused to take her to see a specialist.

Instead they took her to India for more homeopathic treatment, despite being told by doctors that to do so would be "cruel" to Gloria.

And following their return to Australia - on board a plane where fellow passengers described the child as "screaming constantly" and "inconsolable" - for nine "critical" days, the pair did nothing.

On the ninth day, concerned about a lingering eye infection, the Sams took their daughter to the Sydney Children's Hospital at Randwick.

Doctors described Gloria as "incredibly sick" with a "massive eroded rash" and "grossly malnourished".

They gave her morphine for the pain and began treating her eye infection - her corneas were melting.

But it was too late - Gloria died three days later.

Doctors said she had been malnourished for months and in severe pain for weeks.

"Gloria's body was worn down and ultimately worn out," the judge said.

"This is not a case of a hidden condition going untreated and ultimately causing death.

"Rather this case involves an accumulation of obvious health problems which, whilst not properly treated, saw the child descending towards death."

Thomas Sam faces a maximum jail term of eight years, while his wife faces a maximum sentence of five years and four months.

This was there beautiful baby. (from here)

The little baby left to die

I just saw this story on the news and the reason they waited NINE DAYS after they came back to the country, to see a doctor? THEY WERE JET LAGGED AND TIRED.

This also makes me really really angry about the judges and laws that we have that allows these parents to even be given a maximum term and are able to be charged with manslaughter. What these people (although i call them this as the things i want to call them don't even come close to describe what they are) did is, in my eyes, murder, and torture. I'm sure 8 years is nothing.

Normally, i wouldn't wish harm to people (at least not out loud), but while these 'people' are in jail, i hope that they are not in "protection" and i hope that people are aware of what they have done. I hope that they are in the same type of pain, they put this little defenseless little baby in. I hope they they feel some of the fear, that this little girl might have felt as she felt her sight and then her life, of what little she lived, slipping away from her.

It makes me think about how many people saw this child and did nothing as well. How many people say this child in pain and just accepted it? How could the doctors have done more? Do the people who saw this child, think about her? Are they sad that they may have been able to do something, but let her parents continue? Had poor Gloria not died, would they have used 'conventional' medicines for their son? (Yes, after what happened, these 'people' continued with children). How can the law get away with such short sentences for such horror?

More articles and peoples opinion on this story can be found here.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mash up - you know, like with the songs, but with my brain

I tend to have this thing where i start to write posts, but then i get distracted, (usually cause I'm at work, and work comes up), so i never finish the post. ANNOYING!! (so i misspelled annoying in my ranting and when i spell checked it, the only suggested word was INTERBANK. wtf?!?!)

So i thought if i just posted them all in one, then i could start with a clean slate. (that's my self diagnosed OCD there, i can't stand knowing that there are things in the drafts, i know I'm a freako).

  • I can't stand when people call me 'mate' or 'buddy' or anything similar when they haven't met me before. I am not your mate/buddy, jerk. Calling me that, doesn't make your rudeness justified.
  • People who get into a lift with a mirror and even though there are other people in the lift proceed to preen themselves. you need to stop now. If you looked that way on the way to work, then it s fine. Get over yourself. Or wait til the other people in the lift are not there.
  • I burnt my tongue last night while cooking dinner. I still can feel the burntness. I don't like this.
  • By no means, am i a spelling or grammar 'Nazi'. (I also HATE how people use the word NAZI for stupid things like this. And also, why is Nazi capitalized? ). You can tell this by looking at my previous posts. But the spelling of the 'kids' nowadays is shocking to me. I get that this is the age of myspace and texting and blah, but SERIOUSLY?!?!! I understand that the shortening of words is necessary in text messages and twitter, (PS. are you following me on twitter? If not, totally do it now!!), BUT if they arent using those forums, then why not write normally? I had a Facebook chat with someone the other day, and this person is younger then me, but only by a year or two. While i was writing full words and SENTENCES (!) they were writing words like 'kewl' 'hi5' and blah like that. I get the shortening, but 'kewl' for cool. ITS THE SAME NUMBER OF LETTERS!! I even had to write that i didn't understand what something they had written meant. Honestly. I think me writing that confused them. I look on my younger brother and sisters Myspace page and i don't understand anything that is written on it. At all. I think this makes me old. (and i just realized that i already did a post on this, but it still shits me enough to warrant another).
  • Sometimes i think about my life and really think, is this it? Really, is that all there is to it? I mean, I'm married, have a job, and a rented house.. But I'm a little bit hum about it all...
  • So it has come out that some politician was having an affair and fobbed off some of his responsibilities to 'spend time' with his 'lady friend'. Now, affairs are a bad, terrible, awful, disgusting thing. Really, this makes me him not a good person in my book. BUT!! What i don't understand is that his story is all up in the news and plus his poor poor wife!! I understand that with a job like that, (his wife is also a politician), the public is there and everything is out in the 'open'. But really? When is too much, too much? The 'other' woman, came out to the media, and was all 'i don't want to be named', but I'm happy to have a 3 page article in the newspaper written about me and the times we spend together... (she has since been named). I think its really really shocking that this is news. Is there really no other news in the world that we have to have this on the front (plus the next few) page(s) of the newspaper, and the first 10 minutes of the news? He could have been premier, (that's like a mayor in the US, i guess, but I'm not really sure) but now has resigned from his job. He still gets his pension though. So he is getting paid more then i am even when he stops working...
  • Double Standards. They annoy the crap out of me. I see them every day, and i probably use them, but still. They annoy me. Today at work, we had someone from our 'Desk' team on our level. They didn't want to work there, I'm not sure why they were there, and it meant one less seat for someone to use when we usually run out of seats. The call centre is full of geeks or nerds, i never know which one is complimentary, and some of them are gamers **cough losers cough** which means they sometimes spend most of the time playing computer games... or something like that... ANYWAY.... There was this one person (lets call him Steve-O) who got a first and final warning when they were 'resting their eyes' at their desk. Now, Steve-O knew they were sleeping, the managers know he was sleeping, but because Steve-O said that crap, he wasn't fired... Back to today and the 'desk' person... They were on my level, and the same level as Steve-O who got the warning... And they were sleeping... Not just with the resting of the eyes, like Steve-O, they were ALSO head on desk ASLEEP. The same manager who was all ANGRY ANGRY man about Steve-O, was all ha ha ha such a funny funny thing just happened, ho ho ho... (he kinda has a Santa laugh... for real).Now, if i was Steve-O, i would be SUPER PISSED, that someone who in a more responsibility filled role, was all just able to get away with the same shit that Steve-O almost got fired for...
  • I have been thinking over the last few days and here is what has been on my mind. These two songs make me wanna be a kid again. Hey Jude and Its a Mad World
  • Are you sure? are you sure? If you are asking me a question and i know the answer. DON'T FUCKING ASK ME 'ARE YOU SURE?' You didn't know, so yes, i am fucking sure.
  • I have this thing where I can't leave the bathroom stall when i know that someone else is waiting out there. I don't know what it is, but i know that if i am in the stall, and i can hear that someone is washing their hands, or has just walked in, i will not walk out until i can hear silence, no matter how long i have to wait. Its odd, i know. I just can't do it.I have no problem walking into the bathrooms, knowing that someone else was just in there, but I can't have people knowing that i just was in there. I hate the awkward conversation that happens while the hand washing happens, and I always think that i am being judged on my hand washing. Am i a psycho in thinking like this? I don't think so... I also do not like it when someone does their hair/make up at work cause they are going out afterwards. Its just annoying people.
  • Sometimes when my husband makes me really mad, and i can't do/say anything just as bad back to him, (I'm usually non-confrontational), I sometimes think that i should just pee on his side of the bed, cause that would affect him the most. I never do, but i just think it. That's not strange, is it?
  • I start work at 11 every day, so i don't wake up til like 9, and then am not really awake til at least 2. Yeah, I'm not a morning person. It really bugs me when people call me for help and they are all like excited to at work and perky and just up. They need to stop, for real.

  • I hate when people call me up and say, 'hi my name is (insert name) and I'm calling from (business name) customer service. Now, i ONLY take internal calls, so obviously they will be from the same company.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life on Mars...

So there was a major dust storm in the state today, cause we have a drought going on in lands and then there was a storm and wind last night and it caused all the red dust to move towards everyone.

Here are some of the AMAZING photos that people (not me, i was asleep until the red was gone, and just the wind and dirt was around), have taken through out the day.


There is supposed to be another dust storm on Friday, so hopefully i wont sleep through that one.

Oh, and if you want to see more photos that are amazing like this, you can go here, here, here, or here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

It should be obvious...

Tracey Spicer,

I love you too.

For this.

Thank you for pointing out what everyone should realise.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pictures that make me smile.

Most of the pictures i found here. Go look, there were more that i loved, but my post would have been too long.

Ps. As much as i wish that James Dean was still alive, i think i love him more the way it is.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I forgot...

So in my last post, i had my movie reviewing hat on.
I know, hot right?
And i forgot to take it off and mention some other things that i realised whilst at the movies.

So in the previews, (which i love by the way, and i hate when I'm in certain movie complexes and they cut them out, ummmm, whats the point of going to the movies, if not for the previews?), and here are a few things that i gathered.

Although i thought that i disliked Micheal Jackson, i saw a preview for This is It.
And i think i want to see it. It really sold it to me.

They are remaking FAME! I wanted to cry when i saw the previews.
Does no one have an original thought anymore, that they have to remake, (and lets be honest, probably ruin), a awesome classic like that?
Now that Patrick Swayze is dead (so sad), they will probably remake Dirty Dancing... Although, according to Perez, they already started.

Preview for Avatar, or something was on, and hello there, Mr Sam.
Although that movie preview creeps me out. What are those things...??

Thats all i can remember. The husband wouldn't let me twitter my notes, and my memory is shot.

Went to the movies today

There are parts of this post that talk about a movie, that you may or may not have seen. If you have not seen it, i probably totally ruin it for you, so sorry.

BUT!! Still go see the movie. It was ruined for me* too, and i enjoyed it still.

Usually when i go to the movies, it cause the husband drags me to see something that i probably wont like, and i just go so he can quit his complaining that we never do anything on the weekend. (watching downloaded TV shows is totally doing stuff, thank you very much!)

I went into it, not really knowing what the movie was about. I had even forgotten what the movie was, we (husband came too), were going to see until i looked at the tickets!!

But i have to say, i really enjoyed it. It was one of those 'love' stories. But not.

I had hoped there was a book of the movie, (cause even though i have now seen it, and know how it ends, i wanna read it), but alas, there is not. It totally seems like it was made from a book too. Like Juno. Movie writer, can you get on that one please?

Here are a few lines that i enjoyed.

Author's Note: The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.
Especially you Jenny Beckman.

Rachel Hansen: Just because she's likes the same bizzaro crap you do doesn't mean she's your soul mate.

Summer: I named my cat after Springsteen.
Tom: Cool... what was his name?
Summer: Bruce.
(i just added this one, cause i thought it was funny, and PS. my dads name really is Bruce, but i don't think he was named after Springsteen).

*I have to mention, someone on facebook made there status update: just saw 500 days of Summer. 'insert last line of the film' (I'm totally not going to say it, that's just rude). And i was waiting for that line, THE WHOLE MOVIE. Thanks person, just thanks.

So, anyway.
I have to say, that this movie was pretty good. I would suggest seeing it. There were parts that people in the cinema were laughing loudly and longly (totally a word, spell checker) at, but i just didn't get that.

In other news, i applied for a new job. Away from my company. It was a ginormous step, and one that i haven't really told people about, (i tell them that i am looking, but there is a big difference between looking and applying) the husband doesn't even know yet. I just hate disappointments, and one (or three) applications (for the same company) doth not a new job make. So i would hate to be one of those people i despise and be all like, well, I'm getting a new job, so ha! and then not.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Susie O'Brien, i think i love you.

This is why.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.... Pt 2

So i have decided.

I'm going to try and get out before I'm pushed out.

Its hard.

I don't like job searching.

I don't like having to tailor my resume for each position.

I don't like that my current role can't really be explained in anyway to make it seem like it is more then what it is on paper. On paper, my job experience sucks.

I don't like having to sell myself. I can't sell myself.

I don't like feeling like I'm less then what i am, because I'm not a fantastic salesperson of myself.

I don't like feeling like I'm just out of school again.

I don't like that my current boss can't see that his attitude towards all the hoopla at work is affecting all of us, and not in a positive way.

I don't like being lied to, and made to feel like i should worry about my current role.

I don't like that there isn't a change all option in spell check on here.

I don't like that my husband is being less then helpful with all this, cause it doesn't affect him. YET.

I don't like that people are all saying, i have been offered jobs here, there and everywhere. What about me? I work billions harder then them, (and complain less at work) and just cause I'm not a geek, i get nothing? Whats that about?

I don't like the idea of having to start over. I am one of those freaky people that would work at the same company for my entire work career, if i could.

I am leaning more and more closer to liking the idea of change though.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can we just skip today?

So i woke up feeling fine today and now i want it to be over already.

I don't know why my mood changed so drastically, but meh.

Here is what has happened to me so far...

~ Paid rent - i hate paying rent, but i also hate that i want to own a house. Why can't we just be given one house each, WHEREVER, and that's all you can have. No more of this 'i own 16 houses and i don't have work cause I'm a gazillionaire' BS, and no more of this 'i wish i even could afford a house'. Everyone has one and only one, and then when your inheritance gives you, your parents, you choose which you want, and give the other to someone else. I think it works. Government, go do this now please.

~ Went to the post office. - i hate post offices. I esp hate the one in my building. The people that work there are so rude. Seriously people, if you don't want to work in retail, do something else, don't be all rude to the people giving you business. Ps. My dad is a postman, so my hatred for the post office doesn't continue onto postmen. I would totally love to be a post(wo)man.

~ The STUPID train barriers closed on my legs. - Now, I'm small. I only weight 50kgs (give or take) and I'm not all the tall. And i just know that tomorrow if i don't wake up with broken legs, (yes, it could totally take all day to break) i will have two massive bruises on my legs. AWESOME.

~ Patrick Swayze died. - God, why did you have to take this good good man? Why? I think i am sadder about this then all the other celeb deaths that have happened lately. Farrah made me sad, Micheal, i was just a little meh about, (totally the first public admittance of that), but Patrick? I LOVED Dirty Dancing and i probably wont be able to watch it again.

~ A stupid person called me for HELP and then MUTED me - I HATE that. I don't care if while i am working on the systems that you talk to someone else, just don't MUTE me. Its just rude. Never expect me to help you again rude person. (I may or may not have used the C word about this person after they ended the call. And i NEVER use the C word). Why do people make me do this?

So, now, i am 30 mins into my work day, and it needs to end now, cause the mood will just get worse and worse and i will get the stern 'Renee' from my boss which means he doesn't like my attitude, but its totally not my fault, it all the crap that happened which i had no control over.

So boss man, (he hates when he is called that, so take that!), i have no control over my attitude today. Or the amount of work that gets done, cause I'm in a mood. No control what so ever....

Oh and SPELL CHECK CREATOR PERSON, MEH and GAZILLIONAIRE ARE words. Add them to your stupid brain.

***Update: just so everyone knows, this is NOT PMS related at all either. ****

**Update #2 : I have this thing on my lip that is like a pimple but its not, and its PAINFUL. Its also not a coldsore, cause i dont get them. I think i might be dying***

Friday, September 11, 2009


I don't like change. I'm one of those people who likes being in a runt, cause i have control over it.

I don't love being a runt, but i don't like it when someone or something else is in control of what i have to live with. Authority scares me.

At the moment, so much is changing, it is scaring me.

I'm having family issues, (see last post). And at work everything is all changing up.

There are new systems and other things that are changing and affecting me directly.
I don't like when i don't know how to do something that i should know how to do. I don't like that pressure of having to say, 'i don't know' to someone who is waiting on my knowledge. I don't like feeling stupid. Hence i don't like the new systems.

Today, there was a major change, and although not affecting ME, (yet) its affecting a lot of people that i have come to love and see everyday, and i may not see them as much or anymore. And i really really don't like it.

I also think this change is bad for the company, but that's my opinion and something that i can't change, so i have to deal. Shame, really.

Why can't somethings just say the same for a little while longer?

I don't want to grow older or different. I like who i am and what is around me NOW. I don't like that this change is affecting my friends SO MUCH and i can't do anything about it except pretend to be cheerful and positive about it.

Isn't there something that i can do to make it all stop?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I hate when people are sick.

Not sick as in the flu, but really sick.

Like knocking on deaths door sick.

I hate it even more when its family.

I hate not knowing what i can say or do and not being able to feel.

I hate feeling empty.

Empty of emotions except sorrow and pain.

I hate when you know its going to happen, but don't know when.

But i would also hate to know when as well.

I hate that we all have no control over it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To my son...

I found this site a few weeks ago, and it is awesome.

I think i will be buying the book when it comes out, even though i don't have the idea of having an unborn son yet, but meh.

Its kinda similar to a book i own called, 'No Tattoos before You're Thirty - what I'll tell my children' by Sam de Brito. His book is for both his to be son and daughter though, so i can relate to it more so. He also has a blog which can be funny. His sister has a funny blog too, that i read religiously.

I have to admit, though, i love them both.

Back to the site...

Here are a few of my favourite:

6. Follow Instructions - You'll be done in half the time.

8. An hour with your grandparents is time well spent.

44. Remember birthdays and give thoughtful gifts.

43. Don't litter. Ever.

47. Watch a lightning storm from a safe spot. But watch em.

53. Offer your seat to a woman, no matter how old she is.

63. Send postcards.

78. Keep your word.

77. Never side against your brother in a fight.

81. Remember, the girl you're with is somebody's sister. And he's perfectly capable of kicking your ass.

94. Don't show off. Impress.

97. Finish what you start, especially books.

103. Offer to carry a woman's bags. Especially your mother's.

108. Sing along. But only if you know the words.

115. Short pants are for little boys. Decide for yourself when you are a man.

120. Spend time with your mother. She’s cooler than you think.

132. If you don't know what a word means, ask. Before it's too late.

145. Participate in a good practical joke.

144. Offer your name when greeting someone. Even good friends have lousy memories.

149. Don't let the ice cream truck get away.

158. The best thing to do in the rain is be quiet and listen.

165. On a night out with the boys, never be the first to go home.

169. Be nice to your sister. You are her confidante, cheerleader, and bodyguard.

175. Never leave a job without securing your next employment.

But when it’s time to go, don’t hesitate.

184. Jump in with your clothes on.

186. Have a favorite song. It doesn't have to be hip. (The best ones never are.)

195. Don't boo. - Even the ref is somebody’s son.

209. Take your sunglasses off indoors. This includes elevators and planes.

216. Make your own money. However, there is no harm in enjoying the generosity of wealthy friends.

220. Until you are a doctor, never answer your phone at the table. - That goes for emails, texts, twitters, and tweets.

Monday, September 7, 2009

So far...

Today has been such a good day... oddly, cause its monday.
I came to work early, cause i had a meeting thing, and that was good, and it went overtime, which meant, less time doing my actual job. (which is good, cause it means less time just sitting doing nothing).
Then, i got an email saying that a package was delivered, and a fantasic necklace that i purchased had arrived, and its so much prettier then it was on the website, AND the person i bought it from included a 'lucky bag' with FREE STUFF!!! AWESOME!
I read my starsign and wow... Jonathan Cainer, i hope you dont disappoint me...
Lets hope my mood continues for the rest of the week...
**this is totally not jinxing it***

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I started writing this a little while ago, before my holiday,
but never finished it, so here it is now.

Sometimes i feel guilty for no reason and other times someone says something that while is not meant to be guilt-inducing is.

Here is what happened and i felt so terrible for it.

Myself and my husband, have disposable income, while we use a lot of it to pay off debt (mostly credit card...) and the rest just to waste. We really should be saving for a house or emergency, but we are totally 'Gen Y" so don't.

Anyway, when we do fun stuff, its terribly boring to do just by ourselves, so we usually do it with other people, we usually invite my siblings or his siblings. More mine then his, cause they are younger, (teens) and don't have to think about who is going to look after their kids, (my siblings have none, his siblings have them).

My little sister (and her friend) spent a week of her holidays with us and while we spent a lot of money, we did a lot of fun stuff.

This time, we are planning a trip to the snow and both my brother, sister and sister in law and her kids are coming. Not terribly spesh but still fancy.

Anyway, i missed the point.

We were in the car with my Dad, little sister, husband and myself were in the car. Husband and sister were discussing the trip and were talking about the place we are staying in.

My Dad says, 'when we win the $50 million (lotto), We'll go stay in the deluxe suite'

My little sister, (i think not realising what she was saying), says, 'I think that's where we're staying already'.

Now, i didn't hear this conversation, (or i was just ignoring it cause it was snow related and I'm just a bit blah about the situation, cause I'm only going there to get massages and acupuncture and fun things like that. Who skis nowadays??), but when the husband told me later, i just felt so bad.

I loved my childhood. No matter whether we had money or not, (to tell you the truth, i wouldn't have known the difference), i had a great childhood and i wouldn't swap it for the world.
I know that my Dad did the best he could, and it was more then enough. I look at him and what has done for me and my siblings and i see that he gave us an AWESOME childhood and a great loving family.

It kills me to think that he might have said what he said, cause he thought he hadn't given us enough, or anything like that.
I see him on the weekends getting up at 5.30 (on his days off, ahuh), to take my sister to soccer and my brother to football, and then be my brothers football manager, and then take them both to golf, where he is lucky to have a round himself.

I only spent time with him every second weekend, and half the holidays, when i was younger, (yep, i was part of a divorced and then later a step family), but i know that when i did see him, it was awesome.

Recently, my dad hurt his foot and it made me see him as not the indestructible, giant man i saw him as. That really scares me, i remember when my Pop (his dad) died, and the awful feeling that I went through. I couldn't imagine what he were going through, and i know that i really really dont want to feel like that ever.

I'm sorry that i wasn't brave enough to live at your house on my own, and when my older sister said she didn't want to move up there, i didn't either.

I'm sorry, that as i got older, i wanted to go up to see you less and less, because i wanted to spend more time with my friends.

I'm sorry, now that I'm living with my husband, we spend even less time visiting you.

I'm sorry i didn't have a proper wedding and you didn't get to walk me down the aisle. That's the only thing i regret about my wedding.

Ps. I love how my brother is almost the same person as my dad. Down to how they speak and act.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cos its MY TOWN!!

I was on the way home from work today, and i was an OK mood, not a great one, cause i still have no money, thanks jerk work, but i had finished work, so i was happy about that..

Anyway, i live in the Cross.

So these 'ladies' were leaving the train station, and i hear one of them say to the other, 'don't touch anything, we are in the Cross.'

And i wanted to punch them in the face.

I love where i live. L O V E it.

I don't think i will ever move from here.

I love that there are at least 3 kebabs shops in close walking distance, and that there are at least twice as many strip clubs. ('cause i totally frequent them so regularly.... *Sarcasm*)

I love the 'adult' stores that i have to walk past on my way to and from work.

I love that i can want just about any food i can imagine and i can pretty much get it in just a short walk.

I love that i have a markets next door to my house on the weekend. Every weekend.

I love that there are about a bajillion cafes and restaurants that i haven't even discovered yet!

I love that there is dingy parts that people are scared of, that i walk down all the time.

I don't think that its odd, that i recognize the hookers and the homeless people on the streets.

I love that there is navy yards down one end of my street and Oxford Street (eventually) down the other end, and just about every other class of people in between.

And Bitch on the street, AIN'T NO ONE GONNA SAY ANY DIFFERENT!!

Jerk Work

So i woke up today in a semi good mood, which is unusual, cause i have to work today.
But i was in a super good mood yesterday and it wasn't til 5pm that i realised that today was going to be Thursday, which means PAY DAY!! (yes, it really did take me that long)...

So back to today.

Taking my time getting ready for work, and msged the husband, (he works earlier then me, so leaves earlier).

He says to me, "IF you got paid, can you get me some breakfast". Which is totally fine, cause i was going to get something for myself on the way and would have asked him for what he wanted to. (he gets paid into my account, but monthly, so its just my pay)

BUT!! The thing that struck me was the IF part... IF i get paid? There is no IF. I worked, therefore i get paid. I have automatic bill payments set up, so I WILL BE PAID.

But nope. NEGATIVE $6 in my account. And the automatic payments? That would be 8 overdrawn fees ($30 EACH!!) thank you very much.

NOTE: One of the payments was to the company i work for.. Ironic isn't it?

Now i get that businesses make mistakes. I understand that, this is the second time in 5 years that this has happened, but fuck me. More then half the business is paid weekly. Get your fucking act together.

A LOT of my colleagues live pay check to pay check, and so a lot of them would have woken up this morning and been in the same boat as me.

I know of at least one person who had to jump the turnstiles on the train in order to get to work. Now, if he had been caught by the transit police, he would have gotten a fine of at least $100, but would work pay for that? Probably not. Yet, had he not come to work, AS HE HAD NO MONEY, he was would have been punished, and it would have been taken from HIS leave. So through no fault of his own, either option, he is risking HIMSELF.

If i hadn't had extra money last week left from my holiday, i would have been in the same boat as him, and i know for certain, that i would not have been jumping no turnstiles. What about the people who drive and can't put petrol in their cars to get to work? PUNISHED.

I know that i will not be doing much work today at all, until i get paid, i don't care what the consequences are. I'm currently writing another post and i know i will be adding this shit to the list...

PS. They have said that they will be covering the overdrawn fees, on a case by case basis, which means, my charges of like $200 probably wouldn't get covered on that case, and it would probably take a long time to get the cash to cover it...
Not taking into the fact that i now have to use my credit card and the interest fees on that shit probably wont be covered.

****BY THE BY****
For all you negative people out there who are going to be all, at least you have a job etc etc. Don't even bother. I have been working at the same place for 5 years, (longer then my manger, his manager and HIS manager), and if i work, i WILL be getting paid.
I know the deal in the states, but it is NO WHERE near that here, remember, we beat the recession, it didn't beat us, (says our prime minister), so just don't bother with the comments.