Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Fragments

I'm 'borrowing' this off Mrs 4444's from Half Past Kissing Time.
Only she does Friday Fragments, cause that makes more sense, but shhhhh. :)


I have about 3 Christmas presents left to buy and then I'm done!! Hurrah!!
Then comes the wrapping, which I usually enjoy, but I'm just not looking forward to it.


My Dad and My Step-mum got married recently. After 24 years together.
It was amazing. They looked so happy and it was a great day, and it was amazing.

Only downside? I got a MASSIVE migraine about halfway through and had to have a nap. :(
Luckily where they got married was a kinda camp-site (not as in tents as in cute cabins) had cabins and I could get a nap and not be noticed. :)
My sisters {2 of em} and I plus my brother were in the wedding party. And my older sister did all our hair {she's a proper hair dresser, ps.}

Here's a picture of my hair {and makeup, kinda}:

{total selfie, I know}


I started a new job at the beginning of last month, and I'm a bit indifferent to it.
The people are completely different to my old team and I don't love it.
The work is different {and sometimes boring}, in comparison to my old team too. But this is an actual step into a career and not just a job, like my last one, so I guess that's ok.


My dads dog had puppies two weeks before the wedding, {the day of the hens/bucks night actually} and I. AM. IN. LOVE.
Oh my gosh. They are so cute.
They were SO gross being born, but they are so cute.

Meet Franklin:

I want to hold him and love him, and have him live with me, and oh my goodness he is so cute.

There are others too, 8 in total, and if you are looking for a new puppy {or puppies}, they all need homes -- or at least that's what my dad is saying now, I think he is slowly falling in love with them too. :)
Part Lab, Part Ridge Back if anyone is wondering.


Last one.
My older sister is preggers!!
She'll be 12 weeks the Monday or Tuesday before Christmas and its just a little bit exciting. :D