Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random Ramblings

Still have no computer. Except for blogging this is better for me. Except for blogging, that is. I miss reading blogs and some days, i just want to do that at work, but can't. Sigh. I don't think I'm in a rush to get a new one or get this one fixed even though the husband says it'll only cost about $50.


I've been sick for a month. A WHOLE MONTH!!! I have had a stupid cough and i was stupid and didn't really go to the doctors til i had to. Those pills started to work, but then stopped. Also, they gave me a PUFFER! My gosh, i had never had one of those before. I felt so so stupid. I went to the doctors again and they gave me other drugs, nothing. So i went back today and had to get chest xrays ---Have you all ever had one of those?? Strange--- and a blood test. They think i might have whopping cough. It kills me cause i have to miss my cousins baby shower. This makes me cry.


I think i love this new show. Toddler and Tiaras. Its so bad its good. If you hate stage mums, you will HATE this show, but i think i love it. Some of the little girls (and boys) are just so darn cute!! Its on the lifestyle channel here, and i am so glad we have foxtel just for that channel alone.

While I'm talking about foxtel, they really need to fix up the channels after the 'storm'. Still broken foxtel, tut tut.


Don't you hate it when you have a plan in your head, but it takes time and you have no patience? That's me right now. I have a plan to pay off my credit cards and in theory its great. Its just not happening as fast as i would like. I wish i won the lotto. I wouldn't ask for too much. Just $25,000, AND that's not even enough to cover all my debt, just 70% (not ALL credit cards, don't judge), which is enough.


I want a roast dinner for tea tonight. Does someone want to come to my house and cook one for me please? I will even let you stay and eat some AND I'll do the cleaning up after. That's an offer you can't say no to.


I really love the shows, Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, but gosh, i can not stand the 'new' Darren. No, no, no, no, no, its just not the same.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Update to 101 in 1001

So this is a follow up to this post

Here is the list that i made in that post.

1. Travel overseas - DONE
2. Buy a new pair of boots - was hoping to do this in NZ, but no luck. :(
3. Donate my time
4. Go to a christening - DONE
5. See some of my old friends
6. See the snow - and possibly ski - DONE well, the seeing the snow part, not the ski part
7. Go sky diving - KINDA DONE I was counting the freefall as this and while i didn't do it for the full 3 mins, i did attempt it.
8. Go on a picnic
9. Taste some different food -DONE
10. Have a CLEAN house (not done - i should be cleaning now, instead I'm writing posts).
11. Be happy
12. Comment on at least 10 blogs
13. Go out to Dinner
14. Laugh
15. Cry - DONE
16. Give all my spare change to the bank and hope there is more then $100 in there
17. Try something new - DONE - Zorbing AND Shweebing
18. Go to a museum
19. Go the Zoo
20. Hang out with some children
21. Make THEM laugh
22. Play Hide and Seek
23. Go on a Scavenger hunt
24. Unpack my house completely (This is a hard one, TRUST ME)
25. Go out for drinks
26. Learn something new
27. Watch the news for the WHOLE hour
28. Appreciate
29. Cook the boy tea - DONE
30. Go a whole day without my phone on me
31. Swing on a swing
32. Go to a game - whether its my brother football or sisters soccer or a professional game, any game
33. Pay off at least 2 of my credit cards (yeah, i have more then 2, don't be judging)
34. Go out to a meal with friends.
35. Have dinner at my house - WHICH IS COOKED HERE
37. Watch the sunrise
38. Watch the sunset
39. Buy some new clothes just to donate them
40. Get a pet (hopefully)
40a. If i can't get a pet, adopt a pet
41. Go for a bike ride
42. Give up chocolate for a week
43. Be thankful
44. Grow old (I was 25 on the 5th, so I'm getting there. GAH!)
45. See more of my beautiful country.
46. Go to the movies - DONECan i just add, i can not remember the last time i saw a GOOD movie - honestly.
47. Talk to people more then SMS
48. Win money - whether it be a little or A LOT, on a lotto ticket or on roulette, i wanna win some somehow.
49. Allow myself to make mistakes
50. Get a new computer
51. Read 33 books
52. Go to the beach
53. Go bowling - Lawn bowling and ten pin bowling
54. Go see the Three Sisters
55. Cook Churros
56. Stay in a hotel - DONE How awesome is room service?!?
57. Make a sand castle
58. Learn how to knit or cross stitch
59. Eat a macroon
60. Go to a filming of something
61. Go to a fancy restaurant
62. Sing karaoke
63. Ride a horse
64. Take more photos
65. Hold a new newborn
66. Hang upside down on monkey bars
67. Get a new phone
68. Have an impromptu photo shoot day
69. Teach someone something they didn't know *NOT related to my job*
70. Not wash my hair for 2 weeks
71. Get lost in a maze
72. Go watch a court case
73. Go to the ANZAC march
74. Get another tattoo
75. Select a random place on the train ticket machine and see what it has to offer
76. Donate blood
77. Get drunk
78. Visit Gallipoli - if i don't do this within 1001 days i would love to go there for 2015
79. Go a MONTH without fast food
80. Listen to music everyday for at least a month
81. See a musical
82. Go a weekend without using the Internet
83. Wear short shorts out in public
84. Go camping - even if its a tent in the lounge room :)
85. Go a week without chocolate.
86. Dress up like Wonder Woman - just once
87. Listen
88. Climb a tree
89. Build a fort
90. Go fishing
91. Take a day off work and give adventuring
92. Climb a mountain - whether a mountain mountain, or a mountain of leaves/dirt/snow
93. Spend a weekend watching 80's movies
94. Dress real nice then go out to eat at a fast food place - ala The Simpsons
95. Play a round of golf - possibly with my dad and brother
96. Go a day without Twitter
97. Go a weekend without Facebook
98. Spend a weekend watching Disney movies
99. Go ice skating
100. .....
101. .....

91 things left to do! (I thought i had done a lot more things on this list....)