Friday, November 4, 2011


...we never knows what goes on in someone's marriage.
We never know if it's a happy marriage or a charade.
We will never know if the 72 days was the most happy or worse days of someone's life.

And so we shouldn't judge.
But we do.

Why wouldn't we, we were 'forced' to watch this persons tv show, we were 'forced' to watch this persons relationship on their show, and we were 'forced' to watch the 2 wedding spectacular.

Oh, you weren't forced?
My mistake. The way everyone is going on about it, seems to me everyone had a gun to their head being made to watch it. All.

I get that 72 days isn't a whole lot.
I get that gay marriage is gonna ride on this train for a while -- the whole gays don't ruin marriage, KK's 72 days marriage does etc.

But we don't know.

It doesn't look good that she filed and he had no idea -- communication being one of theirs issues, I assume -- it doesn't look good that she flew to here within days of filing, leaving her husband alone.
But she did.

Marriage is hard.

And we never know what is going on in someone elses.