Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bored... With life?

I don't know what it is at the moment. But, I'm bored.
A lot.
With everything.
I go to work and I'm bored.
Not because the work is boring (although sometimes it is).
But because I'm bored with what I'm doing.
I try and distract myself and read the news, but nope.
Halfway through whatever article I read, over it.
I come home and am bored.
I watch some of my favourite tv and I can't watch it without doing something else as well.
And even then, bored.
I'm bored listening to my favourite music.
I'm bored cleaning my house.
I even went shopping the other day.
Shoe shopping.
I didn't even end up buying myself any shoes! (and I actually really need them).
I can't even read a whole blog post from my favourite writers!

I just dont know what is wrong with me.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sitting at home alone watching bad tv.
Terrible tv.
Have been all weekend.
Husbands away.
Its hard.
And all the plans I make for myself, things that I can do, will do, want to do, alone, I don't.
Somehow I don't have the time.

It was Mardi Gras weekend this weekend.
Our Mardi Gras isn't like the New Orleans Mardi Gras.
Or at least, I don't think it is.
I haven't investigated it that much.
Let's just assume I'm right.
Even though it was just down the street from my house (literally, I could see the rehersals from my balcony), I didn't go to it.
It was also on tv.
I didn't watch it though.
Well, actually, i did flip the channels and i saw my friend from work on the tv, with her gang.
My work had a float in the parade too.
Apparently, it didn't get much airtime.

I've been having trouble at work lately.
I love my job (mostly).
I love my team mates (mostly).
But my boss has been bringing me (and my team) down.
I don't think on purpose.
At least I hope not.
But it hurts and I don't like it.
I know I hardly ever say good things about my job, but some people there, I really really love and basically think of them as family.
The family I had a choice with.

So, that Charlie Sheen is crazy, hey?
Entertaining, and has gorgeous kids, but my gosh.

This is my new favourite song.
I'm sure my neighbours are probably sick of hearing it.
Im sure my husband will be sick of hearing it when he gets home and updates his iphone, cause i downloaded it too.
Amanda (Fucking) Palmer.

(EDIT: I don't know how to make it so the video is the proper size, so sorry, but listen anyway. Sorry, it looks ugly.)