Monday, February 28, 2011

My TV is broken.
It plays sound, but no picture.
Wait, it plays picture for about a sec and then goes black.
The husband tells me,
"What are we going to do about the TV?"
I think (but don't say even though i really really want to),
"I guess I'll just get to work on my TV fixing skills, shall i?"
We have another TV in the bedroom.
I think its enough.
He disagrees.

Ps. Its done this before and it fixed itself, so hopefully, hopefully it'll do that again.
I'd rather that, then his choice, which is to go out and buy a new TV right now. Even though its 11.30 at night.
Like i said, sigh.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear, Dear, Dear....

Dear followers,
I'm looking to follow more blogs, but i just spent a little while looking and all i found were boat blogs, (boring!) religious blogs (not interested) and mummy blogs (childless).
Help me!

Dear Husband,
When are you going to get home?
I did all the cleaning and washing already, so you have no chores.. ;)

Dear Work,
You are getting boring to me again.
I don't like it when i have to spend all day somewhere bored.

Dear Foxtel,
I have like 100 channels.
Why is it that the best thing on TV right now is "the Real Housewives"?!?

Dear one of my credit cards,
Hurrah!! You are gone!!

Dear a different credit card,
You are a quarter (or what i like to call a quarter) down, get ready to be gone!

Dear another different credit card,
I'm gonna be holding onto you a little while, sorry.

Dear Anyone,
Wanna clean my bedroom?
Its been in its current state for a little while... not a good state.

Dear Wet'n'Wild SYDNEY!!!

Dear Friend whos baby i saw for the first time in real life recently,
Your baby has a adult face.
Not a baby face.
Its not ugly.
But its definitely not cute.
I'm sorry i mentioned it so much, but it freaked me out.
No, i will not post a photo.
More cause a photo doesn't show the adult face as much.