Monday, August 30, 2010


This is another holiday post, but a holiday post that i wanted to keep separate to the previous one, cause my feelings while doing this were high.

We decided to go to a Hangi and we heard a LOT of good things about. So we went to that one, and it was AMAZING. I'm a little bit sad that i don't remember the name of the place, cause y'all should go there. It was the most wonderful food ever.

Cooked in the ground, for like 8 hours, under all this.

But, in a way, I'm glad i don't remember.

Before the food, we were taken on a walk through the area around to see a show, while the food was finished.

This is the part i wasn't sure about. Basically the show was about the Maroi culture and some of the songs that they sing and dances and things like that. Sounds alright on paper, right?

That's what i thought. I thought that i would learn some things that i didn't know and that would be that.

Here are some of the photos that the husband took, just so you know what I'm talking about.

Now, i may be kinda a hypocrite for what i write next, but I'm going to say it anyway.

There were maybe 60 people including us, at this dinner and show. They were all mostly also taking photos.

Towards the end of the show, the leader of the show tried to teach us a song and dance.

About halfway through the show, i was thinking to myself that this was amazing, and interesting and all those other things that you would say if you were in a museum, only these were people. These were real people who's life may not be like this completely now, but was at one stage. These are real people and we are staring at them like they are in a zoo. These are real people and people are taking photos like they aren't real. These are real people and real history that we are kinda making fun of, by learning and laughing about this.

And i felt bad. I felt bad for watching, i felt bad that paid money to see this, and i felt bad that i didn't go along with learning this dance and song and i felt bad that i felt bad about all these things.

I felt like i disrespected them. I felt like i had wore a hat in a church, or didn't wear a head scarf in a Muslim mosque (is that what they are called?).

And i know that these people have a business doing this daily, and they might enjoy it, and everything like that.
But i felt like i had disrespected their past and their culture.

I don't want to say that i regret going to it, because it made me look at myself. But i don't know how i feel about it all now.

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