Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear, Dear, Dear....

Dear followers,
I'm looking to follow more blogs, but i just spent a little while looking and all i found were boat blogs, (boring!) religious blogs (not interested) and mummy blogs (childless).
Help me!

Dear Husband,
When are you going to get home?
I did all the cleaning and washing already, so you have no chores.. ;)

Dear Work,
You are getting boring to me again.
I don't like it when i have to spend all day somewhere bored.

Dear Foxtel,
I have like 100 channels.
Why is it that the best thing on TV right now is "the Real Housewives"?!?

Dear one of my credit cards,
Hurrah!! You are gone!!

Dear a different credit card,
You are a quarter (or what i like to call a quarter) down, get ready to be gone!

Dear another different credit card,
I'm gonna be holding onto you a little while, sorry.

Dear Anyone,
Wanna clean my bedroom?
Its been in its current state for a little while... not a good state.

Dear Wet'n'Wild SYDNEY!!!

Dear Friend whos baby i saw for the first time in real life recently,
Your baby has a adult face.
Not a baby face.
Its not ugly.
But its definitely not cute.
I'm sorry i mentioned it so much, but it freaked me out.
No, i will not post a photo.
More cause a photo doesn't show the adult face as much.

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Give my blog a look-see. If you like things that are awesome there's a good chance you'll like mine :)