Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little little letters

Dear Work,
I generally love you.
But for the past 16 days, and the next 6 days, having only two {separate} days off, is just not enough.
Someone please remind me to never do this again.

Dear Little Sisters EX BF,
I hate you.
I hate you for making her cry.
I hate you for lying to her.
I hate you for blaming her for you lying to her.
I hate you for not being a man.
I hope that you realise that you lost a delightful delightful young Lady.

Dear Kelly Cutrone,
I fell a little bit in love with you from this show.
Then i saw you on this show.
Now, I'm watching you on this show...
I love you.
Ps. Don't judge my terrible tv watching habits... trust me, its worse. :)

Dear GREAT Coconut and Lime hand soap,
Thanks for being so delightfully good smelling.
Sorry mum, that you gave it to me for a Christmas present and i forgot about it til now.
{I did try and find a link or a picture but couldn't :( }

I love you.
I've probably said that before, but i don't care.

Dear Not Always Right,
You make me feel better about talking to stupid people at my job. :)

Dear {slutty} girls whose profile picture on FB is in a bikini,
You don't look good.
And if you did look good, you wouldn't need a picture of yourself in a bikini as your profile picture.

Dear Dad,
Happy 50Th for next weekend.
I hope you have a fantastic time.
I hope that I have made the last 25 years of your life better rather then worse.
I hope you like your present.
Love you.

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