Friday, May 20, 2011


**I apologize in advance for the mess that this post is going to be, but welcome to my brain at the moment**

Stuff is happening on the working front.
I dunno if its good stuff.
I hope its good stuff, but it has to be secret stuff for the moment.
At least until Tuesday.
Then i hope i will be happy.
I hope.
A lot.
A lot a lot.
Basically put it this way, if you are the praying type, please keep me in your thoughts.
I wouldn't normally ask, and I'm not being selfish, trust me. Trust me, I'm not.
I don't want to share just yet, but I may after Tuesday.


In other news, hopefully in June, i will have paid a heap onto one of my credit cards, and it will be nearly gone.
People, this just leaves 2 left (not including the husbands one).
I would've paid more then half my debt off!!
(**Note** This relates to the work thing, so hopefully, hopefully this is still feasible.


Ever had bed bugs?
I have. In my old, old, old house, and it was terrible.
Ever had chicken pox?
I have. Twice. It was just as awesome.
Now, i have neither of those right now, but I have the same annoyance in being itchy.
Ever had to use Aristocort?
I am now.
I have no idea what it's supposed to do, except make me stop scratching myself in my sleep to the point of bleeding - no, I'm not kidding or over exaggerating - but I'm not sure its working yet. If any of you out there have any encouragement with this, i would really love it.
To be honest, i just want to wake up with no more random scratches on me. :(


It was my grandmas birthday last week.
My dads mum.
My dads dad passed away a lot time ago. Maybe 8 years ago.
My grandmas tough. And strong. And great.
I love my dads family. Mostly.
A lot.
I love that i happened to have a day off, so that i could spend the day (or part of it) with her and them.
She turned 80, or 78 or 74.
No one was really sure. Including her, mostly.
My grandma said her birth certificate says she was 80, but my dad and his brother, (my uncle) both said differently.
I love that that part of my family can spend the day insulting each other and that is love.
I love that we are drink (mostly) and have tattoos (mostly) and are all about the kids.
I realised that day that my dad wants to be a grandfather.
Or at least his face says he does.
My cousin had her (younger then 1) baby, and his face showed that he wanted to hold the baby, but the girls and the gays were always the first the baby went to.
But when dad held him, my gosh, his face changed.
It makes me sad that i can't give that to him now.
But not yet. Maybe soon. But that's all reliant on the first thing i wrote about...
Gosh, i love days spent with my family.

Now, I must go to bed, even though its only 10, and even though the husband is out partying, cause even though its Saturday tomorrow (oh! and the world is going to end...) i have work.
Its actually only my Tuesday today. Sigh.

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