Monday, May 30, 2011

Tegan Lane

If you don't know this story, check out here first.

It's a terrible story. Honestly.
But I'm fascinated. A lot.
I like things like this.
Murder and rape and torture and intrigue.
It's terrible to have to explain to people about the books I'm reading --of which this is probably the most "tame"--

There is no good way for this story to turn out.
But no one is talking.

Either she had this poor child and killed/murdered/"got rid of" her, and deserves to be locked up,
She gave this poor child up, to someone. And she is being put away for something she didn't do.

I'm fascinated.

What makes someone do this?
What makes someone have *several* abortions in her teens/early twenties?
What makes someone think that she can become pregnant and not tell the fathers?
What makes someone give 2 beautiful babies up for adoption with no regard for the Childs or the fathers choice of knowing? **I think the fathers and adopted kids know of and have met each other but don't quote me**
What makes someone keep this all a secret?
What kind of pressure did she have on her?
What kind of pressure did she put on herself?
What if Tegan is out there wondering?
IF Tegan is out there, is she ok?
Is her family keeping her a secret? .
IF she is out there, what makes a family keep this a secret and allows someone to be put away for a long time for something they didn't do?

Like I said,
I'm fascinated.

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