Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I don't know if its like this everywhere, or just here, but i have two thoughts in my head and i want to know why its OK.

Why is is OK to make fun of "Rangas"?

##I know that using that term in this question is kinda odd, but bear with me.

This is kinda bought on by seeing this article, but more so the jokes that came after.
I don't have red red hair, but its turning that way. {As i was growing up my hair was brown brown, but naturally its tinting redder and redder}
My older sister had red/orange hair growing up and she copped terrible terrible hell with it, so much so, she dyed it as soon as mum let her and hasn't gone back.

My friend noticed my hair changing the other day and the way he looked at me was like, i don't know, not one of admiration. It wasn't nice.

I don't understand why people who have no control over what colour their hair may be should be bullied.

In the same note, there are blonde jokes, but I think that "ranga" jokes are meaner.

People want to be blonde, no one wants to be a red/orange head.

My next question is:

Why are women "supposed" to be curvy, and "big is beautiful" but someone who is naturally skinny always is "too" skinny?

##My question refers to naturally skinny females, not females who starve themselves/are not well etc.

Now, before i go any further, I'm small. Between a size 8-10 <6-8 US> which, {I've just seen apparently isn't as small as i thought it was...} is smaller then the average size here of 12.
Yet, when there is hoopla about national sizing/fashion week etc, its always the small girls who are in the wrong.

I've been small all my life. I've never been bigger then a 10, and i don't remember the last time i weighted more then 55kgs <120lbs> at my heaviest.
I can't help that. I eat terribly. So badly. But my weight just doesn't happen.

I've been told my whole life that when i turn 25/26/30 I'll get really fat and then I'll know blah blah blah.

And all i hear is how "Real Women have curves".
So not only am i too skinny, but I'm not a "real woman".

Who decided this? And why is it OK?

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