Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ahhh, internet. I thought i would never see you again.

So i finally have Internet at home.
After a trillion phone calls, and using too much data on my phone (I'm gonna regret it when my bill comes), it was connected yesterday. Or, last night.
It would have been two weeks tomorrow.
I felt like i was in a third world country or something.
I even had access to more Internet when i was in Japan then i did now.
(FYI. My work has Internet access, obv. but they also have a thing called websense, which blocks all the good sites, so it might as well suck).

Anyway, being almost 2 weeks in our new house, i think we have done pretty good with the unpacking business. We still have a few boxes, and i know we have some books that haven't yet been unpacked and i feel like not all my clothes are unpacked, but who knows. Its at that point where we can live and not be missing anything. It doesn't matter that our (small) sun room is half full with boxes. At our last (two) places, i think we had basically the same amount of stuff not unpacked either... Its a matter of going through and throwing around stuff, and who has the time to do that? Lets be honest.

Back to the Internet, do you know how hard it was to go two weeks without reading other blogs? I honestly just spent about 4 hours catching up. (probably time i could have unpacked and sorted.... oh well).

We got my family to help us move and while i felt really bad for my dad, cause he was doing a lot of the packing into the car and lifting (heaps of moving experience), he is my dad and i worry. Don't fret though, the husband and the brother, and the sisters semi new boyfriend were also helping.
It was kinda good that my dad has heaps of moving experience, cause my step mum volunteered to get left at the new house (which i thought was an easy way out), but she cleaned so much and unpacked the kitchen and the bathroom AND EVEN made our bed for us. It was so nice to not have to do that at the end of the day when we were so tired. AND its even nicer to be searching for something in the bathroom or kitchen and be like, hmmmm, i would put here and voila! its already there!
I also felt bad for my dad though, cause he wanted to leave to get home in time to watch a new show, but i knew cause he was so tired that if he DID get home in time, he would probably fall asleep, but it turns out they didn't get home in time. I think i might buy it for him.

As i have mentioned several times, i think, I'm working in a different department at the moment. Not too bad, but not good enough that i would want to work there as part of my job, although, my boss did suggest if i liked it, he would see what he could do for me to be there permanently, which was nice seeing as he has never tried before.
I have this problem though, that i have to be working 100% or more all day until i know that all the work is done. Then i get bored and I'll admit annoying. This department spends a lot of time waiting on other peoples responses/opinions and a lot of time doing i dunno what. I just know when I'm working at my normal pace, they are all shocked that i get through the work so quickly. Its all very strange.

Anyway, that's not why i bought work up. Parts of my company are getting, i guess integrated into the company that majority owns us. That's the easiest way i can explain it without going into the whole she bang of it all. What it means is part of the company will be moving locations, salaries and some of them will get new bosses. My (proper) department is part of the ones who get all three. Location, salary and a new boss.
Now, I'm not too fussed with the location thing, my work has moved in the past, and it actually works out cheaper for me to get there, so very meh about that. My only complaint is that i was sick as a dog on the day i was supposed to go over to the new location and haven't been there yet.
Salary isn't even worth mentioning, cause its like a $50 increase. Different team, same department as us, is still on more then us even though they do less then us, and i lose my loadings, (cause i finish at a certain time). So $50 up, but $200 down a week. So much for the company being all about no one being negatively affected... The husband got a MAJOR rise though, so even though it pointed out my suckiness even more, i guess it works out ok.
The new boss is my major thing though. My current boss doesn't do much for us. But IMO i think its cause we were just palmed off onto him and he is really a manager of another department. BUT, that said, its better the devil you know. My boss knows how i work and when i get cranky to just let me be for 5-10 mins and I'll get over it. I haven't met the new boss yet. I'm also a little anxious about meeting him, cause my current boss, (and other people) have said all these good things about me, (which aren't lies) and i have it in my head that he (new boss) may be waiting for me to screw up. You know, what happens when people are put on a pedestal. I don't know if that is the case, or if its just me being all hard on myself.

OH! Thats why i bought up work... next week is our last week at our current location and i just dont feel like it is. At all. I dont know if its cause im working with a team that isn't moving, (well, they are moving floors), or what, but it hasn't hit me yet that i wont be catching the train to work after next week. That i won't be sitting at MY desk. That i have to pack up my desk... All those things. Its odd.

So i hvae drivelled on for long enough, and considering its now 2.30 in the afternoon and i have been reading the internets since 10, (dont judge, its the weekend), i best get up.

PS. Oh, just so you know and i don't feel bad, we totally gave my family money for helping us. Even though they didn't want to accept it, cause they are family, the time they spend helping us, they totally deserved it.

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