Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And in other news...

So I haven't blogged in a while cause I moved house and amongst making 16 billion calls to get the phone connected to get the Internet connected someon screwed up an I STILL have no Internet. I have been at my house for over a week. You don't know ho crazy I'm going.
Ps. I'm writing this from my phone, so spelling mistakes, blame the iPhone. Spell check is WAY too hard to use on it.

Anyway, couple of things....

I have spoken about this before but it still pisses me off.
My name is RENEE, two e's no 'accent' on top of the second e. Simple right?
A COMPANY WIDE email was sent out today with my name spelt RENE. ummm, so like I said in my Twitter:
Rene = penis. (it's the boys version)
ReneE = me, with no penis.
It really isn't that hard to confirm, honestly.
It made me really really cross and honestly? It made me feel SUPER underappreciated. And that just sucks.

In other news, we had a party for work last night, (Monday night here, stupid), but anyway, a girl got very very drunk, (which is a little hard to do, our work has a very high drinking culture, call centres basically do), she was quite so drunk that she threw up in front of the bar and yet, continued drinking... She was also wearif high high heels. Take note.
Later in the night, she happened to fall down the stairs and hurt herself.
Today, she is saying someone spiked her drink.
Now I in NO WAY condone drink spiking and would believe anyone saying that happened, but I saw how much she drank and I kinda lost respect for her when she came out and said that someone 'must have put something in her drink cause if she had drank as much as EVERYONE is saying she did she would have a hangover'.
Ps. Not the first time that someone has injured themselves at a work function from drinking too much.

And I'm gonna end it on this.
I'm moving work places in about 8 days. (same job, different location) and I just don't feel like it's happening yet. It's so odd.

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