Friday, April 9, 2010

Bedside Manner FAIL

I want to start by saying, i hate the phrase FAIL, like really hate it. But here it is needed.

So as you all know, i went to the dentist a WHOLE 2ish weeks ago cause i had a HORRIBLE toothache.

Anyway, so the dentist is not covered under Medicare. Which is basically kinda like the health care that Obama just bought into the US, i guess. Anyway, its expensive. Like real expensive. That's part of the reason why i hadn't gone in so long. Another part is because they suck.

So, the pain continued. It made me want to LIVE on pain pills, not the addicted type, but the 'i need to go to work and sleep and eat and without the pills, i physically can NOT do these things'. In fact i had to leave work early a few times because i just couldn't concentrate on what i had in front of me.

So i made another appointment. I had gone to a second dentist as i said here and they were all like, it could be this, it could be that. But they wanted to fix it under local. Now, i can't do that. I hear things and see things and i freak the fuck out. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably and they were like, nah, not going to work.
So i went back to the original place.

Now, one would assume, a dentist would know what the hell the problem is. I mean your mouth ain't that big. Doctors, they are a different story, but dentists, there ain't that much for them to think about.

I went in there thinking, i would leave with LESS pain. LESS, not none, i understand that things take time, so LESS would be good. Being able to touch my face when I'm in pain, i would like that. Being able to keep my eye open, when the pain happens, that would be great too.

Yeah, no.
What i got was yelled at, more pain and no conformation about what the actual problem is!!

Lets look at BEDSIDE MANNER:
Bedside manner is a term describing how a health care professional handles a patient, and is essential in affecting the doctor-patient relationship. A good bedside manner is typically one that reassures and comforts the patient while remaining honest about a diagnosis. Poor bedside manner leaves the patient feeling unsatisfied, worried, frightened, or alone. Bedside manner becomes difficult when a health care professional explains to the patient the true diagnosis, while keeping the patient from being alarmed.

Poor bedside manner leaves the patient feeling unsatisfied, worried, frightened, or alone.

When suggesting a fix, maybe don't try the same thing as i had two weeks ago, that i know didn't work, cause the pain got worse. Worried.

When i say, I'm scared that that pain will come back, AND I AM SHAKING UNCONTROLLABLY, don't say it maybe will, cause i don't know what the problem is. Frightened.

Don't say, in my 30 years of being a dentist i have never seen something like this before. unsatisfied

Don't say, if it was me, i would have come back sooner. You are a dentist, you charge people SHIT LOADS, of course you would come back sooner, YOU CAN AFFORD TOO!! Alone.

Wow, good work there, jerk face.

Ps. Just so you all know, the dentist i went to was BONDI BEACH DENTAL and i think my dentist name was Dr Sih, but not sure, cause he never introduced himself to me. Another thing that deserves a good job, jerk.

PPS. I have an itch on my lip, but i can't scratch it cause its still numb. Annoying.

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