Monday, May 10, 2010

I don't have a title for this, so sue me.

So I have a New boss now. Work moved. Same (old) job. Different location. It's strange cause my old boss has been hanging around helping with the move and changes and habit tends to follow us both.
He'll hear me say something and want to fix it or I'll see him and go to tell him about my issues. But it's different.
I don't think my new boss 'gets' me yet. It might take awhile. I'm too used to everyone knowing what I'm like. Almost 6 years (5 in this role) at the same place with mostly the same people does that.
I guess it didn't help that I told him he reminded me of Sully the first time we chatted either. But without the fur.
I couldn't help it though. Nerves = talking. Talking = honesty. That should be good right?

{I would put his photo up but that would be wrong... and also he shaved since i told him that and he kinda looks different now so won't. Also cause it would be wrong.}

New job location means new travel. I used to walk to the station and then catch a train to work and then walk some more. All good for my non exercising self.
Now, I walk to a different station that's further away and get a bus right to the door of my work. Cheaper. But even though it's further that I have to walk, I get hungry. And even though it's all kinds of terrible I walk past a few McDonald's and kinda maybe have stopped there most days to get breakfast.

I also have now taken the habit of walking through the QVB on my way to, but not back. On the way back I just wanna get home. But on the way to work, I like to take my time. I get to work an hour early anyway, so I like to slow it down a little. Which means my 10(ish) min journey gets extended to sometimes 30, and you know what?I don't mind at all. The qvb is beautiful. My mum used to force us to go there when we were young and in the city. They have this clock that told a story and we HAD to watch the whole thing not cause it was interesting to us then, i mean, we were young and easily bored.... wait, i still am, but anyway. I appreciate it now. Not necessarily the clock, cause i don't think it goes off anymore, or at least not when I'm there, but it just is an awesome pretty way to start the day.

Thats all i have for now.

Wait, does anyone else have trouble spelling the word necessarily or necessary or any variations of that? I totally do and i spell it so badly that spell check is all like, ummmm, so not a word and then i have to google and i feel even more silly. And then i share it with all of you. Yep.

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