Friday, May 14, 2010

Little (or not so little) letters

Dear person whom I'm no longer in touch with because of someone else choice.
I miss you.
I miss your kids.
I'm sad that I've missed them growing cause someone else's choice. The choice wasn't bad, but the consequences of that choice in relation to you and your wonderful little family to me, kinda sucks.
We gotta catch up.
Ps. Sometimes I 'stalk' you on facebook and am so proud of you and everything that you have done since then.

Dear house, (mine not the doctor)
I really like you, but one thing. 7am (or earlier) is not a good time to be waking me up. I know, I know, you have no control over the sun, but when it comes blazing in (even with blinds closed) that falls to you house. Also, when I'm walking around in my underwear and have forgotten to close the blinds, can you do something so the neighbours don't see? Thanks house.

Dear dryer (and washer to some extent),
So I know I lose a lot of hair. I know it's cause I don't brush it. **NOTE: I DO wash it, it's totally clean, so stop thinking I'm gross** but really d&w, it makes me dry retch when I go to put clothes on straight from you both when they are at their best and I find hair.
Not just a strand but a whole chunker. Seriously, I already have to clean the lint thingy, can't you catch it all in there?

Dear people who live on my level,
I know it's hard to read the 5 or so signs in the garbage room, and even harder to actually follow them, but it's gross when you don't put your rubbish in the garbage shoot.
It's even worse when you put it in the recycling or even JUST ON THE FLOOR. Really, I know that the shoot is turned off sometimes, but that just means you have to take your TIED bag back home and wait like 30 mins. So please stop it. The husband gets cross every time he takes the rubbish out and I think soon it will fall to me and I don't want it.

Dear people who ride scooters who are no longer at school,

Dear people who cross when the man says don't walk,
All it takes is two minutes, either two minutes waiting and your fine or two minutes and BAM something hits you. I know what's it's like and it isn't as fun as it seems. Trust me, all you will end up with is a scar on your head and never being able to do your hair right cos of it.

Dear new person in my team,
You are new. Probably not the best to come in all arrogant and acting like you can work harder and do more then the people already in the team when you have no experience whatsoever in what we do. Also, even though you cant do much right now, going on endless breaks? Not a good idea. Just a heads up, you are new and your attitude, it's putting people offside. Not the best way to start.

Dear customers who fax stuff to my company,
I appreciate you. I really value you as customers but, please just give me one day where we are up to date with the hundreds of faxes that we receive. I was totally being sincere with the first part of appreciating and valuing you, honest.

Dear my dear friend Balamino,
Congratulations for Sunday (or Monday here). I know you picked right and even though I haven't met him, I know your life will be filled with joy and his life will be better for having you in it. I still want you to come over and visit soon though.

Dear 'promoter' who I used to work with,
Just stop it.

Dear mislabelled size 6 jeans,
I assume you were mislabelled, cause my behind is not that small, but thank you. Every time i wear you, you make me feel good cause I'm in a size 6!!
Ps. That's like a size 2 in US people.

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Mrs4444 said...

These are awesome. I love the voice in your writing :)

What's a fax? (Only kidding, haha!!)