Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Dream Home

So, while the Husband and I are renting right now, I eventually want to buy a house, before we start having babies and such.
And when I say buy a house, my dream would be to build a house and live in it forever and have it become a 'family' house like my grandparents house was.
I loved that.

So, here is a list of all the things that I would love love love in my dream house.

~ A Library.
I would LOVE to have a whole room in my house that is just full of books. And comfy chairs or Love Sacs and it will just be wonderful. If i can't have a whole room, i would to have a long long hallway that has a whole wall of bookshelves. Heaven!
(And if i get a wall of books, I'm sure the Husband would want a wall of DVDs, {which we currently are on our way to, by the by} which is acceptable)

~ A Laundry Chute.
I hate laundry. I like putting it in the washer machine/dryer and sometimes I like folding it, but I HATE having to find the laundry and getting it together. If we had a chute i would never need to! Hurrah!
And this leads us onto the next thing.....

~ A Double Storey OR TRI Level house.
I am in love with the idea of a tri level house. In. Love. Not so much three completely separate levels, but say, a few steps just separating the different parts of the house.

~ A pool.
I want a pool. I personally probably wouldn't use it heaps. But I think that pools and backyard gathering go together like nothing else here, so of course its a must.

~ An amazing Kitchen.
I have no idea what makes an amazing kitchen, but family gatherings are always about food, no? :)
(All i really know, is its gonna have an amazing dishwasher.)

~ An {in ground} trampoline.
I love trampolines, and i think they are a must, whether we have kids or not. The in ground part is just safer {read boringer then the 80s one i grew up with}.

~ Ducted air con/heating.
It gets hot here. Real hot.
It also gets cold here. Real cold.

~ Ducted VACUUM Cleaner.
Yes, they have these and they are awesome. Imagine not having to lug a vacuum cleaner around you house, but just have to plug the tubey bit into the wall and away you go. Gonna happen.

~ A (or several) Mural Walls.
I have made one in every place we have lived. Not just photos, but cards, and hospital bands, and invitations, and random things that have drawn my eye. I would love to have one wall covered in Polaroids and another wall with framed photos, and another with random things. When people come over, it/they are my favourite thing to watch them look at, cause of all the wonderfulness. Love.

~ A Buddha shrine (?)
I don't know if 'shrine' is the right word, given who Buddha is and all, but ya know...
I love him. Don't know all the teachings and religion, (i guess?) behind him, but i love him. Currently, have a few including one from Japan, and i would love if he was featured throughout my house.

So far, that's my dream house.
Not a heck of a lot in the grand scheme of things, but the things that i love.
Hopefully, eventually, I'll get to make this dream house and I'll totally invite you round if you re in Sydney (or Melbourne, dunno where it will be to be honest), and I'll cook you something in my amazing kitchen, then you can swim in my pool and jump on my trampoline.
I might even take a photo of you and add it to my wall. :)

Oh, and just FYi, as far as the husband knows, is just that i want to build a house, he has NO idea about all this stuff. Soon enough.....

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Mrs4444 said...


The mural idea is FABULOUS. We have a HUGE wall that is begging to be a mural (now that you told me)!

LOVE my laundry chute--It all falls into an innocent-looking cupboard in the laundry room.

There is something about books/libraries, isn't there? We have two LoveSacs--The kids LOVE them, naturally (they make for great cuddling).

3 levels--VERY over-rated and annoying, in my opinion. I like our 2-story, but our bi-level was just too broken up.

Gotta have a nice place to fit the family and food! :)

I hope you get all of this one day :)

what am I saying? You could buy MY house! All it needs is a trampoline!haha