Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello Heaven, lovely to meet you.

I found our what heaven was like today...

I had a awesome amazing magnificent thing happen.

I had a hot stone massage.

It was H E A V E N.

Me and the sister went to a day spa.

**The ONLY thing that I looked forward to during my whole holiday..**

We had a body wrap, which was basically mud put on almost every part of you and you sitting there while it soaked into your skin.

While the waiting happened, the lady gave me a head massage and a hot towel on your face and goodness.

I was so relaxed I could pee.
And then!



I nearly died of goodness.

First I had a stone under my stomach and even though it felt weird at
first, it was good.
Then there was hot oil and the stones and just wow ness..

The thing is, I couldn't shut my mind off.

I couldn't stop thinking and just be.

In the body wrap, I was thinking of Facebook and Twitter and how I
could describe the goodness in a blog. (which I think I did, quite
well) ; )

Then in the stone massage, this was my mind:

  • mmmm, I wonder if the kebab shop is still open.
  • I have to pack tonight, gosh
  • husband, should we get kebabs for dinner? *cause at this point, I obviously had telepathic powers*
  • I wonder what's for dinner?
  • I really hope we can have kebabs for tea
  • no, not the feet, so ticklish
  • I wonder what the time it is
  • My knee is starting to hurt
  • Great, now its starting to spasm..
  • that hurts but feels so good too
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • what day is it today?
  • Thursday? That means I got paid
  • crap that means we spent WAY more then I thought, double crap
But apart from the non stop thinking and not relaxing, it felt good.

I want to be rich and get this done at least once a month.

OR, become like Anna Nicole Smith, and marry a old rich guy and get them once a week...

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