Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Holiday time is family time, and i dont like it.

So I'm on holidays at the moment.

Went to the snow.

I hate the snow. HATE it.

Hate the cold as well.

The husband likes it, and so we went. I figured i could get massages and relax and have a nice time. Good plan, right?

We invited my little brother and sister, (cause they have never been) and my older sister and brother in law. The older sister and brother in law, cancelled on us, and cause everything was already paid for, we invited his sister and her 4 kids. As in the husbands sister, not the brother in laws sister, that would be just weird...

This is what has happened so far.

First day we got here, we had a 7 hour bus trip. Wasn't too bad, except the husband turned off my alarm before we left, so instead of 1 hour + to get ready and make sure we had everything, we had 10 minutes. Yep 10 minutes. Yes, we have already discovered stuff we have forgotten.

The bus trip was not eventful, though, the people sitting in front of the brother and sister, put their chairs the entire way back for the last two hours of the bus ride, so they were squished. Jerks. I hope that they hurt themselves on the snow fields.

The sister in law and children were coming from a different state, so they drove. They drove past where they were supposed to go, and were almost on their way to Canberra, but finally made it.

Yesterday, we had private lessons, two were skiing and the rest snow boarding. Now, i have skied before, i don't love it, but fuck me, if I'm going to be doing anything, i would prefer something that i have control over both my legs and are not strapped into something that will not move.
BUT i did snowboarding. Cause the husband complained at me to do it, and because i would be with a 5 and 10 year old learning if i skied. Not my idea of fun...

Any way, i quit the lesson halfway. I hate failing at anything, and i hate having no control. Both things of which i was doing in the 'learning' process.

PS. Keep in mind the 'teacher' told my little sister, the best way to stop is to just fall. Awesome teaching there, me thinks...

So meanwhile, while the others finished the lesson, i 'hung out' with the youngest child who is 5, and who cracked the shits while she was in her lesson... Great fun was had by all.

The leads me to today.

I had plans to laze around the WARM house, and possible go outside and down to the shops. Maybe go on the chair lift, whatever... Figured i could meet the others for lunch or something, but have no plans and no one tying me down...

How wrong i was...

The husband thought he would do a good thing, and suggest since i was going to be at home anyway, i could look after the two kids that didn't want to go on the big chair lift. In fact, suggested this in front of his sister who loved the idea, cause she wanted to get boarding more, (cause she had to cut her lesson short cause of the kid who cracked the shits). Now, i didn't mind the idea, but this was not what i planned for MY holiday. MY holiday that i was looking forward to, cause i was wanting to get massages and RELAX.
Not be a babysitter, cause i didn't want to board down a huge hill.

Another thing is NOISE.

I know kids aren't quiet, i get that, i know that they aren't just a little noisy, no, they are HUGELY NOISY, like, if i was another guest and was next door to us, i would be complaining and DEMANDING to be moved, no joke.
And they aren't just noisy during the day, no, try 7am in the morning when they wake up and ONLY THEY are awake. That's when they are noisy. They also
don't know how to walk quietly. They were playing skipping in the house on the second floor and the husband was encouraging them. I was downstairs and i swear, i saw whatever roofs are made of, fall from the roof.
I mean, i know that they are excited and all that junk, but fuck me, shut up.
(Did i spell roofs right? Or is it spelt rooves like hooves? Although now that im looking at hooves, that looks wrong, even though it looked right in my mind, anyway...)

And apparently, shutting doors is a thing of the past.

When you walk into our apartment, there is a door to the hallway, which is like 2 steps from the door to the outside and SNOW and COLD. There is a little room that we keep all our boots and snow covered stuff in, and then there is another door, to the actual apartment. Where we LIVE and HAVE HEATERS ON. You know, the place that NEEDS to be kept WARM.

Now, Me, husband and brother and sister are sleeping in the bottom level, we only have little heaters in our rooms, so it gets pretty damn cold. You might have forgotten, but i HATE the cold.

The kids and sister in law, are upstairs. Upstairs with the fireplace and another heater in the bedrooms, which gets a tad warm sometimes...

I guess cause it doesn't affect them, but the upstairs people 'forget' to shut the inside door. Which means, the coldness gets into the bedrooms and we freeze. They also have left their jacket caught in the OUTSIDE door (which kept it open) and left the inside door open, which means, we were basically completely open to the elements...Awesome huh?

I have told them firmly a bunch of times.

Now, don't get me wrong, i love these people, and i enjoy their company, (for small periods of time), but i have another 4 days of this, and its supposed to be MY holiday.

I also can't exactly say to the husband, who is having a great time with MY sister and brother that i am hating it, and the reasons why....

I also have no idea when or where i can get a
friggen massage from and rather then walk down the hill in the howling wind i asked the husband to ask where, and they came back with just two business cards... I don't know what these people do, or what.

I just don't know if i can handle another 4 days of this...

And now i am apparently the anti social one, cause I'm tucked up in bed when everyone went out to have one last ski before the lifts closed, and don't want to get out of the warmness within seconds of them coming back.

Ps. I wasn't going to blog about this, but i was just left alone in the house, and i could feel a breeze coming from somewhere and where was it? The bloody door!! Left wide open, and making me cold when i have two pairs of pants, a top, a beanie and a scarf on!!


damo said...

OMG, all you do is complain!!

Red said...

Sweetheart, no one is forcing you to read it.

And by the by, the blog is called, I HATE stuff and things, not The world is sunshine and rainbows, so one would assume I'm gonna be pointing out the negatives.

Anonymous said...

with damo. some countries people cannot even afford a holiday and you spend your whole time complaining about how hard your life is being on holidays. Hubby and family must not know about this blog with the amount it seems you go on...

Red said...

You are fine to have your opinion and so am I, esp when this is MY blog.

You are right, the husband, does not know about this blog, but i do SPEAK to him, and told him how i felt. He understood that i didn't want to spend my holiday baby sitting, and as a matter of fact, he had some of the same feelings.

Like i said to Damo, no one is forcing you to read this either. Its pretty simple to close the window.

I had spend a lot time SAVING for this holiday, where as the other people who came, came for free. I feel that is enough to be able to ENJOY MY holiday.

Its odd that i have to spend time having to explain myself to people on the internet, who are too cowardly to show who they are.