Saturday, August 29, 2009

So i posted this entry the other day while i was on holidays and not feeling the greatest about being on holidays and what was happening.

I sent the blog post to my friend, to make sure that i wasn't going too far, and to get an opinion on what i had written.
My friend, whom i trust very much, said that she was sad that i was not enjoying my holiday and that it sucked that what was happening, was happening.

So i posted it.

I also spoke to my husband about the situation later on and he was seeing some of the same things as what i was seeing, feeling the same way about certain situations as well.

Now, i want to point out, my husband doesn't know about either of the blogs i have. This one and another. They are a space for me to vent and talk about things that i would either not talk to him about, cause they are just trivial (such as this and this) or i have already spoken to him about it (like this). I don't know if he will ever know about them, but he doesn't right now.

I understand that while my blog is public, that any one can comment and say whatever they want to say on my posts, just like i can say whatever I want on my posts.

But i don't like the need that i now have to defend myself for the words that i have written.
They are MY words, and MY feelings.
These are things I am free to have.

I have to say that unless requested, (like for example, on this blog), i would never leave an anonymous comment. If i have something to say to someone, then I'm not going hide who i am to the person that i am saying something about. I'm not going to hide behind the word 'Anonymous'.

I recognize that i complain about things. That is part of who i am. That is part of me which my friends have accepted. That is part of me, which my family (including the husband AND the people who this post was about).

My Blog is also called, I HATE stuff and things. If i came across a blog titled that, i would expect some negativity. And if i didn't like what i was reading, i would close the page or go to another blog that i DID enjoy.

I also want to point out, not every post is negative.

Now that i have written this post, i am really disappointed that i let these comments get to me so much.


Lora said...

I read this when you posted it, but from my stupid phone that doesn't let me comment (it's the word verification thing, my phone won't let it go thru)

Anyway, it used to be that I loved to hate the people who hated what I had to say. I'm really not all that controversial, but I am open and honest about what goes on in my brain. I suspect that if more people would say (type) what they think, there would be a lot more hate mail floating around the internets, despite the fact that all it really is is people in glass houses throwing stones, or whatever the saying is.

Why people can't respect the freedom of blogging, I do not know. Why people can't X out of a window, I have no idea.

I'm insanely jealous of your anonymity, btw. There are times that I hold back because my inlaws and my parents and my husband and my friends read. I would love to start an anonymous blog. Maybe when I get my own computer, so the url isn't in the history...

Keep it up girlio. I love what you have to say here. I love the bitching. The hate. The openness.

Red said...


I know it doesn't seem like it, but sometimes, i have held back.

But thank you.

I hope that some of my straight forwardness passes onto others and they are more open.

Personally, i think if less people held back, the world would be a better place. Sure, it would be difficult to start with, but it would be better.