Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little letters again.

Dear work,
Why did I come back to you?
Do I enjoy slow systems, boring work and repeating what I say 16
billion times a day?
I must.

Dear sunshine,
You are so nice, I wish I could enjoy you more instead of working.

Dear home,
why did I leave you messy while I went on holidays? Now I
have no motivation to clean you, cause I'm using it all to get through
I wish the cleaning fairies came.

Dear automatic vacuum,
I wish I had one of you. Then at least I would feel good about having
clean carpets AND it would feel like the fairies came cause I would
turn you on while I went to work.

Dear Micheal c Hall,
CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope you really are in remission. (although it's
still a little creepy you married your onscreen sister, but I'll let
it go, I guess).

Dear credit cards,
One of you is more then half way paid off!! (although the smallest of
the lot), others, feel good that you will soon b like that and more!!

Dear reps at work who call me,
Some of you make me so frustrated. Bu others just make me smile so so
much, so mostly make up for the sadness.

Dear Weeds,
You were too good. I got sucked in and the ran out of episodes to
watch. (I also got my family addicted too). Hurry up and make new

Dear True Blood books,
You are not the same as the show, and that makes a little sad, but it
makes me a LOT happy that there is more of you then the TV show, so I
can have my Eric fix.

Dear Dexter books,
Stop being so enticing. I'm reading the True Blood books right now,
you have to wait.

Dear bank balance,
I would really appreciate it if you grew on your own please? I'm
trying really hard to pay your buddies the credit cards and I would
appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

Dear Tila,
I know that you are a fame whore, but your 'wife' just died. Even if
her family are mean, when are you gonna mourn her quietly? It would
bring you WAY more RESPECT but, I don't know if that's what you want...

Dear Cake,
I love you. Both the food and the band.
What happened to you? The band, not the food.

Dear Kings Cross,
I love you. I really really do. I missed you when I was away and am
glad you smell the same as before. (good smell, not bad).

Dear Law Abiding Citizen,
You look AMAZING. I hope you just aren't showing the good parts in the


Kate said...

Dear internet:
Please stop showing me hilarious blog posts when I need to be studying.


I wish I had a robot vacuum too.

Selah said...


I liked these. Maybe you should cc my bank account, too. lol

Hope your holidays were fun!