Sunday, January 31, 2010


Followers, i need your help please.

I found out someone is reading my blog, and at first i didn't know who it was. Now i do, and would prefer that they didn't read it.
(would go into who they are, but with them reading and all, don't really want to, lets just say, they aren't in my life, so i don't want them to know about my life).

Anyway, I'm not all up on this computer stuff, and i checked the 'help' (pfft) section and i can't figure it out.

How can i stop them from reading my blog?
Is there someway to delete them from reading even if they aren't following?
Is there someway to stop them from reading while still keeping this a public blog and not having to 'approve' the people who read it? Which would get super annoying?

Either way, i really would like it if they stopped right now and never had me have to write this post, but i don't know if this will happen.

Please followers, i would really like some help on this if you don't mind.
Its really off putting, knowing that this person is reading.


Miss Rosa said...

Yeah, if you can figure out their IP address from your stats, if you have stats, then you can block an IP.

Issues: hard to do on blogger, and they can always go to another computer or reset their IP address.

I hate stalkers.

Kate said...

If they only use on IP, then yeah, you can use an IP blocker.

Hopefully this post will tip them off not to read it?

You know who you are, creeper. Shoo!

Derrick said...

Resolve their IP and usual handler to a MAC and block that and just keep it in a blacklist. Should be a plugin that will do this.

Lora said...

what they said.

I actually asked our tech guy this question today (I read your post yesterday, I'm not having this problem too. I don't think. omg.) He said you can block IPs.

also, about my winter ending, I'd almost feel bad for you, but last year when my summer ended and yours was just starting, I kinda hated on you too!

Red said...

Thanks guys, hopefully they got the point with this post.

If not, then i have to figure out how to figure out their IP, but i WILL learn if i have to.

Jerkhead jerk.