Monday, January 18, 2010

Things I've learnt this week:

So i went on holidays last week, (or really the week before, but same thing really, cause it was kinda a two week holiday, although this post is mainly about the first week).

Here are the things that i learnt during that time....


~ I do not do not enjoy 6am flights
~ I esp do not like self check in when I have to re line up in the
long long line to check my bags in.
~ I do not like having to travel an extra 90 mins on a train AFTER the
plane trip.
~ Being on a train for an hour (with 30 mins to go) and then a plane
for 3 hours is NOT my idea of fun. (i know its similar to the one above, but this was on the way home, and i was flying further then getting there, so different).

Movie world:

~ while I CAN travel from 0-100kms in 2 secs, it WILL feel like my
chest is gonna cave in. But! I WILL do it a second time.
~ the kids roller coaster is better then the head ache giver.

Wet n wild

~while I can walk around in a bikini top, I can not walk around
without shorts on, no matter how small.
~ no matter what is being wore, the males will check it out. Even
gross old males.
~ little kids will NEVER be scared if they are with someone. By
themselves though, is a different story.
~ even if I had been on a slide before, if I am waiting and can hear
the screams or see other people going down it, I WILL be scared.
~ even if I think I'm gonna die, by flying off the sides of a slide, I
NEVER WILL. (although I'm not sure I believe that yet).
~ that people will talk about (not to you about) your tattoos while
waiting in line for food.

Shooting range:

~ guns are LOUD!!
~ I will chicken out at the last min cause guns are NOT FUN.
~ the girls however will enjoy it. All except the shoot gun.
~ Tammy can totally defend herself, Rachel on the other hand... Not so

Whitewater world:

~ is not as good as wet n wild

'Rest' day;

~ the aqua duck is fun until they let the little kids drive...
~ and when they give out annoying duck whistles.
~ dressing up in gangsters clothes is way fun, until you have to sit


~ even if a person is in a wheelchair, when a show starts, they can
~ kids rides ARE funnier then adult rides.
~ as long as you imagine you are just sitting on your couch (with your
eyes closed), the giant drop ISN'T scary at all...
~ the same can be said for the claw, except the second time when you
have your eyes open.
~ even if you're scared the harness will be too tight to breathe, it
is much MUCH better to not make a bigger space when the harness comes
down. ESP on the wipeout.


~ sister and friend will become addicted to churros (except the ones
at whitewater world and dreamworld, they're gross).
~ sister and friend can NOT make pancakes to save themselves, but
surprisingly can cook a BBQ.
~ the clock going off down the street every 15 mins CAN be heard from
our room. ESP at 7am in the morning AND is SUPER annoying.
~ I WILL need a rest day after two days of theme parks
~ I will wake up everyday earlier then I would if I was going to work.
~ you can never have too much money on holidays. And even when you
think you do, you DON'T.
~ froot loops are ALWAYS better for tea, then breakfast.
~ there Will ALWAYS be queue jumpers or someone who 'knows someone just
up there' no matter where you go.
~ I'm petrified of heights. Even more so when I can see how high up I
~ I do not do not like not being able to see where I'm walking. And I
ESP don't like it when the ground moves like here.
~ I will take a lot of day time naps. But still fall asleep earlier
then usual.
~ Sizzler will always be worth the 45 min wait for food. (IMHO anyway, the others were cranky and don't think they agree).

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