Monday, March 15, 2010


So i had a terrible tooth ache yesterday.
So bad that it went up to my eye and my jaw was chattering uncontrollable.
I ended up taking the maximum amount of panadeine plus and the pain was still there.
It was fun.

So when i woke up today and was still pain that husband decided i should go to the dentist.

I HATE THE DENTIST. I hate the smell and the sucking thing and the scraping and EVERYTHING.

So anyway, I'm writing this with half my face numb and even though i feel like I'm drooling i don't think i am, and my tongue is all tingly and i don't like it at all anymore.

I have to go back next week. I want to go back, cause the lady was kinda nice.

But i don't want to be a drop face.

Oh and i had to take out my tongue ring at the dentist. Have you ever tried doing that while your hands AND tongue is shaking and with a numb half a face? Yeah, not easy.

So i went to work yesterday, and was filled to the brim with pain pills. The good stuff. Well, the good stuff i could buy over the counter, cause even though i went to the dentist IN pain, and ALL they did was take an xray, lecture me, and clean my teeth, THAT DID NOTHING ONCE THE NUMBNESS LEFT!! Awesome work there. Just awesome.

Anyway, yesterday, i bought forward my appointment from Thursday week to Monday, which is better.

But then.... I think i took too many pills, cause all it did was make me light headed and kinda shaky... That's not good... And even though i asked my twitter followers:

So apart from maybe dying, ummm, what happens when you take too many pain killers? Light headedness and strange arm feelings? That's me.


Awesome again.

So last night, i was still taking the pills after stopping for a little while, until i felt normal. And nothing. No change in the pain.

I ended up falling asleep on the couch, but then when i woke up (and brushed my teeth for the second time that night :) ) pain again. Lots of pain. Enough pain to make me cry and the husband feel real sorry for me.

Yes, I'm a wimp.

So i ended up waking up at least 4 times in pain, and would get up, take a pill, wait til it worked and then go back to bed.
This morning when i woke up? I had run out of pills. SUCKS.

So i made an appointment with another dentist, so they can actually help me. I want to buy more pain pills, but i didn't like the light headedness, and i hope they don't numb my face today.


Ps. i have already cried from pain this morning.


Selah said...

I know how you feel... hopefully it'll be quick when you go back.

OH and LMAO at "i feel like I'm drooling" ... yeaaaa, I know exactly how that feels lol

Kate said...

Oh yes, gotta love the dentist. :(
I've got a enamel condition, so I get to see the dentist a LOT. I'm get to have two veneers replaced Wednesday and I know I'll be in the same boat as you are right now.

All I can say is pop those painkillers, lie back, and think of England.