Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Am i a bad person?

So, with all these birthday posts, i don't really need to say it again...

I wanted to go to the casino, but most people cancelled, **jerks** but the ones that did say they were coming would have made it awesome, and i was happy enough.

So just to get the story straight here are the people that were coming.

D - She has 3 kids and was so excited about coming to the Casino cos she had never been before. She had organised a babysitter since April.

Z - Husband, he had no choice but to come. : ) He also is a bit of a gambler-holic, so wouldn't turn down the Casino.

M - A girl i went to school with and have been friends with for more then 10 years. I have also gone to every party that she have ever had, and made a huge effort to make sure i was there for her. She, on the other hand, has never come out to celebrate my birthday, cause she is from the sticks and doesn't like the city. She also cancelled on my wedding. THE DAY OF IT. After she had invited another person to it. She had told me when she confirmed she was coming out for my birthday, that she had plans that day already, but would still come out.

Not many people, but enough to have a good night, and fun.

Cut to Saturday, and Z took the day off work on Friday, to not only shop for my present, (here) and to clean the house, not just clean, but spotless. I then woke up on Saturday, and finished the house, like cleaning the bathroom, and the kitchen and making everything crazy clean. We even vacuumed. I know, right?

Anyway, its getting to like 3pm, and i have been msging D on and off all day, trying to figure out what time she would be arriving, so i could make sure someone was not waiting, cause I'm nice like that.

So all of a sudden i get a sms from M (who had msged me earlier and was still coming), saying she was so so so so so etc etc tired form her day plans and couldn't make it.

I, being pissed off, replied back not a hugely nice msg, but came around to accepting her not coming, cause seriously was she really going to turn up from the beginning?

I told D, and D started contacting her, (i don't know what she said, just some of the replies), however, i was just over it.

M then tried to guilt D because M was going to see her grandma, and then decided that she wanted to come out with us again. Once more i didn't reply.

M ended up deciding that she would come, (either though i twice said to her not to, if it would cause her to spend the night thinking she should have been with her grandma with all the passive aggressiveness i could muster), but wouldn't be there til like 9 or 10. Considering we were going to eat and didn't leave my house til 8, it would kinda work out. I was a little disappointed.

So we (Z, D and me) ended up going to the casino and we had dinner and it was a good dinner, but trust me when i say, DO NOT BUY DAIQUIRI'S from Bite Me. They will taste like soda water and add $35 to your bill.

After dinner, we went in and gambled.... We lost almost $200 until we found a good table... We are Roulette Fiends. : p

We got drinks and spent some more. Gamble, etc etc. All the casino things. All the while, we ended up getting one sms and one call from M, the first to say that she was leaving then, and the call about an hour later, so we figured she had arrived.

We kinda ignored the call.... That's the first kinda mean thing... BUT, in my defence, i totally sms'ed her when we were at the bar about 10 mins later, and said what bar we were at...

She ended up sms'ing back, confused, as she had, in fact, not arrived, so i had no idea why she called both me and D.

Z, D and me went back to the gambling, and at this point, we were going bad again, and losing money...

By this point we had been there about 3, maybe 4 hours... It was about 11.30 when we left.

We left without seeing M at all.

I did msg her when we got into the cab, saying that we ran out of money and had left.

**She does know my address and that's where we were heading back to. **

She called me, but my phone is always on silent and was in my bag, so i kinda didn't ignore her call, but kinda did...

She then called D, who answered the phone, they started talking, but because we had a bit to drink, D couldn't not laugh about the whole situation, and ......hung up on M.

M then msged D and she was not happy.....

That was basically it for the night, however, D and M have been talking and M is still apparently pissed about it...

Oh... last year, after a little too many drinks, we (different group, but D was also there), kinda drunk dialled M, and kinda advised her what kind of friend she was for missing everything.... **It wasn't me on the phone, but i didn't stop it. **

So am i a bad person for this?

I will take any opinions.

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