Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do not call...

So i left my phone at home today.
Not on purpose, cause how the heck would i live without it, right?
I don't even know how i left it at home, just that i realized when i was at the station and although my house is only about a 5 min walk away, i was early and i like being early. (And I'm lazy, lets be honest.)

Anyway... i left it at home.

I have an iPhone, so i not only left my phone at home, i left my Internet and entertainment at home.
I use my phone a LOT at work. We don't have proper Internet, so all the good things, i get to use my phone for.
And after about an hour, all my work is generally done, so i play on it all of the day.

I'm kinda addicted to it. I don't know what the word is for iPhones, (like crackberry), but whatever it is, GIMME GIMME GIMME.

Today, i was reaching where i usually keep all day long. Seriously.

But i realized what i was missing out on instead.

I read my book that i have been trying to finish for a little while. I finished it.
I actually read the newspaper instead of skimming through it.
On the train to work, i actually looked around me outside and i like my city. I travel over the bridge, past the opera house and Luna park every day and never really notice them. I really like them all.

My day went longer, (or it felt longer), but i felt like i was actually there.

I know it seems strange that not having my phone can make me feel like all this, but it does.

Even though it connects me to so much, it also disconnects me more i think.

I may not leave it at home again, but i will maybe leave it in my bag, so my laziness will slow me down from using it instead of living.

Oh, ps. I still had Blogger, cause i demanded someone open it for me, but almost no one posted today. It was odd.

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