Monday, February 22, 2010

Post secret, the Olympics and moving...

Just a quick note to say a few things…

I love postsecret. It’s awesome.
However, yesterdays secrets have generated a lot of traffic to a certain blog, or at least in search of a certain blog.

Here is the pic of the secret.

Now I admit, I tried looking for this blog.
Im interested in reading it.
I couldn’t find it. :(

The Olympics, the Olympics.
Now apart from 2000 when I worked at them, and it was in my home town (kinda), I don’t really care about the Olympics, but the husband has been forcing me to watch the terrible terrible coverage of it that is on late at night. (See here for more info on the terrible coverage).
I also don’t care for the cold and snow, and seeing it all is just encouraging the husband to plan TWO snow trips in the next 12 months. Sigh.

But I have been kinda getting into it, (if anyone tells the husband, then I’ll totally deny deny deny).

I really enjoyed Dale Begg Smith and his ‘controversy’ and I really enjoyed that US won the hockey over Canada. *at the time of writing, the game is still going on, and im assuming, given the score is 3-2, and am following @shameheadboy’s twitter updates, plus I want them to win, so that totally counts).

Now, the most fun part… *total sarcasm*
We have lived with the following:
*broken dishwasher – it doesn’t always work. It will stop halfway through and just beep. Annoying.
*air con only works in one room. Our bedroom (and bathroom) is ice cold when the air con is on, but the lounge room, like 30 degrees. Sucks.
*a door card doesn’t work. So only one of us can open the door. OR we can leave our house unlocked, so we don’t have to worry about not being able to get in. (that delightful suggestion was given to us by the building manager).
*and a buzzer that has never ever worked.

We haven’t really gotten these fixed, cause the real estate is kinda crappy, and it’s a hassle to get them to get in touch with the owner to fix them.
But we got a call last week that the owner wants to sell and we gotta move.
I think I like the idea of living with all these things that are wrong then having to move.

The upside is that the crap that we have moved from the house that we lived in before this one, (and the one before that), we (or the husband) went through and got rid of a lot of the crap, so hurrah on that!?

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