Sunday, February 7, 2010

Little letters... I should make this a weekly thing or something..

Dear TV,
Why did you break again? The husband fixed you and you should have stayed fixed! He even unplugged you when we went away. Was that the reason? Were you sad we left you?

Dear hair,
I'm gonna shave you off one day, you are just bugging me.

Dear Credit cards,
One of you is almost there, i reckon by the end of the month and woohoo!! Although, if the husband and the TV have anything to say about, you may be used again.

Dear husband,
I really really really don't want to use the credit cards for a new TV please. But then you already know that.

Dear Humidity,
Its really all your fault. Go away already. I'd even be happier with the winter cold.

Dear golf,
i totally played you today, and although i was playing you even before the sun came up, (not really, but close), i had a lot of fun. And I'm good too, if i do say so myself.

Dear facebook,
Why oh why do you keep changing? I know you have designers to pay and all that junk, but really?!? People don't really like change, (as much as they lie and say they do). Stop it already.

Dear Dad,
I hope you had a good birthday. (sorry your not at the top, i kinda forgot....)

Dear air con,
I know its almost winter, and you should have had your annual check/fix/something, but we forgot the forms and you seem to work less then you normally did, please fix yourself? I'd appreciate that.

Dear STALKER, (cause that's what you are, really)
This will be my last mention of you. If you come round here again, you will know about it. Mark my words, you will know about it.

Dear weekend,
why oh why are you so quick?

Dear Wii,
I want you so bad. Go on a cheap cheap cheap sale already.

Dear snow happening in other countries,
can you happen here too? i would love a snow day instead of rain all the day long. But only after i have done my grocery shopping, otherwise, i might die of starvation.

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