Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy list...

So its valentines day this weekend, and while i have a valentine, and we have plans to go to the movies, i didn't want to blog about valentines day, like many bloggers have. Not that its not great, but it kinda sucks. Lets be honest. The pressure is worse then a birthday or Christmas, and if you love someone, you should tell them every day,not just one day out of the year.

Anyway, so i thought i would make a list of things that make me happy, and not talk anymore about valentines day.

Happy list.

1. Children. When they are questioning and just being is amazing.

2. Rain.

3. POSTCARDS! I was having a kinda crappy day yesterday, but then i got two postcards and BING! day turned around.

(postcard wall at work)

4. Tourists. I love the tourists that come into my city. I like being able to share it with them.

5. The Cross.

6. The park and fountain next to my house.

7.Family. No matter, whenever i see them, i always am smiling.

8. Cupcakes. The lamington one is to die for!

9. Paying off debt. A bit boring i know, but knowing that the owed amount is going down rather then up, makes me happy.

10. Facebook stalking nuff said. ;)

So i think this is gonna be a ongoing thing and I'll just keep adding to it, and hopefully, it will be longer then my 'things that annoy me' list. :)

PS. Spell check, LAMINGTON is a REAL word!!

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Lora said...

I don't have your email address so I can't reply to your comments directly, but I wanted to tell you that your #1 thing on your happy list about children questioning and just being is what prompted me to post about Jacob's answer to my question about God. I wasn't going to post that, but after reading this, I decided to!
So thank you for being an inspiration!