Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bad day. Bad, bad day.

So far:

~ I woke up early, so i could leave early, but i was dilly dallying so i ended up leaving at the same time as usual.

~ I realised that i needed to pick up something from the post office, but forgot the slip thing. (I think they would have been my cute new cowboy boots for the Christmas party, and that would have made me happy.)

~ I use a ticket machine that says 'EXACT FARE ONLY'.
I had the exact fare.
I put in the exact fare.
The stupid machine ate my money.
I was buying a weekly ticket.
$27 down the drain.
I went to the people working.
First one blamed it on me, (the machine now said, 'NO NOTES' cause it ate mine).
I went to the manager. She did nothing except say 'I want to help you only didn't.
Had to buy another ticket. Total cost $54. ANGER.

~ Missed my train cause of the hoopla that just happened.

~ Tried to listen to calming music on the train, (all the good stuff, Linkin Park, Rage, etc), but only one of my earphones would work.

~ Bought toast from the place i go to EVERY DAY.
They burnt it.
I saw the girl go to put it in the bin, but then didn't.
She then scraped off the BLACK and gave it to me.


And now i have to deal with the stupid people who call me all day. (That's my job).
Its gonna be a LONG day.


Selah said...


If I were living in Australia I'd SOO offer to buy you a drink after this terrible start you had. Hope the day gets better.

P.s. WHy didn't you ask for another piece of bread? I'd have acted a fool, especially after seeing her scrape of the burnt part. But maybe that's just me.

Red said...

Honestly, i can't remember if my day did get better...
I think it just stayed neutral.

But re: the toast. I hate when people tell me how to do MY job, so i try not to do the same to others, even if it disadvantages me. That said, i get a shop three chances, and then they are black listed. I think its fair.

Selah said...

Well... fair is better than poor, right? lol

As for the toast, I can understand that. No need to make the employee's day hell. ... but 3 chances is gratuitous to me, but as we can all tell -- I'm quite picky. LOL