Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I got a call yesterday.
It was a blocked number and I have had issues in the past about them, so I didn't answer.
They left a vmail.
I don't usually listen to them either, cause why not just MSG me?
But I did.
It was for a job.
A new job with a new company.
A job I applied for so long ago, that I don't even remember what it was about.

Can anyone tell me what a 'client services' person do?
When I googled it, it was all craziness that I would not have applied to do....

Anyway, it made me think really hard.
About what I want.
About what I need.
Spoke to the husband, and decided I would call them back.
So I called.
Got the damn voicemail.
But I left a msg.
It was scary.
I don't like change and this would be starting all over again.
Waiting on a call back.
Don't think it's likely in this GFC, job craziness that I'll get a call back AGAIN.
But we'll see.
Still think I'm gonna apply for the role here too though.
Just to see.
I don't have my heart set on it and I think if I don't get it, it'll be OK.
Cause even if I don't get a call back from this new company lady, I know there are other options.
And that's good for now.

I think that God or Buddha or Mohammad, or fate saw me freaking out and wanted me to not anymore.
I think I'm OK with that.

This post helped me too. (except not the baseball part).

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Selah said...

Not freaking out, is always a good thing. Sometimes God, Buddha, or Mohammad does send good signs. yay for them. lol