Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mash up dos

Why do people lie?
I'm not saying this, cause I'm all truth telling, i lie too.
But i curious as to why?

We say all sorts of things, that are 'white lies', but in the end, won't it hurt the person more then if you told the truth right away?

We claim, that we are sparing their feelings when we say they look good in that outfit, that we loved their Christmas/birthday gift, that we will be friends forever, but then we don't or aren't.

But really, we aren't.
We are just making it easier on ourselves cause we don't have to explain.

So can someone tell me?


Why we squash a bug, we don't care.
But like if a person died, do you think the bugs family (if you can call it that) mourns? Like ants, there are about a billion of them, do they notice when an ant gets squashed and doesn't come back to the nest?

What about puppies and kittens? At pet shops and or breeders? Do you think that the other puppies/kittens realise that their brother or sister is gone, or are they just happy there is more room for them? Do you reckon that they are sad?


I cooked dinner for my husband tonight.
He fell asleep halfway through me cooking it.
He is still asleep.
He hasn't eaten any of it yet.
This makes me cross.

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