Monday, November 2, 2009

Sad day.

I am sad today.

An awesome, amazing, passionate person quit at my work today.

She was someone who pushed you cause she knew that you could do it, no matter how much you didn't think you could.

I was sick today.
I missed her last day.
This makes me sadder.

People didn't always agree with her, or the way she did things, but she was fighting a good fight. She was fighting for the customers and wanted to make things as easy as possible for EVERYONE. Even if it made it hard for her.

People didn't always understand that.

I am sad.

She made me want to work harder, because she encouraged. She acknowledged. She actually gave a shit.

Not many people at my work are like that.

That also makes me sad.

I can't even put into words my feelings, cause it feels like just blah.


Miss Rosa said...

Sometimes, when you're the one who gives a shit, and it seems like the fight you're fighting isn't recognized by your bosses or whatever, and you feel like you're not making a diff., it's the most frustrating thing in the world ...

Red said...

I hear that!