Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little letters..

Dear work,

Even though I'm doing something different, its still kinda boring... It wasn't for a few days, but now, kinda is...

Dear work x2,

I know and you know, that i deserve more- wait, no, i EARNED more then what you are offering me, and that you will be screwed without me. Get your head out of your arse and do something about it already, or I'm gonna be gone.

Dear Husband,

I'm sorry i have been such a wimp for this whole dentist thing. I know that you need the dentist just as much if not more, and you are in pain as well. I'm sorry, really.

Dear new real estates,

Please PICK ME, PICK ME!! I will be a good tenant and wont break things, AND even if things break, i will just live with it, i wont even bother you with those small details. I really wanna live here.

Dear Mouth,

Just stop hurting. Please. I'm like begging you now. I don't like to cry, and i don't like to take 2 packets of pain killers in just under 72 hours. That's not got to be healthy for me or you, mouth. Lets just be friends. I promise, i will even try not to eat all those sugar filled things i usually eat. I haven't for a little over 72 hours now. AND i WILL brush twice a day.

Dear Dentist/s,

Dentist 1, i know that i hadn't been to the dentist in a long time. I didn't need the lecture. If you weren't so scary, there wouldn't be a problem. I think its just the smell. And the sucker thing. Get rid of them, and you will be sweet.
(Also, if you have yellow teeth, i kinda wont take you serious, BUT if you treat me like a child, i will do almost exactly what you want).

Dentist 2, i really hope that you are nice and not lecture giving and make me not hurt anymore. I will even consider coming back on a regular basis.

Dear Spellcheck in Blogger,

Why don't you have a change all option? When I'm typing, i don't do apostrophes and i spell and NAD almost always. I don't like having to go through each one. Its tiring. AND while I'm talking to you, why don't you change the i's to I's? What kind of spell check are you?!?!

Dear Tyler Conium,

Who are you?
I follow you on twitter, cause i wanted to get updates from both sides about the US/Canada hockey game, but i have NFI who you are. But i know that you have a blog, (which i hadn't looked at til now), and you tweet A LOT. Can anyone tell me?

Oh, and PS. I found that blog that was on Post Secret. It seemed pretty interesting, but she hasn't posted much since she started getting a billion comments saying, found you through post secret, over and over...

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