Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Birthdays maybe don't suck....

So this is an update of the last past...
My husband kinda did good... And i felt a little bad about the last post...
Here is what he got me..

So he has a thing with Superman.... And so when he saw the jocks in Cotton On Body, he couldn't not get them for me... I couldn't get a picture, but what the model is wearing (jocks and bra) here is what i got, (only i wish i had her body). Plus some jocks with wonder woman on the behind.

He also got me the following DVDs:

Outrageous Fortune is AMAZING!!

Its a New Zealand show, and you should watch it now.

He did get me season 4, (i think) and its great. We watched the first 2 disks on my birthday, and i didn't even realise the time, and it ended up being like 6pm and i had no dinner, but I just couldn't not watch, so ended up watching it until like 1am, and i had to go to bed cause i had to work on Monday.


That's all i have to say.


Go watch it now. Right now. But don't get creeped out by the opening credits, (I guess that's what they are called), cause there is one bit that still creeps me out.

Oh, and he got me season 1, but we had already watched it, so didn't yesterday.

Grounded for Life.

This is just a fun little show that i watched when i was still living at home, and i just like it alright?

I don't wanna suggest you go see this as well, cause then man, you will be busy.

But just do it too. If you want to have a good easy lazy laugh.

He also made me breakfast (on the couch), and I basically didn't leave it all day.

He walked down the street and bought food and the newspapers, so that i wouldn't have to, and it was pretty good.

Not hugely different to any other weekend, (look, I'm not lazy, but meh). But nice all the same.

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