Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whats a degree worth?

I'm having a situation at work again.

It relates back to here. And it’s getting to the point where I can’t deal.

In my job, I come across things that need to be communicated out and I am not ‘allowed’ to do this and have to forward to another department. (The department I applied and was denied to).

Now, the person in that role, isn’t the brightest, and doesn’t always get what I mean when I explain as clearly as I can. It also makes it difficult, as when I'm having trouble, it kinda looks like its spiteful trouble, but it really isn’t. (OK, I’ll admit, it is a teeny bit, but not enough to want to make my job harder for spite.)

The last time I suggested something to be communicated, it took 8+ emails and replies for it eventually be escalated to a manager with the issue still not resolved. And I'm not talking one or two line emails. The original request was the shortest, and was 10+ lines explaining clearly what I wanted.

My job is not easy, (well, it sometimes is easy, but only when all the work is done, or I'm having a lazy day), but its easier then that role, no doubt. So when I forward something to any other department, I try and include as much info as possible, so that that person doesn’t need to question, and understands what the heck I'm talking about. Trying to cut down on those 8+ replies in email, you see.

But the thing is, part of that department is to do the investigations, and find out the info being requested is correct. Now, while I only have the basic systems that I use to ‘research’, that department has this and more. So not only is it easier for them, but BETTER too!!

Instead I have to deal with someone who doesn’t get it, who goes to other people to explain the situation, when they also don’t get it!!
And THEN, I feel like a bitch, cause I have to be straight forward and not go that extra step, cause even then its not ‘got’!!

I hate that this situation makes my job harder, I hate that I come to work and have frustrations that shouldn’t be there, because someone who wants to take the easy way out is doing wrong things. I hate that I see my friend stressed to the max, and I hate that I put more on her plate, just because I know that she gets it. I hate that I try so hard to be as clear as possible, but then it’s a waste of time, cause it means nothing, and I have to be (what I think is) a bitch so that it gets through, (sometimes)!! I hate that I'm not the only who has this problem, and I hate that people have started coming to me to clarify things, that this person has said (when they were completely wrong). I hate that I have to change who I am, so that it is seen that this person is incompetent.

All this because that person had a degree and i don't...

All this said though, I'm thinking about what i want to do with more then just now... I'm thinking about real estate... Does anyone or can anyone give me any ideas about that? I have no idea where i got real estate from, but it just seems interesting. That or a travel agent, but that's a lot of pressure to make sure someones holiday/travels is good.

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