Friday, July 3, 2009

Birthdays suck...

So today is Friday, and it’s my birthday on Sunday.

In 2 days I will be 24. Gosh, I'm old.

But this post isn't about me being old, but about other birthday complaints.

I know birthdays, for the most part, are supposed to be all about being happy etc etc, but I don't get that feeling.

My hubby was asking me what I wanted for my birthday, and I don’t think that I am the type to 'want' for anything. Sure, I want to buy a bunch of stuff that I will probably never take the tags off or use, but never enough to actually get the buying happening. I always have a better use for the money. **read bills**

I think of birthday presents, I need to get things that I need rather then random crap I just want. I can’t tell you where I got that thought from, I just don’t like wasting money on myself, when I worry so much about the other things that need the money, like my credit card and stupid ‘responsible’ things like that.

What I really wanted was to go to the casino, (I know, I know, the complete opposite of what I was just saying, but its been soooooo long since I went there and roulette is usually a safe bet), with a bunch of friends and to have a good night out.

Cut to the days after I invited a few different people, one can’t come because an uncles birthday, another can’t come because they have a dentist appointment that day, and might still be drugged up, (and who doesn't like drinking after drugs, I ask???) another one, can’t come cause someone else’s 21st.
Oh, and the people that are coming?
One was coming only because ‘she has never been to the casino before and always wanted to, but wont be staying long and probably wont drink or gamble’ (yes, she said that to me….), another can only come after she has put her kids to bed and probably will leave early to make sure she is there when they wake up.

Now, I don’t mind baby maker (terrible nickname – sorry) having to leave, but the other ‘friend’ I want to punch. She lives an hour train trip away (which equals, like maybe at most, 45 min car drive), she has a car and I don’t. She has never come out to celebrate my birthday, cause ‘she doesn't like the city’ (this was said to baby maker, who then told me), yet, I have come to every single party she has had.
She also didn't come to my wedding. But!! Didn't tell me til the day of, and she was going to be our photographer…
Yep. My wedding – she was photographer and a little flu made her not show… And all I got was a sms on the DAY of the wedding… Luckily husband invited someone else who was going to take photos anyway, but nice huh?

Anyway, back to the birthday.

I hate the question, what do you want for your birthday?
I really really don’t know… I can’t think of things on the spot like that.. And I feel bad asking for things, cause I'm all, 'we need to pay all the bills, you can’t spend money' Nazi person lately.

I have thought of some things that I could probably have for my birthday though…

~ A good massage… Not a half hearted one handed one, but a good massage that is done nicely.

~ A FULL 24 hours (or more) of you not mentioning the stupid snow trip to me. I don’t care for the cold or the snow. I honestly don’t want to go, I was only happy to go cause of your broken arm in Japan. But Japan is working out cheaper then this stupid trip. A $5000 accommodation (no, I am not kidding) is worthless if we can’t afford food or lift passes. And no, we will not be using your full months pay during the week that we are there. We need that to pay rent. Or do you not care about that either?

~ Paid off credit cards – no, this does not mean, we put all our money on them, and then can spend it all up again, it means paid off and then cancelled credit cards. I'm sick of ‘our’ debt being under my name.

~ YOU to actually pay off the bills in your name. I don’t want any more of the overdue letters, or the ‘A default is about to be placed’ letters. I want to be able to buy a house one day, and your stupid defaults stopping that is going to really piss me off.

~ A week (I don’t think that’s too much) of not having to worry about money. I hate being the responsible one. I hate it. But if I'm not, then we will both starve and not be able to get to work, cause we wouldn't be able to pay for it.

~ A day of not being called ‘gurl’, or ‘madam’ by people at work.

~ A month of our house being clean and staying clean. I hate having to spend Saturday cleaning and not actually going out, but I also hate living in a pigsty of a house. (Gosh, I sound like my mother )

~ A fixed dishwasher. I don’t want it to beep anymore, I just want it to stop. **Please note, this one I did actually ask for, and so far, it still beeps**

~ To go out to a nice place for dinner, you know all the places that you don't want to go to, when i suggest them, say yes on Sunday. Just once. If i go to these places and they are crap, i won't want to go there anymore, simple.

That's all i have for now, but i know what i do not do not do not want. **Yes, i meant to write that three times**

I do not want a present that YOU will enjoy... Its supposed to be my birthday, not yours. Don't get me stupid DVDs that you will enjoy, but i will still and watch just cause i have nothing better to do. This is not a fun present for me. To even suggest you are going to buy me a Stargate DVD, is not funny or whatever you think it is. I will cry if you give me that on my birthday. I have been emotional lately, and usually i would just laugh along, but on Sunday, i kid you not, I will cry.

OK, so i think that that is enough of birthday complaining.

I will come back on Sunday, and let you know, if i am having a sad birthday or not.

PS. Even though this post sounds like i am high maintenance, i totally am not.

**Update, i just got a notice that there is a parcel at my work and i found out that it was a part of the present that he bought. Yes, i feel like a terrible person.**

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