Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now, then, and later...

I'm not sure what is up with me lately, but i have been thinking some things and wanting somethings, and remembering some other things...
I'm sure everyone goes through this 'thing' at one time or another, and now is just my time.

I have been at work lately, and i have started thinking about 8 years ago...

I wanna go to Penrith Plaza for one more late night shopping.
I wanna to Panthers and Krispy Kreme for just one more Saturday night Hulk drinking session.
I wanna go to Mt Druitt Westfields, just to see how much its changed since i last went there.
I wanna go to hang out with my older friends when we had no worries and we just did nothing, but everything at the same time.
I wanna just go back to then, and i don't know, i know in my mind, I'm expecting the world to be good again, and everything to be safe and no worries and all that junk.

I want to have one more night driving around and playing pool and watching movies with no rush on when the night had to be over.
I want to know that i can stay up all night and not have to worry about needing to be up for a certain time to have enough energy for work.
I want to go shopping with no concern about rent or credit cards or bills. I want to be able to buy presents for my family and friends and have no limit on how much i can spend on any of them.

And then i think about 8 years from now...

I hope to have travelled, overseas at least twice.. hopefully not always for the snow..
I hope to have paid off most of my debt, and not to have added to it.
I hope to have purchased some real estate, or at least have enough money for a deposit.
I hope that i will have a job that i am happy in and not bored by or frustrated by every day.
I don't know if i want kids by then, but if i did have one/some then i hope they are happy and make me happy.

If i could do and have all that, just one more time, i will be content.

Oh, and PS. I'm being told that Penrith is misspelt... It is not, although I'm sure people from Penriff would disagree.

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