Monday, July 27, 2009

But im not primary school kid!!

I went to the doctors today, and i haven't been in many years, so it was obviously bad.

But, I'm hoping that i can get a second opinion, cause while i liked/didn't hate what the doctor had to say, i think i got my little sister sick too, and we have both had this before, so its kinda odd that we both got it a second, cause its supposed to be a once in life type of thing.


.....Yes, i know that I'm not 5 years old, but it was still diagnosed as that.

So anyway, here are the symptoms of Chicken Pox and the purple are the ones that i have.

Fever ~ But its winter and i thought the whole going from cold outside to heated inside was doing it.
Headaches ~ But i usually get these all the time, so not a huge deal
Backache ~ I was sleeping on a fold out bed, so i blamed that.
Loss of appetite
Itchy, red rash which soon develops into blister-like sores - mild to severe itching ~ I just thought they were bug bites until they tripled (and ps. not blisters yet)

So i only didn't have one out of five, BUT i don't usually eat that much anyway, so to not eat all of my lunch/dinner or any of my breakfast, not a "thing".

Anyway, like i was saying, i wasn't sure whether i had chicken pox before or not, so i called, (alright, i msged them), to not only find out if i had had it before, but to also warn them, cause i was just visiting them on the weekend, (hence the fold out bed) and while it was confirmed, I also found out that my little sister, also found that she had spots... Uh oh...


Here's the thing, we have both had it before!!

So either my doctor who said, and i quote "If its not the chicken pox, i have no idea WHAT it is", is wrong and its not that, and well, good luck to me.
OR, he is right and its very very odd, that two people who had the 'pox' got it a second time. (Yes, i know that its possible to get it twice, but two people in the same family to get it twice? Odd).

I find out tomorrow, or i don't find out and just assume*.

Either way, i have to stay away from work til Monday. Pregnant lady at work, and i don't want her child to be all misformed cause of me.

So after the doctor gives me my diagnosis, I will update. The sister is going to the doctors tomorrow too.

*Please note, that i went through a low blood sugar period where i was fainting a LOT and i had a blood test and the doctor 'forgot' to check the blood sugarness of the blood, so hopefully this (different) doctor isn't like that one...

So i got a call from the doctor (a day after he said he would get the results), and its NOT chicken pox. When i asked what else it could be..??
BUT!!! (and this is the best bit)
He said I was fine to go back to work.

So lets recap.
He doesn't know what i have.
He is not aware if im contagious, (ps. i am cause my little sister has it too).
BUT He is happy for me to go back to work.

Nuff said, im going to see another doctor tomorrow.
I have until monday off.

***UPDATE #2***

So i went to a second doctors and she agreed that it WAS chicken pox...
But that i should still have the rest of the week off.
My sister went to the doctors and hers are apparently a viral rash..
So now im really confused.
And i CAN NOT WAIT to go back to work. I know, sad right?

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