Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas, 2010, and all the rest

Part 2

My awesome dad woke me and my sister up. Early. Not on purpose. But it was early. Like before 8am.
None of us are "children children" anymore. My youngest sister is 15, brother is 17 and my older sister is 27 (or was on the 27th of December). So none of us have that, wake up really early , has Santa arrived yet, excitement. Its generally about spending the day together for us - or at least for me anyway.
Plus we usually have to wait for my older sister to arrive to do the presents thing together anyway, and she is ALWAYS late.

This time, we didn't wait. And it was good.

Just a little background...

My Dad and Step mum (Kez) have been together since i can even remember. Whenever i have a memory of my dad, i have a memory of Kez also being there. I'm 25. That's how long they have been together. But they have only been engaged. Never married. Could never really afford it. (To be honest, Kez kept saying on Christmas day how long they have actually been together, but i have forgotten).

So, My dad is usually the one who plays "Santa". He usually hands out the presents, but no Santa suit.
This year, he said someone else to do it, My brother volunteered*.
While i don't have any pictures of the tree, we usually have presents underneath and IN the tree, Dad had bought Kez something from the jewelery store and put it IN the tree, in its original jewelery bag.
So of course, my brother gave that one out first, cause we all wanted to see what was in it. :)

My dad wrote a cute hand made Christmas card saying something like, "I love you, This is the year, pick a date" (I don't remember exactly, but it was super sweet AND he is super known for not showing emotions). That set Kez off on the tears. Happy tears, of course.
Then she opened the present and in it was two wedding rings.
Crying. Crying. Crying.

We were all happy, and it was great.

Then she opened the present that me and the husband got her.

Only with our initials. My two sisters, brothers and dads.
It can be found here if you want your own, i would recommend it!
This caused more tears!
While my older sister and i may never have realised it, she loved it so much, cause I had put our initials on it, (my younger sister and brother are her blood), she was so happy, cause we had 'accepted' her.

THEN!! (YES, it does get EVEN better!) My little Sister, who just got her first job this year, decided she wanted to get everyone their own present from her, with her own money - BLESS!- and she got my Dad and Kez a calender with photos of our whole family on each of the months, and a picture of each of us on all our birthdays. It was the sweetest thing ever.


The rest of the day was spent eating and drinking (tequila shots are always fun.) and just spending time together.


Part 3 continues onto Boxing day, and the 27Th which is my sisters birthday.

*He volunteered, as i found out later, as knew that he was getting clothes for Christmas and had gone out the weekend before... Needing clothes to go out, he opened one of his presents early, worn the clothes, washed them, wrapped them back up and stuck them back under the tree. Sneaky one, my brother.

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