Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas, 2010, and all the rest

Part 1.

So i haven't posted in a wee while, and that was mainly 'cos i had no computer, but i thought i would come back. :)

Christmas was amazing. I don't think that i have heard anyone say they had a bad Christmas- wait, i had one friend who got sick on Christmas, apart from that. It seems it was great for everyone.

Ok. Christmas.
This was the first Christmas that i have spent away from the husband, since we have been together. He left to see his family in another state the morning of Christmas eve. I had to go to work that day and then i was off to see my family.
We usually do the whole, spend Christmas eve and Christmas morning/lunch with one family then on Christmas day, fly down/up to the other family and spend Christmas night and boxing day with the other family.
Loads of travelling.
I'm usually back at work on the 27th, (which is also my older sisters birthday-the 28th is our nieces too), so I'm spending almost every second of my 'holidays' travelling. Full on.

But this year, we were separated. It was hard. At first.
Then i got distracted by work and travelling to see my family and distracted by them, and it was OK, cause we had sms, and phone calls, and it was hard, but OK.

So anyway, onto the good of Christmas.
Christmas Eve.
While i had bought the husband a present (even though we both said no presents), and sent it down to his families as a surprise, we have raffles at work for random things. Iphones, ipads, xbox kinnects, etc etc. No one (in my department) ever knows who wins, so we all think its a rort, but it doesn't stop me from buying a ticket.
So Christmas eve, work was quiet and one of my guy friends at work desperately wanted to win this raffle -he spent $40 on tickets. I was bored and had spare cash in my wallet, so i bought 3 tickets ($10).

I was supposed to finish work, but was bumming around, cause i was a little afraid of lugging my heavy bag chocked full of presents to the train -I do not know how Santa does it ;)- turns out while i was bumming around, my manager was looking for me, cause i had won the raffle.
What did i win, you may ask?

I'm not even certain what it does, can do, and i think its like an ipad, but meh.

But it made the husbands Christmas a little more surprising. I felt so so so bad for my friend who really wanted to win, and didn't though.

Then i travelled up to my family, saw my cousin and her little baby and it was a fantastic Christmas eve.

Christmas day will be continued in another post.
I was going to do it all in one post, but this was like 15 pages long.

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