Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas, 2010, and all the rest

Part 3.

So on Boxing day we have a family get together with my Dads family, at my Grandmas.
For as long as i can remember, we would always go there, see my Grandma, Pop, Aunts, Uncles, and all my cousins.
My grandma and Pop lived in the same house they bought my Dad, Uncles and Aunt up in, so its great.

I have missed these for the last few years. Either through having to work, or being down with the Husbands family. While i didn't really mind it, I missed my Grandma. A lot.

My Pop passed away a few years ago, so my grandma has moved houses and its different now.

We tried going to Aunts/Uncles houses instead of my Grandmas but it wasn't the same, so we always came back to her house. (Also there is a bit of infighting within the family -what family doesn't have that?- so if it was at this persons house, this person wasn't going to show etc etc).

This year, my little sister had to work, so she didn't come, and my older sister was hanging out with my Mum, so she didn't come either. Just Dad, Kez, my Brother and Me.

Now, keep in mind, the last time i saw all the family, it was a few years ago.

So, We show up and yeah...

Throughout the day, some of my cousins showed up.
One of my cousins is 19.
(18 is the drinking age here, keep that in mind).
My cousin was bragging all about how she goes out and drinks all weekend. OK, i thought... 19 yr olds do that...
Then she started talking about how she has plans for the future..
Her plans, you may ask?
She aspires to be one of the following:
~ Playmate of the year 2012.
~ A Jim Beam Party Girl
~ A Jager girl

Now, i know what you re thinking.
Surely, she can't be serious.
Oh, but she is.
My gosh.

Next up, she was talking about how she couldn't eat lunch, as then she would have to have ONE WHOLE EXTRA DRINK in order to get drunk that night.
Indeed she did vocalise this to everyone who was eating.

Well then.

The rest of the day was great.
Got to spend some great time with family i haven't seen in ages and it was good.

Sisters Birthday.

So for my sisters birthday, we were to have lunch with my Dad, Kez, other Sister and Brother, and then have Dinner with my Mum.

We ended up doing those things, and had a couple of drinks on the way too.
Apart from spending time with ALL my family that day, there wasn't really anything majorly major happen. Apart from the birthday and cake eaten of course.
But a good day was had.

OH! Almost forgot. Got her the most amazing card ever.

Awesome no?

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